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Posted in Judicial Punishments on 2022-04-29 20:21:17

What about impalement? Boy or girl would be naked, $%!@ to lubricated and then sit on lubricated metal stick.

Posted in Clothing restrictions for boys on 2022-01-11 00:19:41


Nice clothing but not for home. I prefer easier, more sporty (if any) for wearing at home or stay naked.

-- Robin

Posted in cannibalism scenario one on 2019-01-11 00:14:02

Both teams are lineup in very limited clothing. The spectators choose from team one member - it is potential MEAT. The potential MEAT from both teams are stripped out and bouded and are on the opposit side of the benchs. After first half the team who is winning can take his choosen member to the locker. The loosing team's member is durng the break cut, beheaded and the rest is baken during the second half as a MEAT after the game. The head is staying with winning team as a trophy. It it is tie in midtime, the spectators have lucky day and both will be served. After the game the captain of the winner team choosen one of the looser as MEAT. He cannot choose the captain of loosers. From the rest of the loosers the last person for MEAT is choosen. It is the person who had the poorest results. In case of sports where this is not possible the jury is established who would choose. In this case it could be also captain of loosers. Both choosen person are then cut and beheaded. The captain of winers cut the choosen opponent while thre coach or president of jury did with the last choosen person. Both are cut and beheaded. During the preparation of these persons, the loosers from the frist half is served for spectators. This person is arranged as Thanksgiving` turkey. The second person is for winning team - it is prepared as grilled pig. The last person is then portioned and spectators can take away as a meal for the next day(s) when they leaving the stadium.

Posted in cannibalism scenario one on 2018-12-19 00:26:47

As this is Christmas tournament I thought it could be little bit different. The tournament would finish with a big Christmas party.

Tournament starts on Friday with two matches - A against B and C against D. After the first half the team who is losing continues to play shirtless. If they would manage to return to win during the 2nd half also second team would play shirtless from that moment. Teams loosing on the first day are to loose two players. All members of losing team would have to take off clothes afterthoughts match and the election of MEAT would start. One MEAT would be slashed immediately and beheaded. Head would be is given to captain of winner team as a trophy. The MEAT would be then use for preparing of specials for Xmas party. Second elected person would be kept naked and placed in a cage.

On Saturday there is final game. Both winning teams would come with the trophy - head from Friday. Second MEAT would be waiting for last moment in the cages. The second MEAT from cage would be slashed during break. Also in the final game - team losing after first half would play shirtless in the 2nd half. If the score would be reversed during the second half, both teams would play semi-naked. The losing team would be to be stripped out after game. Only one a team member would to be chosen as a MEAT. He would be hanged in front of all spectators, then beheaded. Head will be trophy for winner, genitals will be cut off and inserted to €the cup for dinner. The MEAT would be grilled and served to all participants of Xmas party. All players of losing teams (except MEATs) would be participating on party but stayed naked to be clear thy would have been closed to be served, too.

It is fair that teams losing first game loosing 2 players while the team losing in final only one.

Posted in cannibalism scenario one on 2018-12-06 00:19:32

Christmas is going and it is time to organize a X-mas tournament. The prize is player served. Four teams, two days for playing. Any thoughts how to organize tournament? How many meats, how choose, who eat? Looking forward for your inputs!