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Posted in Pre-Teen/Teen Boys Sleepwear on 2013-09-20 16:56:48

If they're making you continue wearing your old jeans around the house, use that as an opportunity to get a supporter. (Really meaning several, possibly enough to wear one every day . . . )

The benefit to you is it will keep your bulge arranged better and keep it less noticeable (when you're hard). It'll help with your self-consciousness.

In order to get one, you'll also need to tell your parents what they need to hear. You could tell them it's getting pretty crowded down there and a supporter takes up less space than your current underwear. You could tell them that wearing a supporter will help you feel more like a man. (You won't mind if the neighbor girls see the waistband on display because they'll see that you're no longer a kid; you're a boy who's becoming a man!) Or just mention that since you're going through puberty, you're old enough to start wearing one for your workouts. (or make it entirely about the workouts and running around outside) Don't mention your self-consciousness. Anticipate their objections and tell them what they want to hear. Emphasize that you're old enough now to have some choice in the matter (and point out what you ask is realistic). You could also throw in the effect it would have on girls to see you wearing one . . . or say one of the neighbor girls has an older brother and you saw he had a supporter on a while ago while he had his shirt off playing basketball in the driveway . . .

You could even tell a little lie like this: you just found out one of your friends at school used to wear boxer briefs, but his dad switched him to supporters over the summer, and now that's all he wears. If you do that, then your parents will have the sense that you're not the only one. (If you use this, though, it needs to be a boy who could never come over or you're not close friends with.)

Here are two of the cheapest options and best for fit:

the Bike Teen Performance Cotton line (get 2 or 3 packs):


the McDavid 310YR, youth large, now on clearance (get 4-6):


These will fit you up to a waist size of 32 and a weight of 160-165. Since supporters are built to stretch, that's another reason they're good for boys during the teen years! Because of the give and the flex, they aren't easily outgrown! (unlike jeans, for example . . . )

After you talk to them, you could copy and paste this shopping part and e-mail it to your mom or your dad.

A few concerns they might have:

Wearing a fresh supporter every day will not give you jock itch. You want to have enough of a supply to always have a clean one.

The supporter will not overheat you or affect your fertility. In fact, the pouches are designed to breathe. If you stretch out the pouch like it would be when you have it on and put it over your mouth, you'll be surprised how easy to breathe it is. The air goes right through. It's a big difference even compared with, say, a t-shirt. Another example: professional athletes don't have a problem having children when they get married. If supporters reduced fertility, we would have found a connection a while ago simply by studying professional athletes.

A supporter will not squash your bulge. The fit is one reason some doctors recommend boys start wearing a supporter at puberty (--and you can bring this up if it helps). The pouch is designed to cup your equipment and stretch in place around it, creating a customized, comfortable fit. It molds itself to you, unlike other underwear. Again, good for activity and for teenage boys, clearly.

This is a lot, but it should be a start . . .

Posted in Raising sons - OK for boys to go shirtless? on 2013-09-19 02:57:02

What is the reaction of girls to you in your school clothes?

Based on your experience, how do girls your age like to see boys dressed? Have you ever talked to girls about it?

Would you change your school clothes based on your experiences so far (like start wearing tighter jeans, for instance)?

Posted in Jockstraps on kids (for parents only) on 2013-09-18 16:41:20

So you mean sometimes your boys wear their supporters to school?

Do you think their friends/teammates are aware? What do you think is the boys' attitude about this?

Posted in Pre-Teen/Teen Boys Sleepwear on 2013-09-16 16:51:24

Is your mom making you uncomfortable? Would you tell her if she's getting too wierd? Have you mentioned this to your dad (or is he aware)?

Hope school is okay so far. You know you could use gym as an excuse for needing a supporter, or else maybe joining a team and saying it's required . . . Maybe your mom or dad could get you two that way.

(If they ask why you didn't need one for gym at the beginning of the school year, you could say it was on a sheet that was handed out, but you figured you could get by for a while. Last week, the gym teacher found out a lot of boys weren't wearing them so now he's doing inspections.)

Posted in Jockstraps on kids (for parents only) on 2013-09-15 05:49:38
  1. Just how many boys do you have??

  2. If the boys like wearing jocks, get 'em some more. It'll definitely reinforce their sense of masculinity, which is entirely age-appropriate. If they're very athletic boys, they just might like taking the feel of "on the field" (= in uniform, ready for action) off the field with them, and keeping their jock on is one way to do that.

If they're coming home sweaty from practice, I'd make them change: at least switch from a sweaty supporter to a fresh one.

  1. If they're in boys sizes, McDavid's youth supporters are going at an unbeatable price. (If you buy several, the shipping will be worth it.) They have a very comfortable fit, and the pouch is very anti-fungal even though it doesn't really say anything. Is your oldest boy over a 32-inch waist? If he's 26-32, these will fit fine. I've worn McDavid outside all day in 90 degree heat with no red skin at the end of the day. The pouch is definitely better in hot weather than the Bike Performance Cotton line.


The men's small from Rawlings breathes very well, too. White and black available in this case.