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Posted in Masturbation Poll [BOYS ONLY] on 2015-02-28 20:03:35

My mom went into work today so i am butt naked all over the house. I usually wait go naked when she is in other rooms, but my cousin is here with me for babysitting this weekend and a friend my come by later is his mom lets him ride his bike and i will still be naked. I am about wank before he gets here but if not i will jack off after he gets here.

Posted in Male Masturbation on 2014-11-25 16:41:58

The only placed i wanked in public was the dressing room in the mall.

Posted in Amount of Clothing on 2014-11-21 15:48:57

I am no longer embarrassed by being seen nude. I let folks see me nude all the time.

Posted in See others naked or be seen naked on 2014-11-15 18:32:04

In january i started going through puberty. So one night i was going to sleep in my underwear however i started looking at my body so i took off all my clothes and i walked around the house completly naked until bedtime while my mom was in bed so that was the first time i had slept naked. The next morning i woke up and forgot i was naked and went to the bathroom. When i came out there was mom and aunt there and they saw me butt naked and they fussed. The next day i figured since parents saw me nude that i should explore my body so i called my guy friends over and i opened up the door naked and they asked where are my clothes and i said i was going nude for the day. They stayed for an hour until they got tired of seeing me walk around naked. This summer mom had a bbq and i was showering and uncle came and used the bathroom while i was in their so i figured i would just walk out of there naked and i came out of the bathroom in front of at least 20 people naked walking through the house from kitchen to den to bedroom.

Posted in Masturbation Poll [BOYS ONLY] on 2014-11-02 21:10:27

I always get naked around around cousins and friends. I love to $%!@e and $%!@ in front of them. I do it on purpose.