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Posted in Mr Poll phasing out adult polls and message boards on 2016-01-06 01:34:31

I understand the decision, and first of all I want to thank the admins for coming out and speaking quite frankly about the situation. I don't think the polls were REALLY causing troubles (as in no one got harmed because of them, quite the contrary). But this because I think the site had become a place for people to vent their sexual fantasies in a different format from the story format so common around.

This can of course be problematic, from a legal or ethical point of view. I will address the two separately.

From an legal point of view it is obviously a problem to have a place where someone asks: How much should I abuse this person? And 99% of the people answering: "A lot". (I am making the question up, but the spirit of several polls was exactly this).

It is problematic because it is not clear who is responsible for this. Is it who asks the question? Or who votes? Or the owners of MisterPoll for permitting the question to be posed?

Personally I think no one is responsible at this stage. Responsibility appears when someone takes this bits on a screen and translates them into action. It is the old story of: if I tell you to jump from a bridge and you do it, who's fault is it?

Unfortunately the law here disagrees on this. Suggesting a criminal activity, is a criminal act in several (most? All?) countries.

The situation would be different if everybody was aware that those were Fantasies, and only fantasies. So changing the section from "adult" to "adult fantasies" might be enough to disentangle this legal mess (of course this needs a REALLY good legal dislaimer, written by a really good lawyer.)

On the ethical point of view, you should consider that fantasies, sexual fantasies, forbidden sexual fantasies, are the place where people indulge and evaluate alternative possible personalities as well as give vent to inner impulses that if not would risk being carried out in the open. Look for example how when a particularly violent movie comes out, the percentage of violent crimes plummets. As people a percentage of the people who like this kind of violence are looking at movies, instead of out doing damages.

I think MisterPoll, is becoming a really therapeutic place in this regard. And should connect with some universities to let them study the deep dark human desires.

I understand MisterPoll would like to become a major website, used by families. Unfortunately there is the risk that this might not happen, and MisterPoll will instead disappear into oblivion. I am sure you have already evaluated this, but consider. You are competing against Google, Facebook and similar (don't forget Quora). Social networks where each person has their own "real" person. With the real name, real gender, real sex, and real age. As a result any poll done from them will also be real. Again taking the "it's all a fantasy" route might not just prove to be the wisest decision, but the only to keep the website active.

I wish you good luck with your decision.

Posted in masturbating in front of family on 2015-12-09 22:38:07