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Posted in Boys Showering at School (Teen Guys Only) on 2002-05-26 06:10:37

========== In Reply To ========== Has anyone ever been paddled and then had to expose the marks to teammates in the shower?

yep; i was mad at my science teacher so i threw her flashlight out the window. well, i got my butt busted by the a.p. then went to p.e. next. then my mom's boyfreind wipped me at home. all the boys were making fun of my bruised butt in the showers the next few days. my teacher heard about it and said she didn't mean for me to get punished that bad, though. the whole thing was pretty em"bareass"ing!

Posted in PE Uniform on 2002-03-25 01:58:45

i was on the 7th grade basketball team this year. coach told us if we weren't going to wear a jockstrap we had to wear briefs or at least boxerbreifs--no boxers. i always wear whitie-tighties anyway so it was fine with me. coach is right, i don't see how you can do sports in boxers--especially basketball! we scrimmage shirts and skins, so we had a practice jersey but most of the guys only wore it when they had to. i only wore it if i was on the shirts team. the drills and running is easier and more comfortable with no shirt. we all bought our own pretty nice shoes.

i'm in 7th grade and i'm smart enough to know life's not fair--get used to it! it's like my basketball coach tells us every day: "life's 10% what happens to you and 90% how YOU deal with it!" it's the same way in sports. the refs are never fair, but coach doesn't allow us to talk about that--we have to think about how we're going to deal with it. for example- if they don't call fouls, we have to play more aggressively.

Posted in Boys Showering at School (Teen Guys Only) on 2002-03-14 03:01:11

i'm in 7th grade now. tyler's right. i remember last year when i started middle school. my coach didn't force us to shower, but he kept saying we should and there's nothing to be scared of. some boys rinsed off in their underwear at first. i showered with a bunch of guys naked at scout camp all the time and it was stupid to be in wet underwear all day so after about the third day i showered naked and was about the only one who did. it was a little scary at first. the other boys were staring at me and laughing at me and saying i was gay. my coach was cool, he yelled at them and told me not to worry about it and kept them away from the showers unless they were going in too. some more boys started to shower naked with me after that though and we got used to it. this year i'm on the basketball team and there's 5 of us that shower together naked after every practice and games. we're all best freinds and we all know what we look like so it's no big deal. my p.e. coach is my basketball coach now. he's a great guy, all the boys like him. sometimes others will look at us in the shower and laugh when he's not in there but we smell good and they stink so the girls like us better cause we shower. they think it's gay for the boys to be afraid to shower and it's cool that we're not afraid too! so we're the smart ones! one thing though, the girls said they have stalls and curtains in their shower room. us boys just have one big room and there's like 4 big poles in the room with 5 showers on them so we're all naked in this one room and everyone in the locker room can watch you, there's no walls or curtains or anything, so that's why we were scared at first. the girls didn't beleive us when we tell them that but that's how it is to shower in the boys locker room.

Posted in School swimwear on 2002-02-25 05:55:36

I'm a 6th grade boy at a private school in Texas. We have 1st through 6th grade. There's 5 boys and 13 girls in my class. When we swim the girls wear swimsuits and the boys are naked. One boy wears a speedo because he already has hair. The rest of us are completely naked. That's the way it's been the whole time I've been here since the 1st grade. The girls have a private dressing room at the pool. Us boys just put our clothes on the benches on the side of the pool and we use the outdoor showers after swimming. Our gym coach is a women and she has to supervise us all the time because the boys will get into trouble sometimes.