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Posted in Busted Balls for Real on 2014-06-26 19:13:18

I've gotten my balls busted 3 different times. When I was in Jr. High the boys used to play box and try to hit each other in the chest as hard as possible. Hitting in the face wasn't allowed unless the fight turned real. I was play boxing this guy in the gym stairway and I was getting in the best shots. The he hit me between my legs and I thought it was just an accident. It hurt a little so I kept on fighting, then it happened again and I still thought it was an accident because he was swinging kind of wild. It wasn't hurting too much because he was mostly hitting my $%!@. He was doing it on purpose and when he saw it wasn't hurting me much he stopped jabbing and threw a real hard uppercut that came up under my $%!@ right where my nuts was hanging and his fist slammed right up into my sac. He hit both balls dead on and to keep my balance, I actually opened my legs a bit more he saw me stagger and he slammed 2 or 3 more uppercuts right into my balls. My legs got weak and I slid down the wall on the stairs holding my balls. My stomach was hurting some but most of the pain stayed right in my sac. When I got home both of my balls was hurting bad and the head of my $%!@ was swollen.

Another time I was sitting on the floor in the back of a panel truck with a couple of friends on the way home and one of my friends was sitting on the floor facing me. We started having a leg and foot fight on the floor and suddenly he lifted his leg up high and slammed the heel of his foot down right between my legs. My ball sac is nice and long and it was hot in the back of the truck so my balls were inside my shorts laying against the floor and the heel of his foot came right down on top of my left nut and smashed it against the floor. It felt like he busted it open so when I got out of truck I went in the house, stood in front of the mirror and dropped my shorts. I didn't see any blood I was scared to touch it because of the pain, it was hanging lower than usual because it had swollen but it didn't rupture.

The third time wasn't too bad. I was playing tennis doubles and I was up close to the net and one of the other guys ran up to return a serve and drilled the tennis ball hard right straight into my dangling nuts. Again, it was hot and my sac was hanging long and thin so both of my balls took full impact. That did put some excruciating pain in my balls.