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Bondage in BiBs


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Posted in Stuck in clothing on 2019-07-13 07:06:11

So if you still have the onesie, do you think you will ever get around to repairing it? Replacing the zipper is a fair amount of work, and new ones (esp. fleece) are so cheap. On the other hand I do prefer repairing to replacing, because it is less taxing on the environment, but unluckily re-usability is rare these days. Would you feel uncertain wearing it again? Of course you would also be stuck in a front-zip onesie if the zipper malfunctions, but the back is harder to reach, and you can't see what might be the issue. Do you think you bought it from the women's or the girl's department? I would guess children's onesies might be a bit more likely to have a back zipper, since there will normally be parents around to help if they are not as flexible as you.

I actually have a back-zip onesie too (ordered online where they offered that as an option, and I let them add a fly for bathroom visits), and don't need help either. This one is jersey, so not that thick, but even lying on my back the zipper is not uncomfortable, so that is not really an issue.

Even though back-zipper onesies are rare, a lot of jumpsuits and rompers have them, and I wonder if people who buy them realize they might need help in the bathroom (esp. if the top is fitting your trick with pulling up the fabric won't be very effective), and that they might be in trouble if the zipper catches on the fabric - there must be many accidents and near-accidents!

Posted in Discomfort for Fashion on 2019-07-13 06:47:29

I didn't get the impression that your original message was a complaint - I asked about discomfort, so you told us about the downside of fashion for you. In the end everyone wears clothes that are in some way limiting: a thick winter coat makes your arms less nimble, gloves and mittens limit hand agility, shoes lessen what you can feel of the ground surface, ... But for women clothes often go beyond that (men might wear tight jeans too, and ties might feel a bit constrictive, but nothing compared to the more extreme women's fashion), so I find it interesting how much they are willing to endure, and why.

Sometimes I also wonder if women would also wear uncomfortable clothes to look good if they were alone with no chance of meeting others (e.g. stranded on an uninhabited island).

After making the poll I also started wondering at what age women would be most willing to endure discomfort - my guess would be late teens/early twenties.

Posted in Stuck in clothing on 2019-07-07 08:29:48

Thanks for sharing this embarrassing situation.
I find it interesting that the onesie has a zipper down the back - you hardly ever see that. Was it store-bought? It sounds like you can do the zipper on your own normally? (Not everyone can do that.)
Did you keep wearing the onesie after the incident, or were you too afraid to be stuck once more?

Posted in Discomfort for Fashion on 2019-07-07 08:11:23

Hi Sophie, thanks for your explanation. Do you feel like that if you wear uncomfortable clothes, it is mostly because you chose them for other reasons, and accept them being uncomfortable, or that for some things there are hardly comfortable choices, or that you feel you need to wear them (in certain situations) because of peer pressure / to fit in / because there is a dress code / ... ?

And about guys going shirtless - not every guy (esp. older men) feels like their body is very suited to going bare-chested, and not all situations allow going bare-chested or even bare-shouldered (e.g. workplace), where women often can wear tank tops or dresses with thin shoulder straps. Also I think skirts can be more airy than pants. So I think not everything is in favor of us guys ;-)

Posted in Your winter on 2019-06-29 07:30:22

How often do you wear clothes that you can't take off yourself (apart from it being forbidden)? It sounds like little-syndrom's pajamas would be very hard to take off by yourself, especially with mittens tied to its sleeves. I assume the idea is that (s)he isn't supervised during the night. But there are likely to be more times when there is no supervision, and that of course brings the temptation to remove some of the layers. Or is the fear of punishment big enough to not try that? (Even if you understand the reason for the warm clothes, the clothes sound like a bit much even for that, so there must be temptation to get a bit of coolness and air.)