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User: the one shoed kid


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Posted in kids wearing one shoe on 2015-01-15 10:32:36

if it's raining bad I just take my sock off and go barefoot to I get which drive I understand the feeling of just one shoe and I think it looks better with just a sock on my right foot but we live out the country so I wear sneaker as well as cowboy boot. And sometimes my site gets really wet and muddy and dirty if it does I just have a dirty sock. But it's what feels most natural to me it feels 100% normal to look down and just see once you and the sock and it feels 100% normal to walk around that way.

Posted in Guys who prefer to wear one shoe only on 2015-01-15 10:25:37

if you want to wear just your left shoe then when you get up in the morning just put the left shoe on there's nothing wrong with being different I can't imagine wearing anything on my right foot but a sock in less it's cold and I where two socks.if I get enough responses to my poll and do my report I won't have to worry about it anymore my friends don't even notice our pay attention to the fact I only wear one shoe is just to I am

Posted in Lost or stolen shoe on 2015-01-10 06:41:34

a place for stories about lost or stolen shoe

Posted in should I let my son wear one shoe on 2015-01-09 10:09:20

please take my poll http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/599455

Posted in kids wearing one shoe on 2015-01-09 10:06:11

please leave stories and reasons , and examples of what you did with the shoe you don't wear.please be honest