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Posted in Modesty for female athletes on 2021-04-13 07:08:37

Looks like a perfectly valid sport to me.

Posted in Fathers Helping Daughters in Changing Rooms on 2020-08-10 08:28:40

Replies from Q8. Why did you help your daughter?

Why not?

To comfort her and put her at ease.

difficult costume to get into

To get her ready faster and to talk to her before it started

She asked me to help her, because other girls were being helped my their mothers or fathers and she didn't want to be in the changing room on her own

She wanted me to

she worries that she will put it on wrong if she does it herself so she likes having me help her don't trust her to do it well herself

She has troubles changing and it is so hard to put on her swimsuit by her self.

because I like to

They asked me

Because she needed help

I always help her

i like to see her naked

i like to showing her naked and love to fondle her bobbies

She wanted to, they both wanted

They asked

Single parent (wife died when the youngest was one and the oldest five)

She asked

they wanted me to help them

She asked and needed help

She needed help

mother didn't want to come

I am the daughter. I often need help putting on costumes that are kind of tight or that have a lot of laces or buttons. Some of those are hard to reach.

They want me to help

She enjoys the company

Needed help in and out of tricky sometimes tight outfits and often quick changes needed.

It gets her ready much more quickly.

To see her

Most of the time a quick change was required and I just didn't have time to get everything off and all the new stuff on, so normally I would take stuff off and my dad would have everything set up and he'd hold it open for me to get into in the most efficient way possible. (For dance and theater, for other sports I'd usually change in the car on the way from school to practice so he'd have my clothes ready when he picked me up and he'd hand them to me while he was driving and I was changing.)

Posted in Modesty for female athletes on 2020-07-31 08:44:26

Replies to Q22. When training my/their coach. Select all that applies. If your coaching staff has both males and females select all that apply for both sexes. Other. Females.

full sex

$%!@es with dildo if well done, sometimes $%!@

Do fist bumps count?



Licks $%!@, fingers, and fists me, uses strap on on me

Spanks for poor performance

offers me/them to eat out Her $%!@

enjoys kissing the body in lots of places

Hugs when they do well or win.

is always tactful

touches feet, kisses affectionately on the mouth and cheeks.

She spanks us on our V if do not do something right kisses us if we do


is ready to use one or two fingers in naughty places as encouragement.

Touches to massage sore or achy body parts.

If I am not shaved well she will shave me

Replies to Q22. When training my/their coach. Select all that applies. If your coaching staff has both males and females select all that apply for both sexes. Other. Males.

full bareback intercourse

Sometimes he touches me in the locker room while I am nude

lets her ride his $%!@ if she does well, gives her dildo

Do fist bumps count?

Has sex with them

Has sex

$%!@es younger athletes, $%!@s older athletes 11+ yo

$%!@s me

offers me/them to such his $%!@

touches feet, kisses affectionately on mouth and cheeks. licks sometimes.

We are all way nude he spanks and kisses us like the lady coach


Posted in Modesty for female athletes on 2020-07-31 08:25:58

Replies to Q3. Sport/s that you/they compete in? Other.

martial arts

Martial arts


field hockey

Water polo


High jump


Women's basketball

Long jump, high jump, hurdles



Hand Ball



Posted in Modesty for female athletes on 2020-07-31 08:19:57

Q23. If you have anything else that you wish to share about female athletes and modesty please do so here or in the forum.

My only experience is with my daughter and the girls she trains with. They are only 11 ir 12 so are not even young women and shouldn't be worried about their modesty

After we were referred to him, we had a meeting with coach, at his place with myself and daughters. The girls were wearing shoes, socks, pants, underwear and blouses. He was asking certain questions of me and them to feel and check our attitude and about how badly the girls wanted to train and be the best and how open they and I was. He said his training methods are extremely 'unorthodox' but they get results. He liked all our answers and attitude, he showed the girls a portfolio, told them not to show me and said that's how they train. They turned red looking at it. I found out later it was hi-res pictures of girls and boys of all ages practicing and training in the nude. They gave him the portfolio back, he asked if they were ready for the 2nd part of the interview for me and for them to show him what they got and know. He told them can get ready where they're at. They're obviously used to leotards and because of that, they also wear one piece bathing suits, they get embarrassed in 2 piece and I haven't seen them naked in 10 years.. But they stood up and stripped to their panties and bra's, looked at the coach, then took them off and was naked. I was somewhat shocked, coach said perfect, walked up to them, had them turn around. He put his hands on their shoulders, slid his hands down and back up their arms. Felt their back and had them flex, they kept getting redder and redder, especially when he put his hands on their $%!@, told them to bend over, forehead against ankles. He felt their back again, then I noticed he was rubbing up and down between their $%!@ cheeks. Told them to handstand and do splits. He felt their legs from feet to $%!@, stuck his finger in one twins $%!@ and she lost her concentration and fell. He told her she'll need serious work on concentration. He did the same to other, rubbed her $%!@, stuck his finger in her, she didn't move, so he finger $%!@ed her. He told her to do left split, then right, then both..He went back to finger $%!@ing her with 2 fingers, other hand went down, pinching and playing with her nipples. Had her stand up, she was breathing heavy, face was flushed, but not from handstand, he told her she did excellent job, asked her if she wanted to $%!@. She said yes, he put his hand back down, she stepped forward and leaned into him grabbing his arm and he gave her a $%!@. He licked his fingers and told them they'll have to shave.. then said lets hit the floor. He opened a door to hallway, went down a corridor, then into gym.. He pointed out where everything was, told them chalk up as normal and not worry about the uneven bars, since no gloves. He told them to hit hard like a competition. There was 6 other girls and 1 guy practicing.. They did some routines and exercises and liked what he saw.. the twin that fell, during inspection.. he asked if she wanted to try the handstand again and put couple chairs together.. She was a little tired and sweaty but got in position and did a handstand on the chairs. He told her to do the splits, he slid his hands from her feet to $%!@, he was behind her, kept his hand on her $%!@, his thumb rubbed and pushed into her $%!@ for a bit. The chair was at the right height, her $%!@ within his face, he started eating her out, reaching down and played with her $%!@ for awhile, stopping before she came.. Helped her up, told her good job on holding form and asked if she wanted to $%!@.. She said yes, he took his shirt off, dropped his shorts, his $%!@ popped up and he sat down. He didn't say or do anything but sit there. She got up and straddled his lap, arms and legs wrapped around him and she popped her cherry on his $%!@ and $%!@ed him..I'd be lying if that didn't get me hard and I found it hot.. My other daughter was sitting next to me watching and $%!@ing. The twin $%!@ing, got seriously loud when she came, he came in her and let her rest on him.. He waved me and the twin over, he said my girls show they have true dedication and willing to do whatever it takes. He stood up holding the twin told the other one to follow him to the showers, told me I could wait in the office and give the contract on his desk a look over and signature.. They were gone 30 minutes, saw that I signed it and had the 1st check written.. I'm paying him $1,200 a month to $%!@ my daughters and train them in gymnastics. Which is twice the price for a good gym. Said he wanted them there 6 days a week after school and if it's more convenient for them on Friday, he as room with 6 cots if they want to spend the night and get an early start on Saturday.. They'll get a keycard that unlocks the door, as well as myself. John #####@protonmail.com

Practicing and working out naked, builds your confidence, no clothes to tangle with,, you can see the muscle group your working.. and it feels really good when the dad's love staring at you. My dad isn't a special member, he doesn't even know I train naked. I do swimming, volleyball and ballet, keeps me in shape for all the sports, that and exercising.. Staci #####@protonmail.com

There is little modesty in our family.

My daughter needs no modesty and it is good that she can practice nude.

I'm 14 and have 4 older brothers, We share the same bathroom, so being naked around guys was no big deal. They've watched and we've talked while pee and pooped.. Felt their hardons when sharing a shower.. But being naked around 30 naked guys, was seriously exciting and intense. After joining the team, the school wouldn't let me be with the team in the locker room.. After the coach watched me do a dare, of playing naked.. He convinced the principal to let him assign me a locker in the guys locker room #####@protonmail.com

Most athletes don't have a problem with modesty if their level is professional. There have been times such as during a massage when I have become sexually stimulated but that is pretty normal. We don't usually have problems with inappropriate touching since we are so familiar with everyone around us.

modesty is for those who aren't serious about their training. also sexual gratification and punishment are good incentives to make sure form is perfect and nobody slacks. being naked is also important cause it allows to coaches to see their form perfectly at ll times and better observe their development.

We are modest outdoors because it is not okay to go around naked. In the locker and shower area nudity is just part of preparation and good hygiene. I trust my teammates and my coaches. They're awesome.