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You can at least take comfort in the fact that all suffering comes to an eventual end. The time the animal spent suffering during sacrifice is rewarded with absence of pain as it dies, perhaps even pleasure in the afterlife, if it exists.

Posted in What is more believeable? on 2014-11-22 02:46:46

The god question being on this poll is pretty strange. Your options don't cover even some basic beliefs people have about him, like maybe instead of him there are them, or maybe god isn't quite anything except a creator.

A clear yes/no, or an option to elaborate on your answers would fix it. Just a suggestion. :) The dinosaur thing was pretty interesting, I hadn't known people believed they continued to exist.

That could also go for other poll options, it's difficult to get everyone's beleifs represented with a simple poll.

(Because of how people react to anyone talking about god on the internet, this thread isn't meant to be a discussion about whethetr he/it exists. Keep your beliefs to yourself. I'm not interested, and neither is anyone else, even if they agree with ya.)

Posted in Best Pokemon game ever... on 2014-11-22 02:40:05

You young, kid?

X and Y aren't even contenders for the top 5. I haven't played the R/S remakes yet, but I'm positive they're better, so I voted for Sapphire.

Anyway, I ask if you're young because you only included recent games. It's either that or you're new to the series, because if you wanted to find the best game ever you'd have to dip into the first three generations to even be able to consider it.

I liked Emerald the best, maybe just 'cause it was my first that I actually finished, but I think I had the most fun with it, and it basically created everything good in the series that wasn't there from the start. Most people I talk to like Gold, Silver, or Crystal best.

Everything except Yellow (Pikaforcing sucked) that came before Black and White is probably better than any of the poll options.

Sorry if this comes off as rude or snobby. I just think those games deserve more respect than to be ignored. :)

Posted in Team Coke vs Team Pepsi on 2014-11-22 01:42:40

Hasn't Vault been discontinued? I know they stopped serving it in my area since about 2009.

Anyway neat poll. :) Team coke only wins my vote on Sprite and Root Beer because they don't overdo it like the Pepsi brands do on those drinks, only admission from Pepsi's superior beverages.