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Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2020-02-02 12:06:03

Hello Mr Rick, sir

To everything turn, turn, turn There is a season turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose Under heaven

And so the seasons pass and time slips away. What seemed like the blink of an eye suddenly turned into four months. Fall winter and now even spring. Not much changes even in the personnel does. Kids still earn pocket money clearing snow, but it is not us anymore.

Everything I have done so far seems to have been preparing me for this moment in time. for today and for tomorrow. I think what I have learnt most this year is about taking responsibility mostly for myself but also for others. Being on the school council has taught me a lot, things that I could never pick up in a classroom.

However, I do find the restrictions of school rules somehow hems in me in and I long to break free. I am at last facing up realisation but I really will be moving away from home and going to university and what a big change it is going to be to me to all of us. I have been quite apprehensive about this for a long time but now I am looking forward to it, to the challenges and adventures it will bring to meeting new guys with new ideas and finding my own way. I know it will be hard but it is something everybody has to do. Anything new is scary but facing up that fear and overcoming it is the mark of a man.

I know my parents and even the VP are proud of me because they keep telling me they are. I try to give them things to be proud about. Being re-elected to the school council it is a great honour and a great responsibility especially when taking my turn as chairman. Now that the race towards final exams the final run in begins everything else has to take second place to school work. But I have always worked hard at high school. It was early days at Middle School that I found out what happened to boys who misbehave and do not apply themselves at school. My dad made sure that was a lesson I would not forget. I have matured since then and now it is a matter of pride for me, me being proud of myself for myself rather than anyone else been proud of me. I will try to always remember I am only who I am and not use the trust status and authority that seniority brings in an irresponsible way. Can I do anything more? Or anything less?

My brother Josh is my brother and always will be. Nothing can change that. We have grown up together and have given to each other and taken from each other. That happens in happy families. Of course, we have done stuff together, stuff that we now look back on and think golly that was exciting knowing we no longer wish to do the same. I still get a bit of a rush from spanking him on occasion but I think he enjoys it nearly as much as I do. Nearly. But as in all spanking games you have to face to the reality that sometimes you will lose. Even now at 17. Grandfather believes boys need to be beaten more- we have both felt his belt- and even though it will not happen dad thinks a spanking would would do Josh and me a world of good. As I said it will not happen. At least I hope not. In our community spanking is yesterdays news and it simply is not something people still think about or worry about.

You were at college likely 40 or 50 years ago. When I get there I will find out just how much has changed, and how much the other guys experience is different from mine. A group of guys from different parts of the country with different backgrounds cultures and upbringing but I am sure there are things that will draw us together, and things we all share

It is very important to have friends you can rely on, people like Marcus but a boy's best resource is always his dad. At 27 you probably still felt you had a lot to learn and suddenly the big guy was not there to help you. It makes you think, I know no my dad still has much to teach me. Despite what I sometimes say to him I do listen to him I do respect him and I do love him although I sometimes DO exactly the opposite. I should add that a boys second best resource is his mom. That is why a boy has two parents!

I hope you are still able to keep active in your community and enjoy those times when you can do what YOU want.

I hope you will be able to have time to reply in less than the 4 months it has taken me.

Best wishes. I am off to the gym now for the first time since Christmas


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-09-08 20:28:36

Hello Mr. Rick sir

Minutes quickly turn to hours and days to months and suddenly the summer you were looking forward to is over and already it feels like winter is just around the corner. I was listening to Deezer today, all those cheesy Christmas songs of yesterday and today. It is funny how different people think about the same event in so many different ways. But that is not just Christmas is it? You talked about something similar happening when you were at university, meeting guys with different values different backgrounds and different experiences than your but finding there were some things you all shared.

I had probably the best summer of my life - so many highlights. I love the job working at the swimming pool, I loved that time I had to hang out with my friends and I loved the quiet times I had to share with my girlfriend Josie. Things are tense there but in a good way. I think it is only because we care so much, and I feel for her in a special way I have not felt before. Maybe it is being little older I have known Josie for a long time so it was funny that I suddenly saw something extra in her. Something I wanted and wanted to be part of. . Maybe that is just growing up.

The first few days back at school were a little bit unreal now we have been back a few days and Labor Day is behind us things are beginning to settle down and I am getting used to the idea that I little Dennis am a senior and back on o the school council. It is a huge honor to have been elected. I have a lot on my plate and the plate is only so big. The vice Principal told me my school work must always come first. I know that is right.

Sometimes my brother Josh and I scrap but we always make it up and most of the time we are good friends. He still does crazy stuff and sometimes. I see him playing the same stupid pranks I played peddling the same lame excuses I used and facing up to punishment. He does not get whipped nearly as much as I was even for the same thing. Yes when I spank him it is nearly always just fun although of course is more fun giving them receiving. There is never much more than a bit of a sting that soon wears off. I do know I am not the only boy who spanks his brother but I wonder why it is such a turn on. We used to do more of course you know experimenting with each other. Not so much now. I think Josh is very like me a lot of ways. He would not say so dad told me that Josh sees me as his role model and I should not be surprised if I see something of my younger self in him. He told me that it was an awesome responsibility to be an older brother. . He will always be my lil r bro, but more importantly he will always be my brother and that counts.

Spanking has a bad press but by the time you are 16 or 17 you are more likely to get from your friends than from your parents, and it is a spanking not dad sized punishment leathering. There is not much of that about days but a bit old traditions die hard. I have been given birthday spankings for many years. It was something that just happened, a rite of passage. I did not expect my 17th birthday to be any different. I wonder what will happen this year as we all turn 18. Or are at college? Or whenever? I not see myself getting it when I am an old man with a long gray beard. Maybe as you suggest this is one tradition which has had its day. I cannot imagine any circumstances when Josie would spank me even though she might give me a playful swat across my bottom once in a lifetime. If she did tell me to take down my shorts I know I would have to. I think she knows that too. I think I know it is not going to happen.

As for Norman whatever gets your mojo going. If it works for him... Josie knows I have had plenty of spanking growing up but if we are going to be parents in the 21st century we do not believe it is ever necessary or even desirable to his a child and there is always another way to discipline them. I know you think that all boys need at least upon spanking but we think one may be one too many. You and I are probably quite similar in values outlook and strong parenting but from different generations so each a different conclusion over spanking

It does not matter how old you are for so long as your dad is there he is your dad. He has always been the authority in your life, as he should be and you owe him your respect and your love. He has always done everything for you and it is down to his guidance advice and counsel that you have turned us as you have. Just being 17 does not change any of that. And you know that if it came to that your shorts would come down. You trust him as someone who has always been firm fair and consistent. And right. Parenting and spanking? Yes it's still goes on.

Retirement is some way of for me. I may have done some life saving but I have never had a proper or permanent job. I hope that by the time I get to retirement age I will have many memorable things to look back on say hey Dennis you did a pretty good job. I will live my life to the full and a use my retirement to do all those I have not yet found time to do.

I had some very special times with Josie on my days off. It was good to the jingle of coins in my pocket and to know my billfold was full allowing us to enjoy the better things of life. I spent almost $500 on one night out but Josie's shining eyes, the feel of her heartbeat, the touch her hands her head on my shoulder and... I think it was just as well THAT goodnight kiss was out of sight her house- made it worth all that. And of course when I got home /I undressed and lay back on my bed There was one squeeze left in the lemon.,

That is all for now. I have still got homework complete.


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-07-22 18:16:39

Hi Mr. Rick, sir

It is good to talk but a month is a long time and some of the things we have discussed are too long ago go or ancient history. But school is out, my summer lifeguard job is keeping me busy especially with the weather being so hot and things are looking good.

Josh is not just my brother. He is my best friend. That is as it should be. But it does not mean he is too old for me to sometimes spank and apparently nor am I. Josh does watch me and may look up to me as an older brother in the way you say. But if he does he does his level best not to show it. It goes both ways, I admire him too. At times. You do not need to be a Dad to sometimes see your younger self in a younger boy.

I think birthday spanking is something we will grow out of. 17, 18,19? I wonder if it will continue with a new bunch of boys when we all go our separate ways. Roommates, dorm buddies or new friends. Norman says his girlfriend spanked him it was not on his birthday. I wonder. My birthday was months ago go but Marcus and I have been spanking each other for years. We have not done it in ages now, nor have we wanted to. Yes a ritual damage check was always part of the action.

I hope Mr. McCann was sincere because he is a man I have a lot of time for. I think he was proud of the contribution I had made and the way in which I had changed and grown. I was proud too. My dad said something about that as well. I have learnt a lot as a member of the school council, about myself and others how to respect them and how to earn their respect. It is much easier to help people even redirect their behavior if they respect you. I have done a good job and I hope I will be reelected for next year ear. I tried to treat Josh just like any other 9th grader but it was impossible. For a long time i we were hardly like brothers at all now, but now Josh understands and we are friends again. Good thing it since we live in the same house and have rooms next to each other.

Now Mr. Rick please do not think that I was that well behaved at school. Some of the things I did would probably have gotten me school paddled in your day. I have had personal counseling and on the spot reprimands and warnings from members of the school council. But so has everyone. But for the most part if you go to my school you behave.

A Dad is the best authority for all the advice a boy might need on a variety of subjects. You can talk to him about anything without feeling embarrassed. And he is the authority who will provide appropriate discipline when needed, I have never doubted for a moment that my dad does what he thinks is best for me even if it is sometimes means to tan my bare hide. And I would know it was the right thing to. As you grow older you become embarrassed by getting into trouble for childish transgressions. I guess it because you are taking responsibility for them. When you know you deserve it you might as well drop your shorts and lie down. I would do that even at 16/17. I respect my dad that much.

I am sure that the first time you were paddled at school was not you had ever been naughty. Maybe it could better have been dealt with with a stern lecture and detention but I think feeling the paddle at school at the belt at home made an impression you are not likely to forget. You seem to have remembered it until now.

I am glad that you are enjoying your retirement. Time for you to do the things you want to do, have always wanted to do You have done your bit and now it is your privilege to be able to step back and enjoy what the world brings your way and know it is someone elses problem! I hope you have visited some awesome places in your travels.

One day people of my generation will inherit the Earth and it will be our job to look after it for our children. There are huge problems with wars climate change gun crime and hate violence. God help us.

If I can look back and see I am leaving my successors a better world than the one I found and know I had a part in making it better then I will die a happy man. And I hope I will have some happy kids to enjoy it. And one day inherit it.

I will stop there. Today is a day off work and I have promised to take Josie somewhere special

Goodbye for now sir


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-05-28 11:43:14

Hi Mr. Rick, sir

I know I am not the only one who says his brother is a pain in neck. However he is also my best friend and my best ally. Paul Duncan and most of all Marcus are friends but I can never relate to them in the way I relate to Josh. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion but most of the time we get on well. We both know we are lucky to have each other. If he does admire me at all he would be the last person to admit it even in private. But Dad did tell me that Josh thinks the world of me and that is quite a responsibility. We have always done things together including getting into mischief together and found ourselves in trouble together in our growing up years. Often? It seemed like all the time but it happened less as we grow older.

Julian might have said he was too old at 17 but he probably said the same when he was 16 and even 15. And deep down I think he would be disappointed if we had not spanked him.

We did not have to pull his pants down but if we had his shorts would probably followed. It adds to the fun if you make the boy pull down his own pants for you to spank him.

17 + 1 was a group effort. I do not think I actually delivered any swats this time but I was certainly an eager participant in the event. We only wanted to give his bottom some sting but not really hurt him.

Julian has given me a birthday spanking every year for as long as I can remember. It is not just him and nor is it just me. We are all involved and it is just something we do. A tradition.

I do not think that many dads’ keep a spanking paddle handy at home anymore. But a table tennis paddle does a good job on a boys bottom and that is what was used.

His briefs did not give his bottom much protection and after spanking him the boys pulled those down to inspect their handiwork.

Since then several of us have had our 17th birthdays and our 17th birthday spankings. Mine were not that different from last year and all as always Marcus gave me something very special. I have reminded Abe Dean and Robinson that I still know how to give a boy a warming spanking on his birthday.:-).

I have done a good job on the Student Coocil.. Only time will tell if the other students who elect the student council agree. It has been hard trying to get peers of my own age to listen when I try to redirect their behavior but over the year I think I have earned their respect. And Mr. McCann said he was proud of me and I should be too.

I am sure my experience of dealing with naughty kids at the pool when I was working as a lifeguard last summer made it a lot easier. There is no substitute for experience. I do not know whether Josh ever listens anyway. He thinks he knows everything and I am nothing special. Ok, try to look out for him but he is his own man. The hardest thing was when he was the one I had to speak to about behavior. It is the only time I have got into an argument. Usually I do not let it get that far. So I am not sure how helpful big brother experience really was

I certainly hope I am now mature enough to avoid any further corporal punishment, not to need it anymore I thought I was at 14 and 15 and found out I was not. I have had plenty of beatings to learn from and I think my brother Josh still has a few more to come. But if I think if I said what you said my dad it would not be long before my pants and shorts were down. Otherwise I do not think my dad will spank me but I know he could. As I said Dad is still the authority of figure in my life and I have to live by his rules, and accept his discipline, for both the good and the bad. Even a 17 year old can make the wrong choice

We have all done things we know we ought not to have done and even if caught not received the hiding we were expecting. Perhaps one of these skills of being a dad is knowing when his son needs a spanking and when something else will do just as well. My dad was good about giving last chances and final warnings but there were no second last chances. And some behaviors did not get you a last chance at all. Like some of the stuff I used to do. Yes, a bottom too well acquainted with the belt but maybe not as well acquainted as it should have been. But heck I have survived and I did ok. Look at the boy I was. And look at the man I am now and you will see difference. Punishments were never are never excessive, always proportionate to the crime and appropriate to age. Dad does not need to leather my bottom anymore. Groundings and other restrictions and hurt just as much because you know your friends are partying without you, and you have to call them and tell them you cannot drive the car that night. But sometimes a talk is all a teen needs I get those but Josh usually lets his mouth talk him into bigger trouble.

I think in a neighborhood you are as naughty as your friends let you be. You live in the same street go to the same school play in the same woods and have parents who were brought up together. Sooner or later whoever you are one day your dad will decide this time your hide needs to pay and send you up to your room.

I am glad you are enjoying your retirement so much and making it such a good use of the time it allows you. The American dream is that anyone can do anything if they want to. But it is not true. Everyone can do something if they want to but we do not have equal intellectual and physical skills. You need to have something there to start with to work on. You seem to have done well itn using appropriate things to do and you should be happy with the way things have turned out for you. I think you are, and I hope things turn out that well for me. There is always something new to see something using learn, and something to share and something to give away. The secret is in learning which is which.

I do not know if I should be worried or discouraged when you say there is still a goofy kid lurking inside each of us whatever our age. I have done enough goofy things to last anyone a lifetime

Someone once told me the only difference between a boy and a man is the cost of his toys. Boy, I hope there is a bit more to it than that!

There are a lot of people to thank for their part in helping me to make me the man I am today. First and foremost are my parents. But they are by no means the only ones. Throughout my life a variety of people have passed through, been there for a while changed me or helped me grow. , made a difference and then disappeared. But some of it is down to me. My ambition my motivation my desire to do well, to be best I can be and the drive to make sure that happens. I have been very lucky but you have to make the best of what you are born with. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something

I am sure Mom and Dad will retire some day and likely so will I. It is daunting to realize that's one day the big guy one with all the answers will hand the reins of power over to people like me. It will be down to us to lead the world to try to unravel puzzles that have confounded people for generations. I hope I will be man enough to fill the shoes of a man like my amazing Dad. It seems like the world is heading for Armageddon but there is a chance that this generation, generation can lead the world to a better future and less turmoil over guns racism climate change or War. That is in charge that was passed onto you. We only hold the world in trust to pass on to our children. Let us sure it is something worth passing on.

Yes I could even be that husband/dad who will set the foundation for an even better generation to follow you. I will play my part in creating the future and then when I retire I hope the people I have met will remember me as somebody who helped them made a difference and say thanks Dennis you did a good job. I can ask for no more than that.


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-03-16 17:56:45

Hi Rick

I can only repeat what I have said before. Josh is the biggest pain in the neck. But he is my brother, my best ally and my best friend. That is lucky because we live in the same house and there are many things we are expected to share. I look out for him and so far as he can he looks out for me. Brotherly love as it should be. We are both good at getting the other brother into trouble but we are even better at getting ourselves into trouble. Josh is naughtier than I am but I got punished more than he is at his age. But he is sneaky than I am and does what he can to get me spanked. I do not need to do anything to get him spankws. He does enough of that for himself.

At first Julian said he was too old for birthday spanking, but we soon put him right on that. But once he realized the game was up he did not struggle as we pulled his pants down. We left him in his briefs, knowing from our own experience that they could not offer much protection for what we had lined up for him. Were you ever spanked with a table tennis paddle? Now we did not do anything we have not done before, so I do not think Julian was that surprised, and certainly not as surprised as he made out.

Jason knew he would be next. Maybe we are getting too old for that kind of thing but is something we have always done, a tradition that has helped us bond together. I wished I had agreed when they said 17 is too old. It might have saved me. One day I will be 21 and likely a college student too. I wonder what will happen then!

What I like best of all is being trusted, and having an adult accept that I could probably do a better job in this instance than he could. Imagine how that made me feel. But there are other things that are entrusted to us as members of the student council. Maybe these are things I would want to do anyway because of the kind of person I am but being a member of the student council gives me a reason to do it rather than just being a busy body. It was hard persuading boys not that much younger than me to modify their behavior. I think what I learnt as a lifeguard at the swimming pool last summer probably helped me. Proud? I know I have done a good job. The elections for next year's student council will tell me whether others agree. . I think my days of being paddled as punishment are over. Maybe it is because I am older. Maybe I do not do the kind of things that a boy needs to be paddled for any more. But if it came down to the wire my dad is still my dad and my dad and my mom are the authority figures in my life. They will decide if and how I am punished and if it came to that I would have no defense and no ground to stand on. I am hoping not to hear again the fateful Dennis, up to your room!

Although I was mischievous and prank/ stunt prone I was not that naughty and I never did anything seriously wrong. And what I did do I got appropriate punishment for. Of course I was sometimes paddled or whipped with a belt, but no more than anyone else. Among so many it would be difficult to pin down one and say that was naughtier than others and there were other factors that came into it. What I can say is that I was much naughtier with my friends than on my own but then that is true of all of us. There was a bit of bravado in a bit of egging each other on and going one step further. One step too far.

Dad punished when he thought I needed it. If he thought a talk would do just as well as a licking that is what he would do. But nothing stands out as being particularly naughty, naughtier than my friends were. But I do remember occasions when... How to describe this? Doing something that on another day would have got me whipped, no question, and probably knowing I probably deserved it. Listening to the lecture, or not listening but having to wait while is given, and waiting to be sent up to my room and then finding I was not sent. I felt miserable inside. I had done wrong and there was no way of assuaging my quilt. Did that ever happened to you? The lessons I learned stand out more than the whippings themselves. Maybe the worst licking is always the last one.

I cannot help thinking that if my school had been allowed to paddle students some of my antics and behavior would probably be enough. But at my school we are expected to behave and so for the most part we do

Like you, I knew pretty well what the consequence would be if caught, but that was never enough to stop me from acting. Yes, Josh learned several important lessons that day. And if he remembers them he will not do the same again. I do not know if that was the worst butt whipping he ever got but I do know it messed up his bottom good,

I was pleased to hear you are finding things to keep you happy and fulfilled. I have heard that retirement can be a lonely time so it is good that you have the time and the health to enjoy it. Where did you cruise, and did you enjoy it?

Sometimes I am treated like that' fine young man I strive to be. Sometimes I almost feel like I am grown up. But there is always that something that tells me I need something more than years. I think is the way you act, the things you do the things you say and even the things you think that mark you out,. Yes Mr. Rick, sir I will get there and thank you for your encouragement because quite often I feel like that goofy kid I once was.

I am thrilled that you like to read my messages and that in some small way they help you maintain a youthful perspective to place alongside your life experiences. And I do appreciate your comments which offer some guidelines to working through those growing up years. My dad may be my best resource but it is really helpful to sometimes look from things from more than one direction.

All the best