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Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-06-02 22:14:28

Can I ask what is the point in spanking, when I was at school the kids that were disruptive and cheeky, werent the ones who were or werent spanked it was the ones who parents were out until god knows what time, and werent loved.

When I read that spankings should be allowed in schools, can I just remind everyone that 95% of parents in the USA spank their children. Please dont try and tell me it is the 5% of children that dont get spanked, that are doing all the shootings in schools or committing all the crime. One word naive.

Now before all u prospankers come back slagging me off, i can totally undestand in the giving a child a odd spank but when i read that u use belts or hairbrushes, all i can think is that this has turned from a serious debate to a room where all u sick perverts (who if u were doing only half of what u say would not only have ur kid taken away but would infact be in serious trouble with the law).

Now please dont come back slagging me off as i am not telling u to or not to spank i am just having my opinion.

thanks and kind regards


P.S. I was never spanked and I have turned out fine.

Posted in Should Prostitution be Legalized? on 2002-06-01 16:01:14

You need answers like "yes" or "no" to "thanks for voting. What type of answer is that?

Posted in Naked sports on 2002-05-26 02:02:43

I am over 50 so when I was in high school and even college(early 60's) we always swam nude both for swimming class and for recreational swimming. Obviously before co ed phy ed. I never mided it- but ther was certainly no choice that was just the way it was. It was that way at the Y also. Ido remember in phy ed class er played water basketball-- and when th ball went beyond the pool and you had to crawl out and retrieve it- it hur as the cement was for some reason very rough right at the edge of the pool- where you had to crawl out. That I did not like! Other than that I never played any sport nude- and never even thought about it. I would lkie to know from someone who was a coach in those days or a YMCA worker etc--- why DID guys alwyas swim naked? Was there supposed to be some benefit from it? There must have been some rational-- but I can not think what it was. It was certainly the rule when I was growing up-any yes, come to recall, lifting your naked body out of a very rough edged cement pool did hurt!

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-05-25 19:48:10

I have three girls 16,14, 11. Each, and everyone of them have misbehaved to the point where something had to be done. So, without hesitation, I took down the knickers of the 16 yr old, and in front of the others, I gave her bare bottom, a real good smacking. I smacked both her bottom,and her thighs, and then I made her stand in the corner for an hour without her knickers on. The other girls were shocked, but it's done the trick. That was three months ago, and they have been good girls since. To any parent with a misbehaving young girl, I say get her knickers down,and smack her, but don't use a belt, the hand is hard enough. Good luck. Jim

========== In Reply To ========== to the mom:
i dont know how your daughter wouldve reacted had you spanked her right away.
but as i rememeber, there was hardly ever any second-guessing on my mom's part when she disciplined me. if i did something which she felt deserved for me to be grounded, i was grounded. if i did something which she felt warranted a spanking, i was spanked.
maybe had you spanked your daughter at some point during the past few years when she acted up (between about the age of 9-12), this problem wouldnt have come up. i can imagine how she is now that she is 13. thats a turbulent year, i know.
(for the record, i'll be 16 next month, and my mom--as well as my grandma--took care of the discipline stuff in my life years back. although i go to a school where the paddle is used, i have never felt it against me.)
i feel for you. i hope that something happens that will bridge the gap between you and your daughter. peace, sarah c.

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-05-18 10:36:05

Thanks Mona. Yes David hasn't been spanked for more than a year now, or is it two, I can't remember. Sally on the other hand has been across my knee much more recently and I know her bottom well! I always smack her until she's crying (which takes very few smacks) because I worry that she might start associating being smacked with sexual feelings. She is developing frighteningly early hence the reason I asked the question about up to what age should she continue to get a smacking. She still behaves like a child most of the time and seems to respond to being smacked more than trying to reason with her verbally.

========== In Reply To ========== Jim, I wouldn't change a thing. Your kids know who you are; they know your parenting habits; they've got a pretty good idea of where you draw the line between typical juvenile shenanigans and behaviour worthy of a spanking. And they definitely know what a "spanking" is! Your 15-year-old son is outgrowing the need to be spanked, but your daughter doesn't figure to be at that stage just yet. If you were to tell her this minute that she was going to be spanked, she wouldn't have the slightest doubt about what was going to happen to her, right? Well, keep it that way. Let the responsibility for making a change be hers, not yours. She's not a little baby anymore.

Bottom line: a spanking is a spanking. Don't feel that you have to start monkeying around with something that has served you well over the years. Promote your daughter's growth and development by providing her with parenting that she can count on for its unwavering adherence to a moral code.