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Posted in Belly Button Chat on 2013-11-14 05:11:18

I have been fascinated with belly buttons for as long as I can remember. Apparently when I two years old I started playing with my belly button constantly. In my family photo albums almost every picture of me at three is of me wearing a purple rainbow-striped belly shirt with my finger in my belly button. By age four I'd started to grow out of it a little. When I got to school I realized that other people thought it was a little weird for me to play with my belly button, so all through kindergarten and first grade I mostly played with my belly button at home, and only played with it at school when I was nervous. After that I rarely played with my belly button at school. I never completely grew out of playing with my belly button though. I remember being thirteen or fourteen years old and still playing with my belly button while watching TV or movies, or while doing homework. Now I mostly just play with my belly button unconsciously when I'm bored. :) I have a round innie by the way. It's fairly deep with some twisty lines leading down to a tiny button at the bottom.

Posted in Hungry Belly on 2013-11-14 04:44:51

Good to know that I'm not the only one with a noisy belly at school! I never wake up in time to eat breakfast before my 8am class, so my belly growls and gurgles during the quiet lecture. :( It's awful, and super embarrassing, because my belly's so loud that everyone sitting near me can hear it! The worst is on Mondays when I eat lunch at noon and then literally have no time to eat until after 6. At the beginning of my 4pm class my belly is already grumbling; by the end it is growling like crazy! But of course when I'm alone and sitting in my dorm my belly stays absolutely silent. :( I wouldn't mind my belly growling when it's hungry if it could just hold off until I'm done with class...

Posted in Bellydancing on 2013-11-14 04:32:14

I've always thought that bellydancing is so cool! I don't know how to bellydance, but I wish I did. I especially love the costumes. I'm eighteen - way too old for trick-or-treating - but for a halloween party that my friend and I went to we decided to dress up and bellydancers! We got matching costumes that were hot pink and black with silver sequins; a short cropped top with long flowy sleeves and loose/baggy pants. My friend also got cute fake belly button rings that we clipped onto our belly buttons. It was a really fun halloween costume!

Posted in The Belly Button Doctor on 2013-11-14 04:18:42

I remember a game like this that I played with some of my friends when I was younger, probably nine or ten... a patient would have a "bellyache" and the doctor would give their belly a checkup and make sure it was alright. Basically the patient would lie down flat on their back with their belly bared. Then the doctor would press on the patient's belly, and sometimes listen to it with a stethoscope. The doctor would also poke and prod the patient's belly button, either with a finger or some type of "tool" like a stick, pen/pencil, or something else. These checkups usually ended up in a tickle fight with the doctor eventually declaring that the patient's bellyache had been cured. Needless to say I always played the patient. :)

Posted in Crop Tops 2013 on 2013-11-14 03:59:20

I'm really enjoying crop tops. During the spring and summer, as well as the fall, I wore crop tops on multiple occasions. I don't own a ton of crop tops, just a few; two t-shirts and a tank top. They're all pretty modest. Two show just a sliver of skin and the other one shows my lower belly and belly button. My belly is a little pudgy (as in not fat but not perfectly flat either) so I like to wear looser-fitting crop tops more than the skin-tight ones. It was great wearing them, although I've had to put them away until warm weather comes again. I do have a cropped sweater that will be sticking around for winter, though. It's a soft, snug-fitting, long-sleeve sweater that shows a couple inches of skin (but covers my belly button!) and on some of the warmer winter days I'll probably end up wearing it.