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Posted in Rape Fantasies on 2016-05-20 16:40:36

Do they do you bareback? And are you allowed birth control or do they actively tire to breed you?

Posted in Your Execution on 2016-01-04 16:28:45

The option of beig executed naked should be offered

Posted in Rape Fantasies on 2016-01-04 13:10:32

I fantasize both having a drink with a woman at a bar, passing out, then waking up as I am about to be raped orally and $%!@ by a group of about 20 women, sporting strap-ons. I cry out as the first phallus is shoved up my backdoor after I have been lubed with a handful of lard. As my mouth opens another dildo goes into my mouth and down my virgin throat as the other women laugh and tell me to get used to it since all I am from now on is a slave male animal existing solely for the pleasure and benefit of Women. I lose track of how many times my $%!@ is invaded, a rubber $%!@ is lodged in my throat, I am orally servicing a dripping $%!@ or nasty rosebud. A couple time my node is pinched as a Women pees in my mouth forcing me to swallow every drop until I get used to being a Lady's urinal. I am even forced to consume the turds of two women right from their anuses. I am throw in a shower stall and scrubbed head to toe with a scrub brush and Comet, then locked in a wooden box for transport to a secluded farm where I am to be full trained to be a male slave animal with the warning that if I prove to be untrainable then all I will be good for is my meat amd leather.

Posted in Rules For Husbands?? on 2015-12-30 12:00:15

I am a 22 year old man and I am the submissive housewife slave to my 19 year old female "Husband", Lord and Master. Since even before the wedding where I vowed to "Love, Honor and obey" I have been locked in a chastity device that requires me to sit to pee. I have been fully feminized except for the surgery to make me fully female. I have a nice set of 38C breasts thanks to hormone treatments.

Everyday I stay home washing and scrubbing. Being a good Stepford wife. While my "Husband" goes to work. I am not permitted clothes normally, doing all my chores, icluding outside ones full naked except for my wedding ring which is actually a collar locked around my neck. When I am taken out for the evening, I must dress as directed. Anywhere from a streetwalking $%!@ to a high class trophy wife. Whichever it maybe one thing I always where going out is a cloth diaper and plastic pants. And at least once during the evening I must wet and mess my diaper so my "Husband" can take me to the public restroom, make me lay on the floor and change me. "Hubby" has also gotten strange women to change me. Often while complimenting Huddy on how well trained and kept I am.

My chore load is about to go up because, Hubby is Black pregnant and expecting a son in about 3 months, it has been determined that cloth diapers are to be used with the baby. Diapers that I will be washing by hand along with my own diapers.

Any other male housewives out there?

Posted in Older Sisters spanking Brothers on 2015-12-23 15:26:29

As Women are the naturallly superior gender, it is only right that a sister either younger or old should be able to spank, punish or discipline her brother(s). I was and am now even though I am now a male housewife to a wonderful female Husband. My spankings by my sister(s) began as far back as I can remember. I was disciplined bot for bad behavior and to maintain my goo behavior. Such beatings took place in private, in front of family, in front of their GFs or even in public at the local mall. The only differance was that at home or in a private house I was stripped naked. Whereas in the mall I just had my skirt(I was also crossdressed early on) and my panties lowered so I was bare bottomed. I beleive that I am a better wife for my Husband by being spanked by my Sister(s).