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Posted in School swimwear on 2020-01-22 09:22:35

Josh so you were the only boy in this group you certainly would of being the group favorite.Did you know any of the girls from school,did any of them know about your nude physical exams at school.Did your coach do anything to prolong your nudity or provide viewing opportunities for the girls.

Posted in Bathed by siblings #1 (Females only) on 2020-01-18 08:12:17

Andrew I think it's understandable for women to provide their daughters with an opportunity to see nude boys to satisfy their curiosity and to educate them a bit while wanting to maintain their daughters modesty which they don't see as necessary for boys.While I have no issues with you aunt having you and your brother stand up to provide the girls with a great view of your nudity,I am not so sure about her allowing the girls to touch you.Being nude in front of girls is one thing allowing them to touch is another.

Posted in Bathed by siblings #1 (Females only) on 2020-01-17 09:18:25

Hello Andrew911 don't know if you have seen any of my posts but I think agree only girls should be modest.Its interesting the differences in the way your mum and aunt bathed you.Your aunt certainly made sure the girls got a good show and well quite the education to.Did your aunt bathed you like that up until you were 11

Posted in CFNM Clothed Female Naked Male (Girls only) on 2020-01-04 23:40:34

Hello Bobbie it is the same in my family which I have written about on other polls here.We also have a group of like mined friends we have get togethers where the accepted norm is for us boys&men to be nude.The main rule when we are nude is that we are not allow to cover up even if we have an erection.Covering up is rude and as we are nude we should respect the females right to look.Although our modest is of no concern to the females and they can look and enjoy our nudity all they like they to are polite and respectful.Bobbie your mom is right that although you girls can enjoy looking at nude boys you should still behave in appropriate manner.My wife and I think it is fair for us boys&men to be nude we agree modesty is for females we males should not be modest.My sons accept being nude in front of girls it is normal to them,but they also accept they should respect girls modest.For my Daughters it is not only normal to them to see nude boys&men,but also very enjoyable specially when boys&men have erections.Bobbie that you enjoy seeing the boys nude is understandable and quite normal and reasonable.Nothing wrong with a little female superiority and girl power.

Posted in Males being totally naked for physicals. on 2019-12-24 10:05:19

Josh I found this post from Katherine on another forum and thought you would enjoy it..She writes at the tender age of 13 I assisted my mother at a boys camp in Alberta,Canada.It was 1957 and my mom was a nurse practitioner who worked at my school.Over my 8th grade summer break I joined my mom at a boys camp as a nurse apprentice.Most of my work was filing,cleaning ad assisting with exams.My favorite was the induction physicals where they lined up in their underpants and one at a time entered the office and were examined.It was at that point my mom would remove their underpants and totally expose the boys to my eager eyes.Some of the boys were already erect by that time and others were semi erect or totally flaccid and would slowly grow to a full erection as I watched.Mind you the boys were between 10 and 12 with a few showing patches of public hair.Those boys had markedly larger $%!@es and testies.They also were more aroused as my mom slowly checked their boy parts.This consisted of a full exam of both $%!@ and testies and if the boy was uncircumcised she would retract their foreskin and check for sores before allowing the foreskin to cover his tip again.I was at her side getting to watch everything she did and writing down if the boy was circumcised or not,if signs showed he had entered puberty,if there were indeed sores in under his foreskin and a condition we called "condition E", "condition S" or condition F" which simply stood for (E) erect (S)semi and (F) flaccid.While still nude the boy was weight and measured for his height.Hair color,eye color and any stand out marks or scars that were noticed.All of this information was compiled with a permission slip from their parents and a release for medical treatment if necessary.Usually by the end of the exam most of the boys were fully erect and scarlet faced as I saw everything male about them.I would tell them they could dress and exit through the back door as mom called for the next boy.There were 32 boys at camp and I saw all 32 nude and most fully erect.To add insult to injury I would be sure the boy knew I had seen his erection by looking in his eyes then glancing at his erection then back to his eyes before telling him he could leave.It was a total power trip for me knowing all their boy secrets.Even better was the Founders Day Summer Splash at the lake where we spend the day on the lake shore swimming and cooking out.There were 2 other girls and 2 boys who served as interns as Facility Supervisor,Maintenance/Landscaping,Food Service and Laundry Services.We also attended the Splash and enjoyed the boys nudity as they swam and played team sports.The boy interns were also required to swim nude allowing us to see even teen aged boys totally nude and erect.It seemed that all the boys erected at one point or another during the Splash and the girls enjoyed quite an eye full of nude boys and teens.I returned for 2 more years until the camp closed due to a decline in attendance.I always enjoyed seeing the boys totally exposed and erect both at the physical and at the Splash.