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Posted in Girls only getting stripped pantsed or force nude on 2020-04-29 02:14:06

Your last question needed some selections for those of us who learned to "enjoy" the situation. My sister and I were raised "submissive" by our parents. My mother was very submissive and was often stripped naked by our father in front of the family just for the heck of it.

We had three brothers. We lived in the country and had a large pond in our yard we swam in, usually just wearing our clothes. Our brothers and their friends would strip my sister and me out in the water and take off and leave us naked. Sometimes they would run out of the water with our clothes and other times they would sink them in deep water. Our parents, especially our mom just laughed and told us the boys will be boys and we needed to learn to be good sports. This started when were were nine and ten and continued through our teen years. Of course by then, we were used to it and didn't care anymore. Not caring if your brothers' friends saw you naked made you really popular, if you know what I mean!

Posted in Stripping at Parties on 2020-04-18 18:15:48

That "excitement" is what separates exhibitionists like us from nudists. Nudists like to be naked around other nudists. We like being naked around everybody! We also enjoy the fact that people are seeing us naked. I like it when I am the only one brave (or crazy) enough to take off my clothes. More attention for me!

Amanda, do you ever give your clothes away at a party to other people so you have to stay naked and go home that way? Try it! It's a lot of fun!

Posted in New underwear party on 2020-04-18 18:09:01

My family and friends have a thing for underwear parties. We have them all the time for a good cause. Everyone who shows up is forced to strip. All of the clothes are collected and washed and then sent to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Everyone has to go home in their underwear! We all know it's going to happen and everyone is a good sport about it. No one cheats by wearing a bathing suit or anything.

We have a pool and some of our friends have pools so we usually turn them into pool parties.

Posted in Your PJs on 2020-04-04 02:00:41

I have never worn anything other than my bra and panties to bed. My father growing up believed that sleepwear and swimwear were wastes of money. We slept in our underwear and swam in either our clothes or underwear since we had our own pond. I wouldn't know what to do with a nightgown or complicate lingerie. I like wearing my bra and panties to bed and my husband likes seeing me in them. He sleeps in his boxer briefs and I like seeing him in them too! Summer weekend mornings we have breakfast out on the deck still in them and then go for a swim.

Posted in friends with hot moms on 2020-04-04 01:54:12

I was the one with the "hot mom" and she had a crush on my then boyfriend, (now husband many years later). I met him when he was stationed at Ft. Campbell over thirty years ago and it was love at first sight. My mom was crazy about him too. (She still is. He is her favorite in-law.)

My mom was "different". She was very submissive where men wear concerned. She loves my dad and they have been married forever, but she was really crazy about my husband. My dad didn't care because she always unleashed herself when she get all worked up on him.

Mom paraded around in front of my husband in her underwear and even invited both of us out to share her private swim with her. This takes some background. My dad thought sleep wear was a waste of money so we all slept in our underwear. He owned a hardware store and feed and seed and left very early in the morning. Mom would get up with him and fix his breakfast in her bra and panties. In the summer, she would go out to our pond for a swim in them after he left and be back in before anyone else got up. One week my future husband took leave and stayed with us. He was sleeping in the basement and I came down and we snuck out in our underwear to go out to a rope swing my family had just put up by the creek. We did that, they we "fooled around" and accidentally fell asleep since it was so warm that night. The sun was just coming up when we woke up and tried to sneak back to the house, but my mom was sitting out by the pond. (I was seventeen at the time and future husband was nineteen and I had no idea she went out for these swims in the morning.) We thought we were busted, but she just waved at us and dove in the pond in her underwear. Then she invited us to swim with her. Later that day she told my sister, (16) about the swims and told all three of us to set our alarms and come out with her. We did the rest of the week my future husband was there and it turned into skinny-dipping on his last morning.

It's a lot of years down the road and my mother has never looked her age. She looked like our older sister when this happened and frankly, she still does. She is 76 and shows no signs of slowing down. My sister and I joined her every summer morning for bra and panty swims until we left home. My father is long since retired and now she has him out there with her on warm summer mornings. It keeps them both fit and young.