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Posted in Help my g/f Decide my Fate!!! on 2014-05-10 02:50:45

well here is a lil update for those of you who are curious i am in diapers full time for bed and and in training pants and rubber pants during the day

Posted in punishment on 2014-02-03 20:41:57

So here is an update I met a new girl and she accepts my Diapers she actually is punishing me for not wearing a diaper One night so I have to go all day in 5 diapers and then cause I wet My pants the other night I have to drink nothing but water in A baby bottle for the next 48 hours I not sure what I got my self Into I guess next time I will do as I am told any way I.look forward To hearing if you think I deserve what I'm getting or if you Think it should be less or more plz leave comments I will forward Them all to her to read thanks

Posted in hubsand keeps wetting the bed on 2013-10-29 22:22:42


Posted in punishment on 2013-10-29 00:00:03


that is the link to my revised version of my punishment poll you cans till answer the others but please vote on this one as well thank you

Posted in punishment on 2013-10-28 22:48:35

Comment on here if you are in utah and we can discuss how to punish me further!! thank you