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Posted in A punch in the stomach... on 2013-11-14 18:40:21

I think a lot of people have vulnerable stomachs. Anytime my stomach has been punched the person's fist just sunk right into my stomach with no resistance at all; it's like my stomach is a marshmallow!

Posted in A Hungry, Growling Stomach on 2013-11-14 18:14:05


Posted in Belly Stuffing (Girls Only) on 2013-11-14 18:11:58

That sounds like an awful Thanksgiving bellyache! I've had plenty of experience with eating too much over the holidays. I remember one year (probably when I was about fifteen) when I ate so much that my belly stuck out and my shirt actually rode up to expose a strip of my belly because it couldn't cover my stuffed/bulging belly! The pain in my belly from all the food was so bad that after dinner I just passed out and slept a few hours while my belly tried to digest everything I'd eaten. That was definitely the worst Thanksgiving bellyache I've ever had, though I've had others that weren't so bad. Last year my belly was pretty full and aching quite a bit, but I just lay around watching TV and rubbing my belly for a while, and after that it was fine. :)

Posted in A Painful Bellyache on 2013-11-14 18:03:49

I think my belly is maybe just very sensitive? I am always having trouble with it. :( It doesn't take much food to fill my belly up. Sometimes at restaurants the meal I order ends up being too large and eating it all gives me a stuffed and aching belly. So for breakfast (when I have it), lunch, and dinner I usually eat a plateful of food, with enough food to fill me up but not enough to give me a bellyache. But then my belly always winds up getting hungry again! A few hours after breakfast my belly starts grumbling and gurgling, asking for food. Also if I have dinner too late (8pm or so) my belly will be growling hungrily all afternoon; but if I have dinner too early (5/6pm) then my belly is growling again by 9pm! No matter what I do my belly is never satisfied. :( I do not mind the growling/gurgling noises my belly makes (as long as no one else is around to hear - then it's just embarrassing!) but I feel like my belly never shuts up! And I get bellyaches so easily, either from an empty belly or a overstuffed one.

Posted in Noisy Hungry Belly on 2013-11-14 17:51:53

My poor belly is always noisy when it's hungry, and unfortunately it always seems to be hungry! :| The worst is in the mornings... if I don't eat breakfast my belly growls LOUDLY all morning long until I finally have lunch. School is the worst! It's so embarrassing when I'm in class (or at the library or at work or in line at the store... the list goes on) and my belly starts growling hungrily. But my belly is noisy no matter what, regardless of whether or not I eat breakfast! If I have breakfast at 7:30am then my belly starts grumbling and gurgling at 10am, and doesn't stop until I eat lunch.

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