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Bondage in BiBs


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Posted in Pantsing on 2022-05-28 06:37:17

Wearing overalls should help against pantsing, and also hide the diaper better than jeans.

Posted in Choose my pjs on 2021-06-19 15:11:21

Yeah, I know that I don't have to help you with anything, but I just like doing it, and with autism I have some experience. But like you say, you have a therapist for that, who should be better at that than I. Unluckily often the only way to decrease fears is to expose yourself to them.

I get the impression your parents are in no rush for you to leave home, the way they don't cooperate much in getting you more self-reliant. ;-) Does the way they show their affection for you change in any way when you are in little mode? Like more hugging or taking you on their lap? From what you described I'd guess they won't do baby talk.

For me diapers are more collateral than a real interest in itself, but they help being locked in clothes for longer, and since a number of AB things interest me, I wanted to experiment with them a bit. Of course that really helped with writing the story. I think it is less than once a month that I use one, but over the few years I occasionally use them I have tried a number of different ones, and have little problem letting go, apart from when lying down. But since I get leaks easily that way (male anatomy directs the flow in the wrong direction) that is not a problem.

I am surprised that you still sometimes have trouble keeping your diapers on. I thought you fully accepted them, but during the daytime not so much? Don't know if you still have some of those back-zip jumpsuits you bought some years ago (from Asos I think) - those might be an alternative to PJ's in the day then? But no wonder then that your therapist recommends keeping the back-zipped ones. What I don't understand is what you write about the advantages of back-zipped ones, with the leg zipper or snaps: wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the back zipper, since that would allow you to take off your diaper anyway?

Probably the reason that we mostly talk about you, is that before you were the one who needed someone listening and giving some advice. For me that worked well, since what was happening to you was in the field of my interest. On the other hand I had little reason to tell you anything about e.g. bondage, especially not while you were still underage. But if you like the story, we can definitely talk about that, and any feedback is welcome. It does start rather sad, but that is only to set the context, and it will soon get a lot more positive. About the teeth brushing: I believe I was supposed to brush 3x a day when I was young (but that's a long time ago!), but yes, the idea is that the mother is rather strict.

Would you be interested in shifting the conversation from MisterPoll to email? Since MisterPoll is not really used much anymore, and serious bugs haven't been fixed for years, I always wonder how much longer it will be available, and when it goes suddenly all we wrote is gone, and we have no way to contact each other anymore. Apart from that we don't have to visit MrPoll to check if there are new messages, and won't get bothered by the weirdo's who feel the need to 'contribute' to the conversation. (Well done for removing some of the recent ones!) It would also make it easier to share personal things that we might not want to share with the whole world. Of course you would best use a dedicated email instead of your normal one, but you probably have one already anyway for the little communities and such. If you want that, you can mail me at carg@xs4all.nl.

Posted in Choose my pjs on 2021-06-12 11:28:56

Hi Kitsune, how nice to hear from you again. After more than a year I wasn't really counting on anything, but while I am still checking new answers on my polls and new reactions on the forums I follow, I always check this forum too.

Yeah, especially at your age many people drift apart, because of different studies / careers / starting families, etc. Like you say, you don't need many friends, but you don't want to be without either, so I think it is good to sometimes put yourself out there, even when that feels uncomfortable. I'd like to say more about that, and perhaps explore if there wouldn't be a way to lower the anxiety, but I don't think that would work with an occasional forum message. And perhaps you already work on that with your therapist as well. Very nice that you did find someone from the little community. I guess she understands aspects of you that no one else around you really gets (even though I'm sure they try). And like I expected, your parents, especially your father, just needed time to really understand what being a little means, and how they could fit that in with their ideas about your and their lives. Good to hear that has stabilized now into a situation everybody can live with.

Of course that makes it less urgent to go and live on your own, and I agree that after college is soon enough. But in the meantime I think it would be nice to know you can do all you need to do by yourself. Once you know you can cook, clean, do laundry, do your own finances (budgeting), keep track of when to get groceries and what to get, organize your life and make longer-term plans (like studying for an exam), and all such things, you can be a bit more confident that you will be ready when you decide it is time, or if something unexpected happens and you feel you need to get away from home.

Great that you have some more stuff now with interesting designs/prints. I have experimented with diapers a bit myself, and the better dry ones (= crinklz without prints) are the best I've encountered. And their prints are very nice too. Are your parents still mostly using back-zip sleepers? Or are they convinced by now that you don't need that anymore. You told me before that you don't really mind them anymore, but of course the choice for fun prints and designs in sleepers is so much bigger with front zip/button ones. You also mentioned that diapers and sleepers are not part of being little for you. Do you still feel the same about that, or have those become more integrated in that too?

Now for something I am a bit hesitant about. I assume that over the years you might have checked out my polls here and perhaps other messages I posted. In that case you know I have a special interest in clothes that the wearer can't take off, and some other restraints. This is how I found your polls and forum. You must know too that I have done little with my interest in our chats, expect occasionally ask a bit more about your sleepers and such, but mainly focusing on supporting you with your getting to terms with what was happening to you. Recently I had an idea about a story involving my interests, and even though I never considered myself a writer, it has become quite a large story by now (novel sized). It is called Iris Helps Out, and is about a 13 year old girl who comes into contact with diapers and restraints, and gradually discovers she likes them and how they make her feel little. I didn't deliberately put in anything from you specifically, but I'm sure what you have written over the years has helped me building more understanding about teenage girls, how they react to having to wear diapers, and how it is discovering you're a little. So in that aspect you have also been an inspiration for me. Now this story focuses a lot on locking clothes and other restraints, and I know that holds no interest to you, but I am sharing the link anyway, so you can decide if you want to take a look, and just skip over the less interesting parts. But I'm totally fine too if you don't want to read it. You can find it here: https://camilleb.home.xs4all.nl/tb-bd/Stories/IrisHelpsOut.pdf (and I already started on a sequel too: https://camilleb.home.xs4all.nl/tb-bd/Stories/IrisBackHome.pdf) (I really don't want you to read it only because you feel you want to give something back for my support, or because it would be polite!)


Sorry to barge in on your conversation, but I am curious about the locking pants you mention. Are they regular jeans with a padlock at the button, or something more customized? Can people (at school) see that they are locked? And have they spotted you wear diapers?

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2020-06-13 12:08:01

Hi Lizy, do you know what brand of harness you have, or can you describe it?
Do your parents think the harness is safe enough by itself, or does it get locked on you to make it extra safe?
Do you only wear it outside? Under a coat, or open for all to see?