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Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2013-09-19 10:04:44

Kaisa-J is right. I am a mother of 45 with two daughters aged 23 and 20, one of them a policewoman and the other at University. They both discipline me regularly.

About three years ago, I was going through a bad patch after a divorce. I was drinking too much, became very promiscuous and frankly developing a reputation for $%!@tish behaviour, and I was badly neglecting both work and the running of our home. I ran up debts which they had to pay and was arrested once for $%!@tish behaviour in public although in the end there were no charges.

One weekend my daughters sent for me to the study and made me stand there whilst they told me what they thought of me and said that they would not put up with it and, until I grew up and learned to behave properly, my eldest daughter would run the household and I would be treated like the child I was, punished for misbehaviour and grounded or restricted as they thought necessary, or they would cease to help me and would shut me out of my home. I was sent to stand in a corner facing the wall to reflect and decide whether to agree. In the end I did.

Now I am regularly spanked on the bare bottom by either of them when I misbehave, spend time in the corner, am grounded when they think it necessary and am often sent to early bed. I am not allowed to date men, and if they think I need sexual relief they provide it, usually during a spanking when they rub my $%!@ and $%!@ in between spanks. The truth is that I have come to enjoy being reduced to childhood like this and I sometimes now even misbehave on purpose to earn a spanking even though it always makes me cry.

They have further humiliated me in two other ways. I have been spanked and given corner time in front of their friends (only female friends thankfully). Worse still, if they think I have been particularly childish, they have a few times put me into diapers and have taken me on the laps and bottle fed me. It will sound strange to your readers, but somehow all this has given me a security, a feeling of being looked after and taught how to behave properly in a way that I now find deeply satisfying and which I do not want to end. Our home life is well organised and happy and there is nothing I would change. Weird maybe but true, and I am certain that there are other adult women like me around, who would love to revert to being a little girl again.