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Posted in I Was Never Spanked Poll on 2020-02-03 19:31:55

I spent all of ages 11 to 13 being very smart mouthed, sarcastic, talking back, and just generally being a surly preteen. I was threatened with spankings sometimes, but never actually got one.

The threats worked at the time, but just for a little while and I’d fall back into bad behavior. Looking back as an adult now, I feel guilty about having such a lousy attitude and being disrespectful to my mom all the time.

I think those empty threats didn’t do me any good. I think that if one of the times I had been acting up, I should have gotten spanked for real. I think I would have tried a lot harder to be mindful of my attitude if I knew I’d really get punished like that.

I also think I needed to be taken down a peg. That’s where a spanking could have been most effective. It’s hard to feel like a “too old for that” and “too cool” 13 year old if you remember that you just recently were bared, taken over mom’s knees, and cried your eyes out from a long hard spanking.

I certainly was very afraid of spankings at the time, which is why I al least sort of tried to fix my attitude when getting a spanking threat. I still think it would have done me a lot of good to actually get spanked a few times.

Posted in Asking Parents for a Spanking on 2020-01-30 19:50:49

Some arguments for the would-be spankee:

  • You will never have a chance again once you get too old

  • If your parent agrees to do it, you will never even remember that it was embarrassing to ask

  • No matter how much you’re afraid it will hurt, the pain will be gone in an hour. But you’ll remember the experience for the rest of your life.

  • The feelings of guilt or curiosity you have now will not go away on their own. They most definitely will be gone if you get spanked

  • If the spanking is truly effective, you will behave better and avoid some other punishments you would have gotten in the future

  • Remember, getting punished isn’t the worst-case scenario, not working up the nerve to ask is.

  • If you’ve been thinking about it so much you started searching for spanking poll, you know you really need it.

Some arguments for the would-be spanker:

  • Your child had an enormous amount of courage to ask a difficult and embarrassing question. Your child had an enormous amount of courage to put their bottom on the line for pain and humiliation.

  • This is obviously very important to them

  • They have so much trust in you by asking for this

  • Even if you think they’re too old for spankings, they don’t.

  • They will almost certainly try their best to hold up their end of the bargain by behaving well after getting spanked.

  • At some level, they have decided that the guilt or curiosity they feel right now is much worse than the pain and embarrassment they’d feel while getting spanked.

Posted in Asking Parents for a Spanking on 2019-07-03 18:20:27

Hi Trudy, thanks for sharing.

What part is scariest? The thought of your mom baring you in front of your friends, or them seeing you get punished and crying?

Does your mom use an implement or just her hand?

Posted in Asking Parents for a Spanking on 2019-05-02 20:10:37

It is awkward to bring up the subject of punishment in general.

It is embarrassing to admit you feel like you still need a childish punishment at an older age. You want to feel like you are more grown up than that.

You feel bad you let your parents down with your behavior.

Spankings are very embarrassing. You know that by asking you may get it bare bottomed. Spankings are very painful. You know you will certainly cry from it.

If you were spanked when younger you recall just how bad it was. You remember the pain and humiliation and know it will be just as bad now too.

If not spanked before you are afraid of it being much worse than you imagine.

Despite all that if you still are thinking about asking then you must really deep down know you need a spanking.

I think a lot of kids would benefit if parents had a standing offer of No Questions Asked or Wipe The Slate Clean where a kid could request a non punishment spanking without embarrassment.

For example there could be a system with a form where a kid could fill out a Request and leave it on a table to be found. That would be easier than working up the courage to ask in person.

The form could also have a way to ask for a certain level of severity. A proposal for the the form:

Because I feel we need to clear the air, I am asking you to please give me a spanking. I want to: - Leave all details to you and agree to comply - Specify the details of my spanking

Clothing: - Please pull my pants down or raise my dress or skirt - Please instruct me to pull my pants done and raise my dress of skirt

Underwear: - Please pull my underwear down before positioning - Please pull my underwear down after positioning - Please instruct me to pull my underwear down - Please allow me to keep my underwear on

Position - Over the knee - Bending over a chair - Lying on bed over a pillow

Implement: - Please spank me with only your hand - Please spank me with the hairbrush - Please spank me with the paddle - Please spank me with the belt

Duration - Please just spank me briefly - Please give me a moderately long spanking - Please give me a good long spanking

Severity - Please spank me lightly or playfully - Please spank me just enough to sting - Please spank me moderately as though a light punishment - Please spank me harder as though a real punishment - Please give me a good old fashion spanking until I can't sit down

Special Requests - Please give me a warmup spanking by hand before using the implement - Please pull my underwear down to my knees - Please pull my underwear all the way down to my ankles - Pleaee give me corner time after - Please allow me to pull underwear back up for corner time - Please instruct me to ask you for my spanking