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Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2014-04-27 13:21:36

And why should you not be spoken to as a little naughty girl? Good little girls blush and lower their eyes just they hear the word sex or anything relating to sex. Only very bad and immodest little girls like you are obsessed with sex and when they talk about sex like you do they need to have their bottoms spanked and their mouths soaped. You are mentally too puerile understand what sex is about and you just think it is interesting because you know that in your childish world it is something naughty and you love everything naughty. Fiona is an adult and what she does or does not with her girl fried does not concern you and of course Fiona owes a little naughty girl no explanation. And you certainly are naughty, childish and disrespectful when you think that you can decide what is unfair. You are incorrigible immature and can never grow up so you just have to focus on being a good, sweet, modest, obedient, quiet, polite and humble little girl. Only one thing is more annoying than a little girl being a noisy, disobedient and immodest little hussy and that is an overgrown, hopelessly immature, noisy, disobedient and immodest hussy. I certainly hope that the babysitter knows how to handle a pert and impudent little hussy. Hopefully Fiona will tell her that it is no good to be lenient with you and instruct her not to spare the rod. Kaisa

Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2014-04-19 22:25:35

Dear little Joanna. You don’t have to apologize; I understand that in your own best interest you are restricted and moderated in many ways and cannot always answer quickly. Sex is not something overgrown little girls like you should be interested in at all but without proper discipline you soon become wayward, naughty and promiscuous tarts who bring shame on your daughters. But promiscuity can be cured; it took me a while to cure my mom of it and most of the time her bottom was so sore that it brought tears to her eyes when she sat down but today she is so modest and chaste that just thinking of sex frightens her. Fiona and her cane will get you there too so don’t worry. Please tell Fiona that she is very welcome to contact me so that we can discuss how to straighten out and taking proper care of naughty immature mothers. Kaisa

Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2014-03-26 22:59:52

Joanna, I am sure that Fiona and I will both enjoy and benefit from discussing how to handle naughty and childish mothers. No doubt also our mother will benefit. Please tell Fiona that I wrote to her. KaisaJ

Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2013-09-19 21:16:20

Thank you for the support. You sound very much like my mom and you should be grateful for being caringly and firmly controlled by your daughters. When you are so puerile and behaved childishly irresponsible and naughty you naturally have to be treated like a naughty child; it is in your own best interest. What I don’t understand is that your daughters provide your sexual relief instead of oppressing your sexuality. I am kind of a prude when it comes to sex and especially tom mom’s sexuality. It has been uncontrolled and caused her more problems than pleasure and now, when she has been taught to know her place as the little naughty girl in the family, sexual lust simply isn’t proper for her. If I ever noticed that she was turned on during a spanking I would spank her so hard and long that I was sure to beat the lust out of her. When she is sent to bed early during groundings and or after a spanking she is diapered and it is not only to make her fully experience the embarrassment of being a little naughty girl but also to prevent her from $%!@ing. It would be interesting for me to hear more about how your daughters handle you and I wonder if perhaps one of them would like to correspond with me and exchange notes. We are so lucky that mom’s oldest and closest friends fully understood and agreed with my reasons for taking control of mom and reducing her to childhood. I have of course known them as kind of aunts all or most of my life and I can trust them to sometimes look after her and also to go out with her and partying with her without allowing her to ever forget that she is just a little girl. This is a great help and makes it possible to be quiet open about the unusual family arrangement we have. I wonder if your daughters and you are so lucky?

Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2013-09-18 12:27:38

Why should it be a joke? My mom has always been totally irresponsible and behaved as an overgrown teen and more occupied with partying and other – also promiscuous – pleasures than with my sister and me and her other responsibilities. She always loved us but so many times she let my sister and me down in all sorts of ways, so many times she failed to care properly for us and so many we all three experienced big problems because of her irresponsible puerile behavior and overspending. Already as pre-teen I had to help her negotiate with the bank and with creditors. She always regretted her irresponsible behavior and promised never to do it again but she was always too childish to keep the promise. When I was 18 I took control of her and the family. I managed to put our finances on a sound basis and establish proper order and regularity in our home and I run the household with a firm and steady hand. Mom is now treated as the child she despite her age (40) is. I am strict with her and do not tolerate bad behavior but enforce firm control and discipline. I discipline her in various ways including spanking, grounding and early bedtime. Our family is now well-functioning and much happier than ever before. Even mom is quite content after she first stopped struggling and got used to the order and security my rule is providing