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Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2018-05-05 21:23:41

I always ate meat but recently I have watched Earthlings recently and it really changed me. I became a Vegan and I also want to get into a more natural lifestyle to get more in touch with nature. I have thrown away all my clothes made from animals and I have thrown away all my shoes and socks except for a pair of flip flops because I want to feel nature when I walk around. This is very hard for me as I never went barefoot before but I feel like I have to do it.

Posted in Kids Hate Socks on 2017-04-17 09:05:42

I am just like your kids. Probably even more extreme haha. I used to hate going barefoot and always wore socks everywhere and only took them off when I had to shower. Now I always take my socks off in a place I can take my shoes off in. No exceptions. If I can take my shoes off then there is no excuse for wearing socks. Even if it is the middle of winter (and I live in Canada) the socks still come off. This is because I made a self-imposed rule after being so shy to show off my feet that I would try to go barefoot as much as possible. I also did this because it is healthier to go barefoot than to wear shoes and socks.

At school, as soon as I get to my locker I take off my shoes ( and socks if I am wearing any) and put on flats or flip-flops. When I come home, or visit a friend or relative's house, the shoes and socks always come off at the door, even if it is freezing cold.

I don't live on my own yet, but when I eventually move out I plan on having a shoes and socks off rule for my house. All homes pretty much already have a shoes off rule so I don't see why guests can't take their socks off too. If you can take your shoes off you can take your socks off. I have tried to get my parents to make this rule too but they sadly said no. If I ever have kids I will also not allow them to wear shoes and socks in the house and also in other people's houses and generally try to get them to be barefoot as much as possible.

Sorry for the ramblings but I just wanted to answer some of the questions from the poll here.

Posted in Foot Shyness on 2017-02-27 08:00:00

Seriously stop worrying so much and just go barefoot! I used to hate going barefoot now I hate wearing shoes and socks. If you are worried about what others will say just take it slowly. When I started about a year ago I remember I was staying the night at a friend's house. I had just taken a shower and was feeling pretty tired and went to bed. I couldn't find my socks so I just said screw it and went to bed barefoot. In the morning my friends asked how come I wasn't wearing socks and I just said I was too tired to look for them. Over the summer I barely wore socks, I wore sandals and toms barefoot and if anyone asked I just said it was too hot for socks. My friends would ask me if I like going barefoot from time to time since they always liked it and I always hated it and I would always say "no". When it got colder I just wore converse barefoot saying it was still too hot for socks. The moment I realized I actually did like going barefoot was when I went to a friend's house and it was in the middle of winter. We all come in, take off our hats, jackets, boots, whatever. I do all that but I also take my socks off. I didn't even realize doing it, I was talking to my friend while doing it and without thinking I was just peeling the socks off with my feet. So really just do it you will be so happy.

Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2016-08-15 16:30:19

Mine isn't as extreme as some of the other stories on here but I thought I'd share it anyway. So I have always hated being barefoot and I would wear socks all the time. I'd sleep with socks and everything. Last year however I had to spend some time with my friend and her parents because my parents would be going away for a month. Their parents had a rule though: no shoes and socks in the summer. When I got to their house I took my shoes off as usual but my friend's mother told me to take my socks off too. At first I said I'm not comfortable without socks but then she said I would not be allowed to stay in her house unless I take them off. So I did, and she told me to put my bag of shoes and socks in the attic. I really hated being barefoot. I remember for the first few nights I just couldn't stand sleeping barefoot and when everyone had gone to bed I would sneak into the attic and grab a pair of socks, and I had set my alarm earlier than everyone else so that I could take them off before being found out. After a few days though, my friend's father found out and he took me outside and said "If you do that one more time we are not letting you come in" even though he knew I would have nowhere to go. That really scared me. For the next month I wore no shoes or socks, I wore flip flops if I went to a store or something with them but that was it, and I wasn't allowed to wear them while in their car either. Eventually my parents came and picked me up and I was allowed to wear socks again, but a weird thing happened: I didn't want to wear them anymore. I really hate socks now, which is kind of funny cause I used to wear them 24/7 but now I cannot fall asleep unless I am without socks, I always take them off when I come inside, even in winter, and I have done this at all my friend's houses as well. I have also done it at school; taking my shoes and socks off and putting them in my locker and wearing flip flops.

Posted in Do you hate socks? on 2016-07-08 05:17:52

I really hate socks. I don't even wear any unless it's extremely cold, like -40 Celsius, and if it's any warmer then im not wearing socks. Last week I went on a field trip with my friend and her parents and I packed some clothes and shoes like you would expect on a field trip that goes on for a few days, but I didn't pack any socks. When my friend arrived to pick me up I took my shoes off the second I got in her car. I was on the field trip for one week, I did wear shoes if I had to go somewhere where there was gravel, but if there was asphalt or grass I stayed barefoot. It was pretty funny because every night my feet were absolutely freezing (I live in Canada) and my friend and her parents insisted that I borrow some of my friend's socks but I declined. My feet did hurt but I would rather endure than wear socks.