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Posted in Magician's assistant on 2017-06-14 15:05:38

You should ask her, be more open and honest with her and don't be afraid to talk to her! I understand you don't want to influence her, but you shouldn't cut yourself off completely.

If she's asking you to play, and asking to be more serious, it sounds like she's really reaching out to you. Like I said, kids want their parents to be involved with their hobbies and this is no different. You don't have to play it serious with her if you don't feel comfortable, but I do think sitting down with her and doing a little research could really make her feel loved and connected. You could even just sit with her and have her pick the execution videos she likes most, so you're not putting ideas in her head.

Posted in Magician's assistant on 2017-06-13 17:45:29

I think it sounds like your daughter and your niece have a wonderful relationship, and you should absolutely encourage them to be their selves and have fun with it. I think sarah makes a great point, it sounds like your daughter might not actively want to die, just is comfortable with the thought of dying. But I think that is totally in the spirit of what we're talking about too, and you could still have a fun party around them possibly dying!

From the sounds of it, your niece is the one usually doing the pretend killing, so they probably would keep that arrangement for a party. You could have your niece kill your daughter, like in their fake executions, then kill herself if she wanted to!

Of course as Sarah said, your daughter might not actively want to die. In that case she doesn't have to plan for sure on dying at the party. You could arrange it so they do a few demonstrations of execution techniques, like they play with, but with real tools. So your niece would put a board on your daughter and pile up rocks to try to crush her, or tie her to a post and try to stone her to death. I say try, because maybe she's too young to be strong enough to really kill her like that. That could be a good thing, if your daughter just likes playing out executions because she could do more without dying. So they could end up reenacting 3 or 4 of their favorite ways of dying before one of them actually dies.

I know you don't want to push them to anything, and you shouldn't, but do you do anything to encourage them? Kids often like it if their parents show interest and get involved in the things they are interested in. You don't have to participate, but there are other things you could do. One thing that comes to mind is showing them videos online of different execution techniques, to see if there are others they are interested in.

Posted in Magician's assistant on 2017-06-09 16:13:06

I agree that there would be the expectation of at least one fatal trick, but it would be up to the personal style of the magician to include more. Same goes for the professional assistants, i think many magicians would want to keep a least one assistant alive so they have experience, but I could see them having shows with five or six assistants who can die.

I think it might be disappointing if a girl wanted to die and survived, but I think having the element of danger and surprise would be better for the audience if there was the possibility of surviving. That's why I personally like tricks that are just extremely dangerous, rather than automatically fatal. Still, the risk should be very high with these tricks, and I do think a couple tricks that are always fatal is good too.

The decapitation trick to describe is really good, I think it's great that it involves the audience really well too. Any other tricks you can think of?

Posted in Magician's assistant on 2017-06-08 13:32:51

Yeah, it would be coolest with twins, but another volunteer or a professional assistant would work too. I really agree with you about the nature of the tricks too, the death really should be an integral part of the trick. Although, I think it's just as good if death isn't assured in the trick, it's just a very dangerous one, although I think that would be more like a stunt than a trick.

Posted in Magician's assistant on 2017-06-07 14:17:50

Thought of another cool trick that could be done. It would be a girl getting sawed in half, a classic magic trick. Basically the set up would be 2 boxes that the girl lays across with her head poking out of the top of one. The bottom box would actually have a separate girl hidden with her legs poking out. But the key to it would be that the top girl really is laying across both boxes, with her legs curled up inside the bottom.

The magician would saw into the middle of the two, cutting the girl in half for real. Then, to show the audience she's really cut in half, the two halves of the box would be separated and the audience would see the girl's guts (they may even fall out onto the stage!). Now comes the real fun of the trick, the magician reunites the two halves of the box and then slowly tips it up until the hidden girl is standing up. She wouldn't be hurt at all, so she would be able to walk around while the girl on top is still dying, and could continue to walk around when she's dead. It would make for a really cool effect I think.