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Posted in what do you do when your sick? on 2015-05-02 04:55:21

When I am feeling unwell my girlfriend diapers me and treats me like a baby.

This is partially because I have severe IBS, and Diabetes partially because it is convenient. I got in to this practice because my mother used to keep me in diapers for wetting and as I grew older and the IBS started to flare up diapers seemed like an easy way to manage.

There is also a psychological aspect to being treated like a baby when your not well that brings with it a sense of comfort and security. You feel safe !

Posted in Wet your pants while getting punished? on 2015-05-01 21:43:58

I was abused as a child by the so called father, any time I saw him, I would get so scared that my bowls and bladder would just release and I would me sitting / standing there in terror with poopy underwear and soaking wet pants, often with a puddle of pee below me. My mother worked till late and never new about what was going on. That bas*ed is dead now thank god. Coming from a geeky / nerdy atheist that says something !

Kind of makes you wonder how an intelligent guy like me can go to seeking comfort from acting like a baby and wearing diapers.

Very often in the Adult Baby community it is the sane story. Some kind of childhood trauma that triggers it, and no it is not sexual or related to paedophiles in any way.

Paedophiles prey on Adult Babies as much as they do children, that is why the infantilism community is against them.

Posted in Wetting or messing your pants in public on 2014-08-18 06:46:59

So I am Autistic Epileptic, Learning Disabled, and when I was younger I was being abused by the so called father, and being kicked in the back as a 4 year old does now help with bladder controal. so I was in diapers 24/7 growing up, and started soiling myself age 5 agter being thrown down the stairs I guess I kind of regressed at that point because I never really remember being potty trained, mum always said I was potty trained by the time I was 1, and she always says I was normal till I was 5 years old, so I guess she is refering to my regreshion, as shortly after I came out of hospital, I regressed back to the toddler stage, and I just stayed there for 6 years, these days im more of an incontinent Adult baby, I guess, Incontinent and wishing to be the 1 year old that I once was.

Posted in Nightmare of your worst death on 2014-04-09 14:33:30

Well I would want to go out of the world the way I came in to this world.


So I pretty much can only think of one way of dying that could possibly be worse than any other way and that's choking on your own vomit, weather your diapered or not, because im phobic about vomit. As for any other way I really don't mind as long as I die wearing a ABU, Cushies Super Dry Kids Diper, under my footed sleeper, and have a chance to have my last meal, (My Standard Curry from Indigo Takeaway, 1x Lamb Tika Pasanda 1x Sag Panea 1x Pasharea Nan 1x can coke order from justeat.co.uk) so I can use my diaper fully as I die and provide the maximum amount for to reasonsof nutrients to be re-absorbed back in to the ground.

Posted in How do you like your guys? on 2014-04-09 12:07:35

I like my boys to look as immature as possible, cute face, short and baby face with chubby cheeks, still in diapers is a definite plus. If your an Adult Baby Your hired, age requirement, 24-30- must be cute and handsome,

Yea if I was a girl, I a am seriously thinking about Starting G HRT now that I got my own flat, last night I gave myself a Brazilian in the tub and then waxed my entire body after that, Im still glowing