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Posted in School changing rooms on 2003-02-24 11:51:49

At my primary school boys and girls changed in the classroom. No-one seemed particularly bothered or worried about this. We would alo have to change for swimming in the classrrom, but we were encouraged to cover ourselves up with a towel. At secondary schools boys and girls changed in separate rooms, but there were no individual cubicles. The boys showered together nude and changed in front of their perers. No-one seemed to worry about this. I don't see why they would, after all we all had the same bits and pieces!

========== In Reply To ========== At my Primary school (up to age 11) girls and boys all got changed together, just in the classroom, for PE. We didn't have to take our underwear off at all. In the final year, I clearly remember one of the girls standing near me in just her knickers. Her boobs had started to grow and she had nothing on her top half. That was extremely exciting for me at the time, as you can imagine, and I couldn't help staring! When we went swimming, girls and boys changed in separate changing rooms, but there were no individual changing cubicles, just one room for each sex. Up to puberty we wouldn't mind being seen naked by others of the same sex, but once puberty started, we began covering up with towels, desperately making sure nobody saw anything.

Posted in Shirt vs Skin PE on 2003-02-24 11:45:53

I agree with the majority of pollsters, who clearly feel there is nothing wrong with skin v shirt. It is a quick and efficient way to put boys into teams, during boys games sessions. I used to play skin v shirt at school and never minded. We had to do gymnastics topless anyway, so everyone was quite used to it. Also when we were doing swimming, we'd only be wearing speedos.

Posted in Why is the Vest 'uncool' on 2002-12-24 19:03:07

========== In Reply To ========== I am a 31 year old professional male. I think it's ok for a man to wear a vest. When I was at high school lots of boys wore a vest under their shirts.

Nowadays, I think it is perceived to be uncool to wear a vest underneath your clotghes to keep warm. However, I think sports vests are persceived as quite "cool" and are sometimes warn instead of T shirts in PE or sport.

Posted in barefoot pe outside on 2002-12-24 17:42:00

========== In Reply To ========== did you forget your plimsolls very often jimbo? !

No, I did not forget my plimsolls very often, because it hurt having to run on the gravel! I only forgot my whole PE kit once. On that occasion I had to do PE in just my tight white briefs. It was embarassing, hense I never forgot again!

Posted in Corporeal Punishment in Schools on 2002-12-24 17:07:28

========== In Reply To ========== I was paddled one time through my school years. I was in 9th grade and it was during P.E. Boys and girls were in the gymnasium because it was raining that day. With all the kids in the gym, it was hard to keep track of everyone. So some kids through basket's on one side and on the other side, some were kicking a soccer ball back and forth in a circle of about twelve kids. And in the center there were kids running a relay from one side of the gym to the other, and back again. Well three of us decided not to do anything and decided to hang out under the bleachers for the rest of the period. While under there we saw someone sit on the bleachers. My friend thought it was this kid he knew because of the sneakers and decided to pull on the shoe. We laughed, until we say the head of the owner of that foot look down at us. It was the boys PE coach. He said,"You three stay right there!" All three of our mouths dropped. A few seconds later he came around to the side and called us out. We all walked out with our heads hanging down. We knew we had it! He took us to the boys locker room. I was the only girl. He went into his office while we stood outside it waiting for him. He returned carrying a ping pong paddle. He had all three of us bend over and touch our knees. He hit me first, and I went forward a foot, it was that hard! The two boys managed to hold their ground. Then he walked back to me and went down the row again. And again with me, I went a foot forward. That was it, two swats each. But they hurt like heck!After he was finished he took us back to the gym and had us stand with our noses to the wall for the rest of the period. It was really embarrassing. He stood right behind us the whole time. When I put my one hand to my bottom he said, "Keep your hands to your side." I started to say something and he said,"No talking or it's back to the locker room!" Not a word was said from any of us.

Yes CP makes you improve your behaviour. Why did he hit you more than the boys? Was it because you moved?