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Thanks for the kind words unfortunately my husband decided it wasn’t fair to him and left me for someone else. I’ve officially been married to the Dr now for about a month. I haven’t worn any clothes at all since dr ordered it. I’ve moved all my things into his home. All my clothes went straight to the trash since “there’s no reason for you to ever wear clothes”

Yesterday dr had me $%!@ed in the butt and vagina while giving a blowjob at the same time in front of my husband. Husband was not happy and is seeking out a new girlfriend.

Dr got pulled over today and got out of a ticket by giving me to the police officer for 6 hours. I got $%!@ed a few times, even in the back of his car.

I’ve been required by dr to give a blowjob to ten men a day lately. And I must swallow it all. I never liked the taste but I have to do it. Dr Fuchs me in the butt while I do it.

I’ve been relaxing outside on drs orders, naked of course. I don’t even own clothes anymore. Dr had them all thrown out. Even jewelry is a no no. My wedding ring was sold st the pawn shop. I won’t be allowed to wear anything again. Dr says I need too get used to these living arrangements. It’ll likely be permanent he says. He’s suggested to my husband to find another girl to be with. Dr says it’ll be better for the child to know the truth so I need to consider marrying the dr.