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Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-01-25 14:34:08

Brothers ROCK! It is awesome having a brother, even one like Josh. We squabble, fight, wind each other up and try to get each other spanked but that does not mean we are not best friends. We do things with other friends, but we also do things together that you could only do with a brother. We have the same experiences, the same parents and we have the same issues so we can help each other out a lot. And we do. I think any brother would do that.

I thought I was too old for birthday spanking. But it was Julian's birthday yesterday. We ceremoniously pulled his pants down and then three of us gave him four licks each but I gave him 5 because he needed one to grow on. Tomorrow Jason is 17 and my own 17th is not that far away.

Now Mr. Rick do not think I am not proud of the way I was able to help young Jimmy. As a member of the student council it is my job to support other students. But this was something more than that. And the school counsellor asked ME to deal with it rather than anybody else and I think I made a pretty darn good job. He sees me as a big friend, almost an adult than as another high School peer. I like him a lot. I do not feel much like an adult right now but I think I am ready to be one. Maybe my feet are planted on the ground but my ambitions are hitched to the stars. The hardest thing I have ever had to do was this term when I had to talk to boys not much younger than me about inappropriate behavior with each other and towards girls. I knew my student council status would not cut much ice and I had no idea what I was going to say, or what they would say. But afterwards the Dean said I had done a good job and he was proud of me. Proud of ME? Imagine how that made me feel!

Good parenting requires good judgement. Sometimes the right words at the right time can it be the right thing to do. But sometimes correction across the bottom can be a better solution. It has been like that for generations although these days I think there is more talk and less spank. All kids need some discipline, probably some punishment, not all need the paddle. Not often. But if you are lucky as we both were your dad will do whatever it takes to guide you on that straight path even if that means whipping your bare bottom. Been there, done that and had the bruises to prove it. No half measures in our house. I hope that is now all in the past. Heck I am nearly 17.

Oh yes I can remember being a little kid being laid over a parents knee or lap and my bare bottom being spanked. . It was done with the hand but was still enough to bring us Josh and me to tears. I remember the helplessness I felt as my briefs were pulled down and being scared knowing that even 3-6 swats was going to sting, hurt and that I would soon be crying. Not something I like to remember. The worst part was that by the time you were told you were going to be spanked the time for preparation or negotiation was over. You could man up or tear up.

I told Josh he deserved what he got for taking dad's vodka and he has not done it again. In our house saying sorry means we are not going to do it again. Dad always asks sorry means, and that is the answer. And sometimes saying that is enough to keep you cool. You learn the lesson without the pain. Let me ask you Sir. Did you EVER in your growing up years not do something because you were scared of what would happen if you were caught? I do not think so. You might have been a good boy most of the time. But the rest a bit like me I would think

My dad could have whipped both of them but left it to his parents. They do not go in for whipping much but you do not need to think hard to guess what happened this time. I tried to help him but Josh was crying hard into his pillow, trying to pretend he was not crying as he rubbed his striped bottom

I can hardly imagine me as dad having to do that job, having to spank my son, having to pull down his underpants having to hit him hard enough to make it hurt, and not just you. You do it because you love him you care about him and you know he needs it. Do you always know what is right or do you sometimes have doubts? It must be hard being a dad.

It is always good to talk to you and I hope you will reply and let me know what you have been doing and what you think of what I have said.

Until next time goodbye my friend


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2018-11-06 14:15:59

Hi again

Good parents make a good home rock. For me, Josh, for all of us. That Mr. Rick is awesome.

I would think the things I get into trouble at our school are similar to the things you and your friends got into trouble for. Now I am a junior I do not get in too much trouble. In any case, being on the school council I am one of the ones who are expected to set an example. Maybe you were not such a goody goody boy but you knew how to behave. Like any of us I am sure you got up to mischief at times. Perhaps not much at school but school is not everything. You expect school to have a fair and consistent discipline policy so that if you mess up you pay the same price as anyone else. However I was happy to hear my middle school headmaster saying to me once well Dennis you are not usually a very naughty boy, and giving me a lesser punishment than I was expecting.

But if you are properly naughty your reputation or record will not stand in the way of you getting properly punished. There would be no excuse for scrapping in the schoolyard and we would have been in big trouble if we had been caught having that bust up fist fight before class. I told the teacher my black eye was caused by walking into a door but I do not think he believed me. (Are you sure Dennis? Yes sir,)

I am having lots of fun with Josie. What I really like is that we are treated as a couple. Invitations that used to come to Dennis and friend now come to Dennis and Josie. I may never need that insurance I keep in my billfold but if I do need it I have the reassurance of knowing it is there. Dad knows I carry it and thinks it might be a temptation to me. But I am sure I am not the only 16 year old who is not getting much sex. Well, any sex really and I know how to enjoy myself without that, and enjoy Josie too.

Josh and I are lucky enough to have our own bedrooms but when people come to stay we have to share which neither of us will admit to liking. But we do have a lot of silly fun when we two bunk up together just because we are brothers. There are times when we want some privacy in our rooms but the rest of the time we are in and out of each other s rooms all the time. We do more than talk of course and as young kids we sometimes played a strip game, a spank game or something like that because we thought it added spice sparkle and a little bit of naughtiness to the day.

We were not embarrassed for our friends to see the belt hanging there. Those that did not get the belt themselves at home thought it was funny but the rest thought as I did that seeing it first thing in the morning was a timely reminder of what could happen if I got into trouble. It is still there and I am happy so long as it stays hanging and is not taken down. Maybe Josh should have it in his room as he is more likely than me to get it but neither of us has had it for a while. Maybe dad should retire it. Our rooms are our space. My empire stretches from the door to the window and as far as I can see on each side (to the wall)

Too right I was proud of myself being able to help Jimmy. I am proud that the counselor chose me for that job and trusted me that level of responsibility. Think what it has done for my confidence. If I had been a freshmen or even a sophomore I think Jimmy would have been too embarrassed to cry. But he thinks of me as an older guy rather than one of his peers and he knows I will not judge him or think any less of him. The counselor lent us his office so there were just the two of us. Jimmy thinks of me as his friend and thinks it is cool having a junior as a friend. I like him too and I also like the way he has grown up since we had our first chat. He sometimes comes to me for advice but he is happier and more confident now and over his crisis. I am happy happy happy that I was able to help. But that is my job. It is why I am on the student council.

It is a good dad who will do what he has to do and even if you do not like everything you know that your welfare and your needs always come first and he will do is very best to keep you happy and safe. Sometimes that will involve discipline and tough love. Josh and I both know how that belt feels when applied across a bare bottom. However much we hated it we knew we deserved it and afterwards sometimes understood that it was what we had needed, and why,

Whipping is supposed to teach you a lesson. You do not have to remember the lesson to remember the learning. I can remember getting paddle and belt but I could not say that one whipping stands out ahead of all the others. I think Josh would say the same although he got it bad when it was discovered that he and Mahesh had been drinking vodka! I do not think he will forget that in a hurry.

I do not think mom or dad ever specifically gave a friend s parents permission to spank me. But when I went camping with Marcus and his dad his Dad cut two sappy switches and used those on us. Neither of us was wearing anything . I was too scared of what would happen if I reported this at home. He had me down to my shorts another time but my Dad arrived to pick me up and they agreed I would be punished at home. But Dad seemed cool about another Dad spanking me.

Always good to talk with you. I always look forward to hearing from you


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2018-10-19 12:11:09

Hello Mr. Rick

I think what we most needs is a secure home and a mom and dad who love you and are old enough to cope. Those of one generation can help those of another and it works both ways.

I do not know what I would have to have done to have got an in school paddling in your day at your school but I probably would have done it. At times that is surely what I have deserved even though I am beginning to calm down a bit now. I think your reputation and record have a big bearing on how you are punished if/when you mess up or break the rules. Even goody- goody kids like you were do that sometimes.

Josie is something more than just a good friend . One day that may develop into something permanent. And one day I will probably be glad of that rubber insurance in my billfold. Sometimes things happen without being planned. When you are horny as hell and stuck together like glue who knows what will happen? We will be careful. We will respect our boundaries. But going steady as 16 is a lot of fun, feels good, feels electric.

The first thing I saw each morning was that belt hanging on my door. I did not manage to stick to my resolve to be good that day for very long. I think keeping a belt to use on our bottoms was to do with psychology. The belt has always hung in my room. That was because Dad was likely in my room when he finished with us. Josh and I never shared a bedroom as a regular thing but sometimes when we had guests we had to bunk up together. Yes spankings were sometimes delivered to both of us in the same room at the same time

I think living your faith can be, should be a challenge and an adventure at any age. I agree that a special quiet place to meditate is a great idea. Your sibling relationship with Jesus seems to have worked well for you needing a brother figure to share your triumphs and disasters and to offer solace support and understanding. Is that how it was?

I know how important junior year is for prepping for the future. Now Mr Rick I do not want you to get the wrong idea. Jimmy was upset because his grandma died a few days earlier, the counselor knew I had had that experience earlier on and thought I would be the best one to listen to him and offer support. It is my responsibility as a student council member, but I was pleased I was able to step up to the plate and deal with it. Imagine how I felt that the school counselor would ask me to take on that responsibility. He must have a lot of confidence in me. I do not know how I would deal having to give a death notice. We talked for a long time, at least he did. I told him I knewd some of what he was feeling because the same happened to me. Before he left me he dried his tears and went away a much happier boy. I told him if he washed his face before class no one would know he had been crying. I thought the best I could do for Jimmy moving on was to offer myself as a resource for him to return to if he needs someone to talk about anything. He will because he knows me likes me and trusts me. I was proud myself and gave myself a pat on the back. Even if I was only doing my job I was elected to the school council for a reason.

I look forward to hearing from you. I always like reading your messages and hearing your comments. I do have just one question. You said your last spanking was the time you were heading for a paddling and told (taunted) your dad you too old for the paddle. He took you at your word and then unlooped his belt. Was that the first or only time you got the belt?

Goodbye for now


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2018-10-04 14:44:00

Hi Rick

Young or old your generation or mine I guess we will have to rely on each other. Josh may have learnt a thing or two from me but I have also learned from him. Just by us living in the same house that is bound to happen.

No boy is good all the time. But appropriate discipline at home in the growing up years will likely avoid bigger trouble later on. That is one thing you have got to thank your dad for.

If you had been a naughty boy there would probably be too many things to remember. I think it is likely that I would have been an early candidate for a school paddling had I been in school with you. I am not sure what I would have needed to do to get one. I think a good record can sometimes help you when you DO get into trouble. But sometimes even that will not save you. I think I would have reacted just the same as you and your friends did. There is not much need for punishment at my school, and my dad can deal with anything more than that.

Josie and I are going steady. A lot can happen between now and when I graduate college. Maybe I will meet someone there who could be, will be my life partner. Heck, who says I have not already met her? Right now I cannot see how anyone could eclipse Josie. But yes I will make sure that first time is special for both of us. It will be in the right place at the right time and with the right person. But please remember Mr. Rick that you cannot always resist temptation. Already I carry insurance in my billfold.

A wise Dad knows that his growing sons need to assert their independence and makes allowances for it. But as kids Josh and I both felt the belt. He is more likely to get it again than I am. That belt used to live on the back of my bedroom door! Josh is always spanked first. I have often waited in my room heard the spanking taking place next door, and then dads heavy footsteps crossing the room the door opening and closing and known that the leather belt still in his hands, its work not yet complete.

There is never much talk about faith or spirituality around our dinner table. And when I first wanted to Mom and Dad thought it was a phase. But now I have found a special place a secret space that I can share with God and know that he is there. It is important to me but I have never had the intimacy of a sibling relationship with Jesus. I went through a period of doubt that even Josie could not help me through. Now I am sure. A new adventure starts here.

I think Junior year is a good time to start thinking about college. What I do now will play a part of my college applications. And like you we will probably make some campus visits linking my likely academic achievement (can I get a scholarship) with what we can afford. I have had my first counselling session with a young freshman. He was upset because his grandma had just died. The counsellor asked me to talk to him, well mainly to listen to him. As a member of the student council that is one of our jobs. I did not know what to say but I thought back to how I felt when my grandma died. I told him if he needed to talk to somebody again he could always come to me. I felt really grown up and that I had made a difference. I glowed with pride.

Keep talking and take care.


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2018-09-18 16:48:27

Hi Mr. Rick

Your future depends on my generation with our future depends on yours. And one day we will pass it on to our children.

Cool ideas, kool head kool heart and good luck will lead to the best outcomes.

These days most of my struggles are internal ones.

This is an awesome responsibility in several different directions. There is a responsibility in knowing that the younger classes are looking at us in some awe, the responsibility of being on the student council and also the responsibility or offering lil bro Josh some guidance as he looks to me to help him find a path to his future, even though he is too proud to admit it. My parents have been good to me and they hope and I hope they have equipped me for these responsibilities. I think it all comes down to good foundations and life experiences. And knowing what your responsibilities are.

Yes Mr. Rick, essentially we are good boys, all three of us. None of us has ever done anything seriously bad, but we have all had our moments. I like your reassurance that you think our dads will do enough to make sure we never become candidates for the juvenile Court system. They care too much and love us too much to let that happen. Even good boys mess up sometimes.

I think all of us need guidance and supervision and where possible the best person to do that is a dad. Your dad. I think a lot of boys who get into trouble are no more good or more bad than us but have not had the breaks. I know my dad has a lot of good advice for me and perhaps one day I will hear myself saying those same words to a son in need of some support or guidance. I would not want a son of mine heading towards the juvenile Court system.

It may have been a long time ago but it seems to have made a big impression on you in that you remember so much about the experience even now. I do not think you were probably any naughtier than we are but when you were growing up I think discipline was harsher. If I had been growing up in your era I would have been an early candidate to get the paddle at school. No harm and if you messed up at school you knew what to expect from the principal, and you knew what to expect from your dad.

I was well aware, I learnt from experience that dad being away did not mean I could avoid being spanked. If Mom did not want to do it I had uncles and a grandfather who would step up. It did not happen often. I am sure the dads of some of my friends would have liked to have tanned my hide, but they never did. I came closest when Marcus Dad took the two of us camping one weekend. Boy, was I in trouble when I got home. No, dad never needed to spank a friend. He knew a quick telephone call or text would make sure that boy was appropriately punished at home.

My relationship with Josie is based on friendship affection shared values shared beliefs and affection. She is very special to me. Of course there is a physical side, but for now sex is very definitely on the other side of the fence. We will probably save it until we are both sure who are life partner will be. I wonder if I will be one of the 30% of boys who graduate college without having had sex.

My dad tries to prevent a heated discussion or disagreement developing into a standoff or confrontation. He understands the need for a boy to assert himself and his independence. But of course there are limits. He lets me get away a lot more when talking to him than if I disrespected my mum in that way. I would not do that but if I did he has a sure and certain way to sort out my attitude and behavior. It is only a short walk to bring the belt from Josh's room into mine.

After months of doubt I have finally made any decision to admit my mistakes reassess my direction and invite god into my life. There is some turmoil, and I find it helpful to have some quiet time quality time each morning when it is just him and me. I think this will probably change my life. It certainly should. I am aware of added responsibility and I know that one day god will take my mind soul and body and say what you think of me? Did you ever think that kind of challenge?

School is sitting down but they have told us that this year we need to start thinking about what we will have to put on a college application next year. You know, sport, extracurriculars and community service that sort of thing. It should not feel that different being a junior but somehow it does feel good. I know the freshman look up to us, I think maybe more to me. It is hard to believe we were I was once that nerdy. Maybe our class is big and powerful to them but as a member of the student council I have responsibility to the whole student body. I would not be a very good role model if I razzed or hassled them. I guess I will have to look to my experience and be that big brother who can make a difference

That is all for now. Let us talk some more