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Posted in I got pantsd on 2022-06-15 05:41:56

No wtf did you miss the part that we are both 13, and neither of us are gay, creep.

Posted in I got pantsd on 2022-06-07 03:13:20

I made it since then without being pantsed by anyone, now I am sure I will get pantsed in the summer though.

Posted in Underwear poll on 2022-05-22 15:56:52

https://postimg.cc/NLWGZYdZ (Front) https://postimg.cc/cvWx4hym (Back) They are wet because I just washed them Btw replacing org with cc like my links makes the other ones work as well.

Posted in I got pantsd on 2022-05-12 20:33:22

It sounds like I would be in trouble, but thankfully, nobody I am worried about has seen my underwear at my school, but I worry about being randomly pantsed sometimes, but I have not yet. As for my friend I do not know because he goes to another school but I assume he does not have much of a problem.

Posted in I got pantsd on 2022-04-13 05:32:26

I am 13 and one time when I was at a sleepover we were playing around and my friend kept putting his feet in my face. In order to stop him I try many things but eventually I try taking off his pants and shirt, he struggles but not too much and I leave him in only his Avengers briefs and socks. Despite being in only his Avengers briefs and socks I still need to defend against him. I try to stop him by recording it. As I keep trying to stop him he realizes it is not working and tries to take my pants off while trying to get me but I stop him from pulling my pants at the expense of failing to block him. Eventually I give up trying to keep my pants for the most part and focus on blocking him but after I block him and do not focus enough on keeping my pants he takes my pants off and leaves me sitting in my Ducktales briefs, still defending against him, still with my shirt on and a blanket but in my embarrassing underwear. Even though I am in my undies I mostly successfully defend against him even without pants. Eventually he gives up and we both get our clothes completely back on but he keeps pantsing me to show off my Ducktales undies because he knows I am embarrassed about my undies. He does not care about his underwear as much as me and teases me about it even though I have him in video.