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I'm teenage boy (13 y.o). And I'd rather have wrestling with adult women (30-40). I'm sure that I would dominate each of them and they would have no chance. Once I beat adult woman in arm wrestling. See this http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/596047 (and messages)

Posted in woman vs boy armwrestling on 2014-09-13 13:31:05

When I was 12 (I'm 13 now), I have arm wrestled with mother's friend. She was a 37-year old woman. She wasn't sportswoman. I don't know how much weight she had, but she had an average body, and she was taller than me. One day, my parents went to stay with relatives for a week and my mother asked her friend to live with me during their absence. She has kindly agreed. Once, we sitting in bedroom and watched TV. On the TV, showed a commercial where a woman had an armwrestling match with another woman. When one of the women had won, I said: - "I would beat her!" She said dubiously: "She looks strong. You would need any of effort to beat her." Then we began to argue who is the strongest of us. Then I challenged her to arm wrestling. We lay on the floor, face to face, clasped our right hands and started the match. After 10 seconds, she was tired and I slowly put down her hand on the floor. She was very embarrassed that I so easily defeated her. Then I challenged her to arm wrestling on left hand. She agreed. We kept about 20 seconds, then she submitted, dropping to the floor her hand. She was surprised and embarrassed. I felt a full victory, flexed my biceps and showed her. Then I said: - "I told you that I'm stronger than you!" She said that I the strongest boy she had ever seen. When on TV again showed that commercial, I asked her: - "What do you think now, would I win her?" She replied: - "You would win any woman" P.S. Sorry for my bad English. But it's not my native language.