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Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-10-26 11:28:59

Hello Mr. JB

You might be surprised to receive a message from me again after so long. Things have been hectic and things have been happening. Even without this and that I still have to go to school. This year I am a senior and that makes all the difference. And elected member of the school council also makes a difference. More is expected of us both in the classroom and outside but we also get certain privileges. Things have been happening around and although I am not proud of them all they have happened and I will tell you about them at least in part. I usually get nude while I am writing to you but at the moment I am still wearing pants and shorts. I wonder how long they will stay on. You know, when certain things grow inside your shorts it requires hand action and before you know what is happening you have undone your pants.

On Sunday I took Josie to church or maybe she took me and we sat together. You know I think about Josie a lot and even in church thoughts of her are never far away. But I know there is a God I believe in and I think it is the same God she believes in. And that makes it ok. I am thinking about him too, talking maybe to him maybe to myself but focusing on things of another world I' another life another time, and wondering what is happening this time. Are these the final days?

That afternoon we were left home alone at her house. Dad always says be good kids but I do not know if he knows what sometimes goes on. We spent most of the time listening to music and talking but in the midst of ragtime and reggae our fingers began to wonder. I got hard thinking of possibilities and things got quite frenzied. However just as quickly the instant passed and I knew our boundaries were intact for another day. The Entertainer? Hahaha!

There are various things you can try to try and preserve your MP posts while writing them. At times computers PCs seem to have minds of their own and can crash and delete all you are working on. No issues today but it is a good idea to save often and keep your fingers crossed. I often keep my fingers crossed about things I hope will happen. I am sure it will happen with Josie one day even if we do not get married. I think that is something we both have our fingers crossed but the day the time and the light will be right. What I usually do with MP is write a paragraph at the time and then save it in a Word document. It saves a lot of frustration and and... I do not often get angry but I will use a few choice words- even the f word although every time I use it I remember how much pain dad but across my bottom when he heard it come out of my 14-year old mouth. I am a little bit ashamed. A little bit because needs must.

Things are going well with Josie and we are still going steady. I sometimes look at other girls but Josie is the one who really takes my eye. She has seen me naked several times growing up and she probably will again. Actually I quite like her to see me with nothing on and although it does not often happen I like seeing her naked. It does not what mean anything is going to happen. I think it is all about trusting each other and offering everything we have and are to each other. Josie knows that if she asks I will do it. But for now we are still within boundaries. But when a boy gets as horny as I do unexpected things can always happen. As you know I always carry a condom with me but I have some spares in my bedroom. I hope my mom does not find them. (Why have you got contraceptives Dennis? I would die, Have you been good. How do you answer that?) Things are good with Josie but I do not think I will tell her what happened in a very secluded part of the park with Holly Mason while she was away. By the time we finished I had taken her bra off and she was standing there in her loose fit jeans. My jeans were on the ground underneath my shorts. I cannot think why I made out with her or what I was thinking as I stripped off all my clothes. I am really embarrassed about that thoroughly ashamed. I wish I could say I had not enjoyed it! But I am still thoroughly stuck on Josie. She is the one I think about the one I care about the one I... I think I have told you all that before. (I could not stop my hand from wandering down the front of my pants and inside my shorts)

Although there is a lot on my plate I am making sure there is always time for Josie. But a boy also needs to have time with his friends to throw a ball jump for a frisbee wander down the mall play loud music talk about girls eat pizza or just get silly with each other. Duncan has turned serious but can be unlocked. And when he has his clothes off Marcus sometimes acts like he is 14. Girls are a lot of fun but I have shared plenty of hot sexy nude play times with other boys too. I think it is healthy for boys and girls to see each other naked from a young age. And as long as Josie and I can keep the rules everything will be alright. In any case Mr. JB we know where babies come from and if it comes to that we know what precautions to take. 17 is much too young to be a Daddy.

Josh and I still spank each other sometimes. Usually it is just for fun you know, a bit of sting and a red mark but sometimes we up the ante and make it hurt a bit more but still not like a dad spanking, not that I get those anymore. Last week I caught Josh with his shorts off. (He has at last stopped wearing white briefs but the shorts used to be mine) Realizing there was no way out he handed me the paddle and lay face down on his bed. I did not know what he had done but I guess there was something he needed to be punished for so I stepped up and made sure he was. Of course I did not seriously hurt him. He is my brother. But I did give his bare bottom something to think about. On Thursday Marcus came over and we played some computer games. Then out the blue he said it was a long time since he had spanked me, and was about time he did. Even then I did not expect that to happen but I was soon naked and bending over my bed as he said to work on me. I tried not to think about the pain but remembered the feel of Marcus hand curled around my whammer up and down up and down then Yeow ouch agghh ouch $5@£%?*...

So it is still fun getting Josh naked and giving him a good spanking. I think if you saw him there naked in front of you bottom proffered you would want to spank him too. I would try not to get into that situation because I think you might enjoy spanking me too. I have done enough to deserve it. But luckily for all of us will not happen. Schools and parents do not spank much anymore more but friends and brothers certainly do. My grandfather thinks we should be caned at school and that dad should keep the leather belt handy in our bedroom. Have you ever been present in the room when a friend was spanked or been spanked yourself in front of a friend? Marcus and I have seen each other cry from that since we were young. I cannot see myself spanking a son of daughter of my own but I wonder what your take is on the spanking of children? Or pledgees?

I know what Josh thinks when it comes to my bottom and it is too much to hope he will not relish the opportunity when it comes. I will get you Dennis- he says- when you least expect it. Fingers crossed?

It would be more than interesting if I had to take a bare bottom spanking from Josie. But I cannot think of anything she would spank me for and I do not think she would want to anyway. I know she sometimes thinks I act like a little kid but I do not think she would ever spank me. She did give me a slap on the beach once when I was 12 just after Josh had pulled down my board shorts! Interesting.

I hope Joshua comes home from school on his own tonight. I am confident I can get him naked and then give his cute bare bottom a good tanning. But if he brings Spencer or Ray home I will be in trouble. I know they could easily have me bending over the chair or lying across the bed with nothing on. Either way we will finish up jerking together or jerking each other. That is something I am sure all brothers do. Do you think sisters do it to their brothers? (My shirt and pants are on the floor, and my shorts are down to my knees and the little man is certainly not little anymore) I may be 17 but jerking and spanking other boys is still something I am up with.

I am always up for the opportunity to spank Josh. I think he needs it and I get a rush from it. Anyone would. When he is completely naked he is kinda cute. Especially his bottom crying out spank me spank me. I am more than happy to oblige. I think Josh would say the same about me.

Summer job was good and I am still doing a bit at the weekends. I saw a lot of pretty girls but wore a swimmers jock to make sure my whammer behaved. Can you imagine the in those little orange shorts with a huge bulge or tent in them? There were a few limits placed on me because I am not yet 18 but in all other ways I was treated as a full member of the team and given real responsibility.

In the time since I last wrote to you I hope your health issues have continued to resolve themselves. What happened about that painful kidney stone? I do not pretend to understand what you tell me about your health issues but I know that through the skill of the health professionals the Lord will restore you to full health. Although it is no laughing matter something you said it reminded of my dads way of dealing with boy misbehavior- butt pain!

It is sometimes good to have a day off when everybody else is working. You to get the opportunity to sleep in or do your own thing but most of the time you will find you are doing them on your own. That is not all bad and when you are home alone you are King and once you have kicked off your underwear you have the whole day for play. The downside was that when all your your friends were socializing i you were at work. I used to love late mornings with dad fishing mom out shopping and Josh at football practice. I stayed in bed until everybody was out and then did not get dressed until I heard one of them return. I think you know how much I like to be naked and this was golden time the best chance to see my classmates close up personal and naked.

$%!@ion can take your mind off whatever else you should be doing. It demands to be satisfied. By the time dad told me about $%!@ion I knew about it already. I was doing it every night. I had even told Josh how to enjoy it. But sometimes when your whammer takes over you get so horny you have to $%!@e or explode. Sometimes those are two very similar things. Yes you can plan to ejaculate or more usually it comes up on me and by the time I realize I am going to ejaculate nothing in the world is going to stop me from pumping up and down up and down up until white strings of boy cream spurt across my naked body. (or PC) Who could ask for anything more? OK. So maybe a bit of mess. Well, a lot actually. But what else can you do? In any case you do it because it is fun. And it makes you feel good. That is the whole point

Now my shorts have joined my other first and they floor and I am naked I cannot help but think of Josie. Would one hand on the keyboard and the other taking care of my boy bits I am getting quite worked up and aroused. My whammer is huge- I do not think it has ever been larger and unless something changes soon there is a big mess right here. I think I will be making a quick trip to the bedroom and taking care of business lying on my bed. It has always been the best way.

My job as lifeguard was mainly about making sure everyone was safe and happy. Locker room discipline was seldom necessary and me just being there supervising was usually enough. The boys complained that I was watching them change which I was butt I was not that interested in their bodies even when they were naked. I did not often need to raise my voice, but I could give a young boy a good telling off. Something I learned from many occasions when I was on the receiving end of moms tongue.

There are plenty of boys out there are who would benefit from having their bottom cheeks colored up some but not by me. Despite my growing up experiences it was something that never even occurred to me.

I am not thinking about school. There is something better for naked boy and I can hardly wait

All the best


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-09-25 11:09:18


Thank you for sharing your sad news with me. I am very sorry for you. I have never had to meet a bereavement like that. I hope you are all able to support each other at such a difficult time. But this I know For a long time you will feel your mom is still there as she always was. And in a way she will be. Always

Best Wishes

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-09-08 20:28:36

Hello Mr. Rick sir

Minutes quickly turn to hours and days to months and suddenly the summer you were looking forward to is over and already it feels like winter is just around the corner. I was listening to Deezer today, all those cheesy Christmas songs of yesterday and today. It is funny how different people think about the same event in so many different ways. But that is not just Christmas is it? You talked about something similar happening when you were at university, meeting guys with different values different backgrounds and different experiences than your but finding there were some things you all shared.

I had probably the best summer of my life - so many highlights. I love the job working at the swimming pool, I loved that time I had to hang out with my friends and I loved the quiet times I had to share with my girlfriend Josie. Things are tense there but in a good way. I think it is only because we care so much, and I feel for her in a special way I have not felt before. Maybe it is being little older I have known Josie for a long time so it was funny that I suddenly saw something extra in her. Something I wanted and wanted to be part of. . Maybe that is just growing up.

The first few days back at school were a little bit unreal now we have been back a few days and Labor Day is behind us things are beginning to settle down and I am getting used to the idea that I little Dennis am a senior and back on o the school council. It is a huge honor to have been elected. I have a lot on my plate and the plate is only so big. The vice Principal told me my school work must always come first. I know that is right.

Sometimes my brother Josh and I scrap but we always make it up and most of the time we are good friends. He still does crazy stuff and sometimes. I see him playing the same stupid pranks I played peddling the same lame excuses I used and facing up to punishment. He does not get whipped nearly as much as I was even for the same thing. Yes when I spank him it is nearly always just fun although of course is more fun giving them receiving. There is never much more than a bit of a sting that soon wears off. I do know I am not the only boy who spanks his brother but I wonder why it is such a turn on. We used to do more of course you know experimenting with each other. Not so much now. I think Josh is very like me a lot of ways. He would not say so dad told me that Josh sees me as his role model and I should not be surprised if I see something of my younger self in him. He told me that it was an awesome responsibility to be an older brother. . He will always be my lil r bro, but more importantly he will always be my brother and that counts.

Spanking has a bad press but by the time you are 16 or 17 you are more likely to get from your friends than from your parents, and it is a spanking not dad sized punishment leathering. There is not much of that about days but a bit old traditions die hard. I have been given birthday spankings for many years. It was something that just happened, a rite of passage. I did not expect my 17th birthday to be any different. I wonder what will happen this year as we all turn 18. Or are at college? Or whenever? I not see myself getting it when I am an old man with a long gray beard. Maybe as you suggest this is one tradition which has had its day. I cannot imagine any circumstances when Josie would spank me even though she might give me a playful swat across my bottom once in a lifetime. If she did tell me to take down my shorts I know I would have to. I think she knows that too. I think I know it is not going to happen.

As for Norman whatever gets your mojo going. If it works for him... Josie knows I have had plenty of spanking growing up but if we are going to be parents in the 21st century we do not believe it is ever necessary or even desirable to his a child and there is always another way to discipline them. I know you think that all boys need at least upon spanking but we think one may be one too many. You and I are probably quite similar in values outlook and strong parenting but from different generations so each a different conclusion over spanking

It does not matter how old you are for so long as your dad is there he is your dad. He has always been the authority in your life, as he should be and you owe him your respect and your love. He has always done everything for you and it is down to his guidance advice and counsel that you have turned us as you have. Just being 17 does not change any of that. And you know that if it came to that your shorts would come down. You trust him as someone who has always been firm fair and consistent. And right. Parenting and spanking? Yes it's still goes on.

Retirement is some way of for me. I may have done some life saving but I have never had a proper or permanent job. I hope that by the time I get to retirement age I will have many memorable things to look back on say hey Dennis you did a pretty good job. I will live my life to the full and a use my retirement to do all those I have not yet found time to do.

I had some very special times with Josie on my days off. It was good to the jingle of coins in my pocket and to know my billfold was full allowing us to enjoy the better things of life. I spent almost $500 on one night out but Josie's shining eyes, the feel of her heartbeat, the touch her hands her head on my shoulder and... I think it was just as well THAT goodnight kiss was out of sight her house- made it worth all that. And of course when I got home /I undressed and lay back on my bed There was one squeeze left in the lemon.,

That is all for now. I have still got homework complete.


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-08-29 11:42:17


As always great to hear from you and as always a long delay for my reply.

I listen to a lot of music but I think ragtime and reggae are my favorites- a bit different from most of my friends. I did not choose my MP user name on a whim. Scott Joplin is the king of ragtime at least for me and pineapple rag is my favorite of all the music he wrote. So that is what I chose.

I know all about PC issues and connectivity issues and losing data just before pressing the save button. Somehow I never remember from one time to the next. So I know where you are coming from. Those kinds of crashes remind you that technology is great when it works but you cannot rely on it when it matters.

It has been a busy summer with things happening on so many fronts. Working at the swimming pool has mostly been uneventful although of course there been times when we have been to exercise our authority or even help someone who is struggling. I do not think I actually saved any lives. I have seen Marcus and Paul around- more on that later- and Josie and I have shared some quality time together, not just playtime. We had a picnic in the country but once we had laid out our blanket and I had taken off my shirt there was no telling what would happen. Thanks to our firm boundaries nothing with serious consequences followed but it was still very exciting. But it makes you wonder. Makes you think...

Yes, I gave Josh a good hiding and even though it probably hurt I think he enjoyed it more than he lets on. But I am sure he enjoyed it more when I was the one with a proffered bare bottom when he leathered me for borrowing his bike without permission. I do not know how he found out and I could not think up an excuse not to be punished. I did not need to do anything special for Paul to find and opportunity to spank me. It is hard taking your pants and shorts down so a friend can spank you but at least you know it is nothing like getting it from dad. No one is a loser in spanking play but it sure is fun or was fun reddening up another boys bottom. I wonder how Josie would feel about reddening up mine. Paul said he knew me well enough to know there would be something I should have been spanked for and had not been. I could think of plenty but that did not make contributing to my own punishment any easier. Paul knew where his dad still keeps that old purpose made boys bottom sided paddle, so used that on me. Enough about spanking. It is embarrassing to have to talk about spankings I am still getting even though I am 17.

Mutual $%!@ion normally fullers when Josh or i-spray each other just to show there are no hard feelings. Sometimes we do it together but if you want to really show there are no hard feelings we jerk each other. That is how these two brothers bond. Any strip game we play end up like that. I am looking for another opportunity to tan my brother's cute bottom. There could be a chance when we are home alone on Friday but I think he sees that as a time for him to get some action on mine. Do you think most brothers or siblings spank each other? That vid is enough about spanking.

I have already talked about my job some. Yes, some girls do try to flirt and get a rise from me but there is only one person who succeeds in getting a rise you know inside my shorts. I wear a swimmers jock underneath so they do not rise. It is easier imposing my authority now I am a year older and experienced. Until I am 18 I cannot take charge of the pool. In any case there are always have to be two of us on duty, I have not let my eyes wander this time and I do not feel about Natalie no I did last year. Josie is the only girl I dream about think care about and...I am sure you know what is with girls, girlfriends.

Yes Josie has seen me naked probably will again. She knows exactly what I look like with no clothes on and likes the boy inside. I was only 11 the first time she saw me but she has seen me enough times to know I am not a hairless prawn any more. My shorts will probably stay up but if they come down they come down and she will see me again. I can dream Mr. JB of the things I might like to do but nothing like that is going to happen. At least not yet. The boundaries we set stop that from happening but Josie knows I keep a condom in my billfold as my/our insurance

I hope your health continue to improve, Whilst Jesus the redeemer is the great healer it is up to you to honor the temple. There are some verses in Isaiah about God guiding you I the right way saying this is the way walk i it and He is there putting you right if you drift off the path

Days off from my job are a treat and the time is to be savored and enjoyed to the full. I am good at that at that. Or you can go to sleep we work hard and at the end of a shift I am always tired. Of course THAT girl can wake me up/

She takes control as I become more excited and what is happening in my shorts is even more exciting. She knows how to take me to breaking point but always stopped before we get there are. God knows what he would do if my whammer was in charge! But there are quiet moments too. intimate times we can share with each other and no one else. I could not tell you what happens we know it is ours. Quality time? Yes, but quality time with something extra. I am beginning to think I should have put some short on before writing this letter. Darn, it has gone everywhere! Have you ever ejaculated at the computer?

The hardest part of the job is the level of concentration and keeping your eyes all areas of the pool, and always be ready for immediate action. I have not needed to dismiss people very often but there is sometimes some laying down the law dealing with boys misbehaving in the locker room When i am the only male member of staff on duty so it is down to me to deal with it. He's was hard at first and I thought they would ignore me but it has become easier as I became more confident. It is quite fun being the center of attention with all these girls trying to flirt with the sexy lifeguard- fit body stripped down to his shorts I have to tell them I am already spoken for at in any case this is work

Thoughts are turning to school. It has been a great summer. The best.

Have great week and weekend


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-07-22 18:16:39

Hi Mr. Rick, sir

It is good to talk but a month is a long time and some of the things we have discussed are too long ago go or ancient history. But school is out, my summer lifeguard job is keeping me busy especially with the weather being so hot and things are looking good.

Josh is not just my brother. He is my best friend. That is as it should be. But it does not mean he is too old for me to sometimes spank and apparently nor am I. Josh does watch me and may look up to me as an older brother in the way you say. But if he does he does his level best not to show it. It goes both ways, I admire him too. At times. You do not need to be a Dad to sometimes see your younger self in a younger boy.

I think birthday spanking is something we will grow out of. 17, 18,19? I wonder if it will continue with a new bunch of boys when we all go our separate ways. Roommates, dorm buddies or new friends. Norman says his girlfriend spanked him it was not on his birthday. I wonder. My birthday was months ago go but Marcus and I have been spanking each other for years. We have not done it in ages now, nor have we wanted to. Yes a ritual damage check was always part of the action.

I hope Mr. McCann was sincere because he is a man I have a lot of time for. I think he was proud of the contribution I had made and the way in which I had changed and grown. I was proud too. My dad said something about that as well. I have learnt a lot as a member of the school council, about myself and others how to respect them and how to earn their respect. It is much easier to help people even redirect their behavior if they respect you. I have done a good job and I hope I will be reelected for next year ear. I tried to treat Josh just like any other 9th grader but it was impossible. For a long time i we were hardly like brothers at all now, but now Josh understands and we are friends again. Good thing it since we live in the same house and have rooms next to each other.

Now Mr. Rick please do not think that I was that well behaved at school. Some of the things I did would probably have gotten me school paddled in your day. I have had personal counseling and on the spot reprimands and warnings from members of the school council. But so has everyone. But for the most part if you go to my school you behave.

A Dad is the best authority for all the advice a boy might need on a variety of subjects. You can talk to him about anything without feeling embarrassed. And he is the authority who will provide appropriate discipline when needed, I have never doubted for a moment that my dad does what he thinks is best for me even if it is sometimes means to tan my bare hide. And I would know it was the right thing to. As you grow older you become embarrassed by getting into trouble for childish transgressions. I guess it because you are taking responsibility for them. When you know you deserve it you might as well drop your shorts and lie down. I would do that even at 16/17. I respect my dad that much.

I am sure that the first time you were paddled at school was not you had ever been naughty. Maybe it could better have been dealt with with a stern lecture and detention but I think feeling the paddle at school at the belt at home made an impression you are not likely to forget. You seem to have remembered it until now.

I am glad that you are enjoying your retirement. Time for you to do the things you want to do, have always wanted to do You have done your bit and now it is your privilege to be able to step back and enjoy what the world brings your way and know it is someone elses problem! I hope you have visited some awesome places in your travels.

One day people of my generation will inherit the Earth and it will be our job to look after it for our children. There are huge problems with wars climate change gun crime and hate violence. God help us.

If I can look back and see I am leaving my successors a better world than the one I found and know I had a part in making it better then I will die a happy man. And I hope I will have some happy kids to enjoy it. And one day inherit it.

I will stop there. Today is a day off work and I have promised to take Josie somewhere special

Goodbye for now sir