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Posted in Stripped by bullies at school on 2015-01-22 23:12:43

The day finals week ended, I had decided to walk to my friends house to celebrate when I ran into a group of college kids. They were pulling some kind of initiation or something but the 6 of them grabbed me, held me down, and stripped me of my clothing. Once they had me down to my black and green boxer shorts they split into two groups; one dedicated to holding me down, and one dedicated to going through my stuff. Finding nothing of value, all they took was my cell phone. I quickly got dressed, only two other kids walking home saw me, and then sped walked the rest of the way. I never told anyone trying to avoid embarressment. I had to lie and say I lost my phone to my parents :l

Posted in Wedgie poll (Boys) on 2015-01-22 22:23:38

Agreed. Public is too far for anyone I know. I don't like it too much either but private isnt ever too bad.

Posted in Embarrassed on 2015-01-08 20:21:14

That sounds awful! During my elementary days I didnt see much bullying or anything close to what you described. Later on around junior high kids definitely got more and it continued to pretty much present day.

Posted in Embarrassed on 2015-01-08 10:17:21

My most embarrassing moment, and I've had a few, was probably the first day I was ever in my underwear in public. So I was walking home from school through a park that I would always cut through to make the treck quicker, and because almost no one ever went there. One day this group of guys were just hanging out there when I was going through. I didn't think anything of it as I approached, and one of them quickly asked "Hey, you go to school there?" when I said yeah, I suddenly felt that I had made a mistake, as one of them pushed me down faster than I had time to react. There was five of them, each now pulling away at my clothes. Two removed my shirt and held my arms in place, two proceeded to remove the shoes and socks on either feet and the last one was pulling away at the fastening of my pants. With five to one, I quickly stopped struggling trying to not make them any more angry than I had. When my pants were finally off they stood me up in just my Spider-man boxer shorts. I could feel myself becoming embarrassed when they all started to laugh. The two holding my arms back grabbed either side of my waistband and lifted me up into the air. The pain was unbearable and I just wanted it to end. The guy who had asked me about school earlier began to taunt my underwear calling it baby underwear, and referring to me as "super hero" the whole time. They finally let my toes touch the ground so that way I could watch as three of them went through my pockets, my backpack, and everything else I had on me. They took the little money I had and anything they thought worth value. After that they dragged me to a nearby pond and proceeded to dangle each article of my clothing in front of my face before throwing them into the pond. With everything in the water, one of the guys grabbed my underwear pulled them to the floor and told me I'd better lift my feet if I don't want things to get worse. Not knowing what "worse" was, I allowed the full removal of my underwear. They again taunted me saying things like "well now we know his secret identity!" and mocking my nudity. "Here put his mask on!" shouted the one who had taken my boxers and was now putting them over my head. They each took off one sock and one shoe before making me lick and kiss their feet. Each one I did was followed by a hard spank from the other four. After I was done, they threw me into the pond and ran away. Inever saw them again, and rushed home only wearing my soaking wet underwear home. I didn't even bother to ever get any of my clothes except my backpack. I also never went through that park again...

Posted in High School, Friends, and Underwear (GUYS ONLY) on 2015-01-08 07:58:26

So one example of my causing Andres to be embarrassed is when we were at his house and he fell asleep first. I quickly but quietly stripped him down to his red and white striped American Eagle boxer briefs and did the old hand in warm water trick. I upped the ante by tying his arms to his bed and slowly tied his underwear to the headboard being careful to ease him into the pain so he wouldn't wake up. I stayed awake and eventually I could hear him peeing himself. I heard him pee one more time before I excitedly fell asleep. (about an hour after the first time. I woke up by him shouting in disgust. and embarrassment. I untied his arms but left him to clean up the mess he made. As always, he promised that he would be getting me back.