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Posted in Nappies at night (kids/teens) on 2016-12-09 15:10:15

Okay, so for Thanksgiving, i travelled to my aunt and unckes house with my family. We were un the car about 4 or 5 hours. I wore my diaper, like im supposed to but i had like some gas, like farting. Eeew i know its gross but this happens a lot in the car. When i do fart, the air, gas, whatever goes up my front, like i can feel it going into my crotch, into my privates. Does this happen to any other girls still wearing diapers?? Does it bother you when it happens?? Im a little upset by it but not a lot i can do about it. I know its gas that is trapoed in my diaper but it just feels so weird plus idk, i don't like the thought of the gas going into my privates. Im sitting in the car but anyone else do anything to stop this from happening?? Also if you fart, does the smell ever get out and someone ask you if you pooped?? I get that question sometimes and it's ugh...so annoying and really embarrassing. Idk what happened to me on the drive, maybe something i ate or whatever but i had oretty bad gas that day. I tried holding it but couldn't too much. I wear Attends Waistband Briefs now but they are still diapers to me. Im just windering if anyone has this problem and what to do to stop it Thanksss Kiara

Posted in Wearing diapers on car rides on 2016-12-09 14:55:17


Posted in Wearing diapers on car rides on 2016-01-15 12:17:50

Hey :) I answered it too. I'm a girl too and I'm 14. My name is Kiara and I wear diapers everyday since I have bladder incontinence a lot. I don't like it but have to since I have a really hard time controlling my bladder. I made pools too since like forever so if anyone wants to go do them you can. My email is specialkra2011@yahoo.com if any of you want to write me and talk, we can talk about anything too. Kiara

Posted in Nappies at night (kids/teens) on 2015-12-27 12:48:15

Hi Mike and Amanda. Did Laura get to stay with you two? Is she there now? That is awesome you get to spend some time with her. I got to spend some time with Jordan at my house on Christmas eve for a little while, his sister drove him over to say hi to me and that was nice of him. It was nice of her too to drive him over.

That is so awesome that Amanda is having some dry nights!!! Good for her!! Yah!!! You taking her to the bathroom probably is helping that a lot. She must feel really good in the morning waking up and her diaper is still dry. I hope she is proud of that. That's good too that she's trying not to go in her diaper. I try not to too but with mine taped on a lot, it's really hard not to. I hate getting mine taped on me, I go in them more than i can go in the bathroom. It sucks!!!!

I hope you have a good weekend, say hello to Amanda for me. Hugs and kisses!!
Kiara :)

Posted in Nappies at night (kids/teens) on 2015-12-27 12:24:46

Hi Mike and Amanda. If you read this email me. it's specialkra2011@yahoo.com
Hugs and kisses Kiara :)