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Posted in Punishments in family on 2015-06-25 17:12:06

Hi elsa,

Yes we do have a lot in common. My daughter is married but she took charge well before then. I think i was in the same state you were when i was faced with the fateful ultimatum from my daughter. i also had to hand everything over, like keys, money, cards and a power of attorney giving her control of all the finances. Most of my clothes were confiscated and i was placed under strict supervision. i also had the same vices as you and was put under strict control to curb them, which are still in effect. My daughter is a lot like yours too, it sounds like.

Like you, in spite of some sulking and rebelliousness (which is not tolerated), i came to feel safe and secure and kind of at peace like a child, knowing someone was in charge. Things have run better ever since, so i accept all the pain and humiliation i must suffer as i try to mend my ways and grow up at least a bit, years after i should have.

Thanks for the addy. i wrote you.

sally (sally384@gmx.com)

Posted in Moms dominated by daughters (Women only) on 2015-06-13 14:34:58

The fact that my daughter obviously enjoys dominating and disciplining me and treating me like a silly little girl and has friends who enjoy it too, adds greatly to my embarrassment and humiliation. I was never turned on by the thought of dominating my mother so it's hard for me to understand what the appeal is to her. She is the one in charge of me. Her husband adds the more serious discipline (the cane) when she asks him to, but i think the main effect for him is to spice up their love life - judging by the noise they make upstairs as i serve my nude corner time in the living room after he's caned me.

Is it the thought of the sex to come that arouses a girl like my daughter, or is it the fact that she is in charge, can subject her own parent to her will and make her submit to any kind of pain and humiliation? What do girls like her and dominategirl (in another post in this comments section) get out of it, irl or in fantasy? It's obvious just from the envious comments that many more girls love the idea of dominating their moms than actually get to do so.

Is it important that the daughter thinks, as mine does, that her mom really needs and deserves this treatment for her own good? Is it because her mom is immature and irresponsible and needs close supervision, strict discipline, to be dressed, kept smooth down there, and treated like the age she acts, as i am told daily? Or is just the feeling of power and control itself? I'd love to understand.


Posted in Moms dominated by daughters (Women only) on 2015-06-13 14:14:36

i loved hearing from other moms dominated by their daughters, but mine recently made me delete my e-mail, so the one in the message above is defunct. So now i have a new one she does not know about.

It's sally3@vfemail.net.

Also like to hear from dominant daughters to get your perspective, though i haven't heard from any yet.

Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2015-06-11 21:20:31

Dear Miss Kaisa,

When you talk to Joanna like that, it makes me realize how far my own daughter is taking me down the same path. She is married no and i live with her and her husband. She takes total charge of me herself, though she does ask her husband to thrash me with a cane when she thinks i need a really good lesson. I know i am all the things you call Joanna, they are just the things my daughter tells me daily. They have a large house but i must sleep in the smallest bedroom. All my adult and sexy clothes have been thrown out and she dresses me and talks to me like a little girl. When i whine, she calls me disrespectful and spanks me on the spot, whoever is around. I try to be obedient and submissive, but often i forget and then she spanks me long and hard and makes me go naked all day, do extra chores, and puts me in the corner for a long time. I have no partner or anything but i am a highly sexed adult, not a ten year old. She uses a baby monitor to make sure i am not enjoying illicit feelings. My son-in-law has removed the door from my little bedroom and i must ask permission to use the bathroom. I must always leave the bathroom door open and must wear a diaper at night that makes any self-indulgence hard. If she catches me she whips me between the legs in diaper position till i can't stand another lash.

I was going to ask if you thought it fair for a young woman to treat her own mother like this, but i can guess what you will say. She tells me it is all for my own good and i do not dare to contradict her. She is thew responsible one now - i guess i never was - so i have no alternative but to obey.

My daughter Mary made me delete my old e-mail, but i now made a new one - sally3@vfemail.net. Sally

Posted in Punishments in family on 2015-06-11 16:46:25

Even before my oldest daughter got married and moved to her own home, she had taken charge of me and her younger sisters. She kept strict order and discipline since I could not handle my responsibilities according to her. She moved me out of the master bedroom into her old room and took over the larger space for herself. All of us got spanked, but me most often and hardest. At least weekly she thrashed me with a switch, strap, paddle, or cane, sometimes all of them in turn. She sent me to bed with no supper when i was naughty after putting me in the corner to display my fresh stripes and bruises.

I recently moved in with my daughter and her husband (for financial reasons). I'm dependent on them and I have to obey them. As a condition of living with them, I have clear rules and consequences for breaking them. They both spank me, She is still in charge of me and my discipline day-to-day. She puts me over her knee and spanks my bare bottom on the spot for any little fault. He administers the cane when needed. or when my daughter asks him to. It means that my son-in-law, who is very strict, canes me hard when I break a rule, puts me in the corner of the living room with my freshly spanked bare bottom on display, grounds me, sends me to bed early, and gives me extra chores. Sometimes he adds a plug of peeled ginger or soap sticks or mouthsoaping to increase my discomfort and humiliation. He is even stricter with me since he blames his wife's faults on my lax parenting and also says I need severer punishment since I am older and should know better.

My daughter is in charge of what I wear, eat, who I see, supervising my chores, and other things. She administers day-to-day discipline (over her knee with a hairbrush or lexan paddle and corner time) but my son-in-law gives me more serious punishments in the living room. He requires me to strip naked for the cane and corner time even if other family or friends are watching. Are there other moms and MILs out there who are treated like this?