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Posted in Genital Spanking on 2015-05-07 13:34:49

There is plenty of shame and pain in a bare bottom spanking, a time-honored and safe method of punishing a child. It's true that even that requires judgment, moderation, and love on the parent's part but that's no reason for equating it with what the poll proposes. Why resort to a practice that is dangerous and undoubtedly and seriously illegal. You risk either losing your children as an unfit parent or losing the prospect of having grandchildren in the future. Or both.

I am not at all opposed to spanking of children or adult females in the right circumstances. And I know that there is much fantasy in these polls and some of the responses to them. But even as fantasy, this is just sick.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2015-05-06 12:02:03

I absolutely agree with Dazo on this. Not for children and never for males.

Posted in Ever spanked by an in-law? on 2015-04-21 02:30:41

I recently moved in with my daughter and her husband (for financial reasons). I'm a dependent on them and I have to obey them. As a condition of living with them, I have clear rules and consequences for breaking them. They both spank me, She is in charge of me and my discipline day-to-day. She puts me over her knee and spanks my bare bottom on the spot for any little fault. He administers the cane for more serious or repeat offenses or when my daughter asks him to. It means that my son-in-law, who is very strict, canes me hard when I break a rule, puts me in the corner of the living room with my freshly spanked bare bottom on display, grounds me, sends me to bed early, and gives me extra chores. He is even stricter with me since he blames his wife's faults on my lax parenting and also says I need severer punishment since I am older and should know better.

My daughter is in charge of what I wear, eat, who I see, supervising my chores, and other things. She administers day-to-day discipline (over her knee with a hairbrush and corner time) but my son-in-law gives me more serious punishments on Sunday after church in the living room. He requires me to strip naked for the cane and corner time even if other family or friends are watching. Are there other moms and MILs out there who are treated like this? sallystewart3@aol.com

Posted in Discipline by Daughters on 2015-04-08 12:46:51

Well, I just got my first caning from my daughter. She was very angry with me and made me strip like her hubby does . She scolded me for ages as I stood before her, eyes downcast and hands on my head. Then over the back of the couch for 12 super-hard strokes and an hour in the corner. This is a new development for us. I didn't know she was so strong and could be so relentless in thrashing her own mother. I am to get a second dose of 12 this Sunday after church from my son-in-law, plus any additional strokes of the cane I earn in the meantime. I am grounded all week until then.

Posted in Discipline by Daughters on 2015-03-24 14:02:28

I get spanked by my daughter and son-in-law. I live with them and have to accept their rules and consequences, including spanking, corner time, early bed, and grounding. They say I am immature and irresponsible and need strict discipline. My dau of 23 treats me like she is my mom and I am a naughty little girl. She bares my bottom, puts me over her knee, and spanks me with her wooden hairbrush. If I am very naughty, I have to bend over the back of a couch or armchair for the cane. After I get spanked or caned, I have to stand in the corner with hands on head, my blazing red bottom on display for anyone to see - in the living room.