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Posted in A Growling Belly on 2012-12-23 03:41:20

I sure feel like my belly growls all the time!!! It is growling right now, in fact. Probably yelling at me to eat some dinner; all I've had today was some cereal in the morning, some pretzels earlier in the afternoon, and some cheesy bread sticks around five o'clock. No wonder my belly is growling at me, it must be starving! :) If I rest my hand right below my belly button I can feel the growls rumbling through my belly. The last one made my whole belly vibrate. :) Sometimes my belly just starts growling out of the blue, but my belly usually starts aching right before it growls so I can often tell when it is going to growl. I do not know what I could get to eat though... maybe some salad? I think my belly would take any kind of food at the moment. :)

Posted in Hungry Belly on 2012-12-23 03:10:42

Hi!!! :) I am a nineteen year old girl. My belly is flat and smooth, but really soft and weak; when I push down on it, it feels like a marshmallow. :) I have an roundish/ovalish-shaped innie belly button that is sort of deep, and it has a little round knot at the bottom. I have had boyfriends who would poke me in the belly button and tease me when my belly growled! They thought it was just hilarious... I do not ever wear crop tops to school, because in classes my belly growls enough as it is and I DO NOT need everyone to pay even more attention to my noisy belly. But I sometimes wear crop tops on the weekends if the weather is nice, and I wear them all the time during the summer. I think a lot of people do hear my belly growl when I am wearing crop tops; it seems like my belly is always louder and ten times more noticeable when it is bare and everyone can actually SEE my belly growling. :) Oh well. At least at the beach and the park I can stay far away from people so they cannot hear my belly, and when I am hanging around my house and my friends' houses the only people who hear my growling belly are me and my friends. Although there was one time I wore a crop top to Wal-Mart and when I was in the check-out line my belly growled SUPER loudly... that was pretty awkward, and I could not wait to leave the store. :P

Posted in Tickle Torture on 2012-12-23 02:37:19

I think that tickling is fun AND torture. I am EXTREMELY ticklish, and it seems like just about all of my family and friends know it. They tickle me all the time, and depending on the situation I either enjoy it or I do not. I reallyreallyreally like being tickled, but for me tickling can easily go from being fun to being torture. I love to be tickled by one person at a time, but I also love to be tickled by two, three, or more people at a time. I think it all comes down to the time factor. I have had my belly and feet tickle tortured by one person for twenty minutes or more, and found it to be very enjoyable. However, when four people tickle torture my belly at the same time, if they tickle me for even ten minutes it turns from fun to torture. I find that the more people that tickle me, the less time they can tickle me for. When I am tickled by one person for a very long time it drives me CRAZY, but I still find it to be pretty fun; my friend/ex-boyfriend Max holds the record for tickling me for a prolonged period of time (he tickled my belly for about an hour straight - using various objects and tickling techniques - and then my feet for about twenty minutes after that).

Posted in Stomach Growling on 2012-12-23 01:44:58

A growling stomach in school is the worst! I feel like it is so much more noticeable when my stomach growls in class; the rooms are smallish and usually fairly quiet. If I am ever in class right before lunch my stomach will begin to growl and grumble loudly, and there is never anything I can do about it! I always rub my stomach and press down on it to try to muffle the noise, but it does not do anything, and I feel like the entire class can hear it (probably because they can) and like they are all staring at me and my stomach (probably because some of them are). I cannot eat during class, because a lot of classes do not allow it, and I do not like eating during the ones that do because it always seems so noisy. I sometimes try to drink lots of water, but it usually just causes my stomach to make lots of loud sloshy gurgling sounds. I really wish my stomach could refrain from growling during school, and make all of its loud noticeable noises some other time.

Posted in Noisy Hungry Belly on 2012-12-23 01:35:58

Ooooooooh, my friends ALWAYS tease me when they hear my growling belly. My belly is always super hungry 1) if I do not eat breakfast, 2) right before lunch, 3) if I do not eat lunch, 4) occasionally in the afternoon, 5) right before dinner; and when my belly is hungry, it gets super noisy. I have a VERY loud belly, and my friends never fail to notice it. I sometimes clutch my belly and rub my belly to try to keep it from growling, but it is pretty pointless. They always hear it growling, and then tease me. They poke and rub my belly and say things like, "Someone's hungry!" and "Don't you ever feed your poor belly?" Some of my more irritating friends will jump up in the air when my belly lets out a loud growl and exclaim, "Was that an earthquake!?! Everybody take cover!" then say, "Your belly must be starved, it sounds like it's gonna die of hunger!" I used to blush and get all embarrassed, but now I am so used to it that I either just ignore it or glare at my friends. For some reason none of them EVER get a really noisy belly when they're hungry, but I do ALL the time...