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Posted in Boys Short shorts public school (recently) on 2014-07-22 13:29:51

Hi It'sIt

I personally agree that the shorts worn back then were aesthetically more pleasing than the baggy shorts that became more fashionable in more recent years. Did you get a chance to wear shorts to school at 15 or 16. I would have loved the idea myself, although from many messages posted here one would have to put up with teasing I guess.

On the bright side, I believe fashion designers are now being inspired by the classic schoolboy look, and I've noticed that shorts as a men's fashion item are getting more common and shorter these days! This may encourage a gradual return of short trousers at school for older teens.

Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2014-07-19 11:45:12

In response to the above, while I believe that the use of corporal punishment and enforcing of short trousers could work by inducing fear and humiliation, I feel that its widespread use could lead to repressed resentment especially in an older teenager. I am not sure if shaming a kid in public would also do good for his self-confidence.

It might also lead to the short-trouser uniform being seen with resentment when in fact, it should be promoted as the default uniform for teenage boys which is what is being advocated here. It would of course be easier for a boy to accept this if that was how he was always attired.

As for an older teenage boy as in Canaletto's case, I suppose he would need adjustment time to get used to wearing short trousers regularly after having been in longs. However if he has got used to it by now then hopefully he would not resent it but come to prefer wearing shorts instead and will continue to choose them in future even when he has the choice as an adult schoolboy. I myself now prefer short trousers and choose to wear them regularly after having been in longs at school.

Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2014-06-12 18:40:02

Hi Robbie

Thank you for sharing those accounts of yours and painting the context of what it must have meant to wear shorts back then. Certainly more rigid back then! It must have been a real contrast as you so aptly say, "Horror and excitement", when you had to wear them out on your bike.

Still, I guess even at a very young age, you were wise enough to appreciate the advantages of wearing shorts even though you had moved on to longs, hence your wearing of shorts in secret?

Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2014-06-12 18:23:04

Hi Andrew

While I agree that the use of corporal punishment and the loss of freedom of choice in apparel could work by inducing fear and humiliation, I would not advocate its widespread use as it could lead to undue timidity or repressed resentment in a growing child, much worse, a teenager. I am not sure if shaming a kid in front of his peers would do good for his self-confidence.

Regarding your mention of the privileges of adulthood, if this includes being allowed longs, then it would create a mentality in a child that short trousers are only for juveniles and he would view them as such for a long time, probably even into adulthood. This would be a pity though, as he would not appreciate the practical benefits of wearing shorts. Did the boy whose family moved to New Zealand develop a liking for wearing short trousers after he realised their benefits?

Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2014-06-12 17:56:19

I agree with Christopher's point that if older schoolboys had the option to wear long or short trousers like in South Africa where short trousers for schoolboys of all ages is quite common, then it would not be likely that schoolboys like Dominic would feel that it was not right that he 'still' has to wear them at 13. As many have said here and from my own experience, its about context and fitting in with your peers.

Notwithstanding this, I believe that once in longs you would be better able to appreciate the benefits of your junior uniform, previously unnoticed or taken for granted. Having the choice now, I opt for short trousers whenever I can.