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Posted in Boys wearing girl clothes on 2017-09-03 10:40:48

Girls and boys clothing in the main are interchangeable. Girls wear the full range of clothing without comment. But if a boy dares to wear items of girls clothing he is thought weak or sissy. This is illogical nonsense.

There are obvious items of clothing for which there is no physical reason for girls to wear or boys to wear. In the main there is no reason for a boy to wear a bra or a girl to wear a jock strap or boys y fronts for example.

Posted in KNEESOCKS ON BOYS on 2017-07-24 08:01:15

By the time I reached my mid teens the only time I was not wearing skirts and dresses was to school. Even there it was very brief shorts all the time. Though I believe my mother made enquiries.

My mother also thought that bare legs are correct for boys so I wore white pelerine socks with my skirts etc. In the summer for a change I wore frilled ankle socks to allow more complete exposure of my legs to the elements.

Posted in Boys in shirts and ties on 2017-06-11 16:25:44

By the time I was in my mid teens, my attire was entirely skirts and dresses at home. Ranging from standard school uniform neat plaid skirts, school gingham dresses, pinafores and gymslips to robust brief denim skirts.

I also wore a variety of neat sleeveless cotton dresses as well.

Posted in Sons New Dress Code on 2017-05-15 21:38:54

The thing is I guess is that both my mother and aunt liked me to wear a very wide range of school uniform. It was felt that neat school uniform suited my figure. I wore neat plaid and plain short school skirts, gym slips, pinafores and naturally gingham dresses. They were always worn with ruffled panties, pelerine socks or frilled ankle socks and neat Mary Jane sandals. Certainly at home I was seen quite frequently in a navy or grey pinafore. I often went out with my mother in my pinafore, blouse, tie, white pelerine socks and as I recall a pair of blue Mary Jane sandals. I also recall being put in a navy gym slip in the winter. Very neat and practical for a boy. In the summer I went into gingham dresses or neat pleated school skirts. My aunt liked me in my gingham dresses, my mother liked to have me in short plaid mini skirts. An outfit that goes really well with white pelerine socks and good leather Mary Jane sandals.

This was my home dress code. I did wear casual denim skirts and denim pinafores as well. My mother particularly liked to see me in little denim mini skirts. This was to allow maximum fresh air to my bare legs. By the time I was 16 I did not wear trousers at all, apart from school.

Posted in Panty Punishment on 2017-04-23 17:49:36

The one thing that my mother insisted upon was my panties, they had to be as ruffled as possible. I had a huge number of panties, they were all frilly. I recall mummy putting me in a very short denim mini skirt to keep my attractive panties on display. She then took me to the shops and went into a clothing shop and buying me half a dozen panties at a time. I used to try them on in the shop. Then walk home in a pair.