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Posted in Roommate Nudity on 2013-02-09 02:14:29

Ok, here's my problem. I'm a guy with two roommates (both girls). The one is my long-time friend. She's been my roommate before. The other I know a little, but I've never lived with before and is primarily my friend's friend. Previously one of my friends was the third roommate, but he got a job and had to move to another state without giving us much notice. My friend and I were left scrambling for a third person to help with the cost, and she said she knew someone. Since the last roommate was my friend and a guy, I thought it would only be fair if she chose one of her friends this time.

Anyway, everything seemed fine at first. We each have our own rooms and equal access to all the common areas, including the one bathroom. Well I began to notice that this other girl was kind of casual when it came to nudity. She'd frequently be in her room changing or in the bathroom taking a shower with the door open. She'd also be in common areas like the living room or the kitchen in just a towel or just her bra and panties. Let me also say that she's a pretty curvy girl - definitely not fat, but what I'd describe as buxom or voluptuous. I started to get the feeling that she was an exhibitionist.

Well, a couple weeks ago she told me and my friend that she was thinking of becoming a nudist, and last week she started walking around and hanging out in the common areas COMPLETELY NAKED!!! The first time I saw her like this I was shocked. I turned red and got aroused, so I ran and hid in my room with the door closed for the rest of the night! I think I'm honestly more embarrassed by it than she is! I don't know what to do. My friend tells me that her friend is a registered nudist now, and that we have to respect her lifestyle decision. I've tried a few times now, but I can't keep myself from gawking. As a result, I get an instant hard-on when I see her and can't put words together to talk to her or concentrate on anything while she's around. I really shouldn't be afraid to go out of my room, but I am. What can I do?

Posted in A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE POLL!!!!!!! on 2013-02-09 02:00:35

I could definitely see GRRM croaking before the end. I mean, the guy looks like he's primed for a heart attack any day now.

Posted in A Song of Ice and Fire Tournement on 2013-02-09 01:47:05

I voted for the Hound because not only is one of the best with a sword we've actually seen, but also because melees seems to fit his style. The best one on one fighter (Jaime, Garlan, etc...) or tourney jouster (Loras) might not be the type of guy who might win in the chaos of a melee. Other good choices can be ruled out for various reasons such as being beyond their prime (Selmy), not being capable of fighting on horseback (Belwas, certainly not!), etc... Some of the choices just wouldn't stand a chance, and I have no idea why anyone would ever select them.