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Posted in Are you diaper punished? on 2015-08-10 18:33:41

i got diaper punished until i was about 16, i.e. as long as diapers and pull ups fit me. diaper punishment would last from 1 day to as long as a week depending on the infraction. i would be forced to wear pull ups or baby diapers (not adult diapers). i was allowed to use the toilet for poop but not pee. at home, i could only wear the diaper. at school/outside i could wear clothes over it. a few times a day my parents would check to make sure it wasnt wet, and give me a changing if it was. i wasnt allowed to change it myself either my parents or my brother would do it. if i complained i got a spanking and a pacifier. the worst part was definitely having to pee in it and wait for someone to change me. it was embarrassing but effective as a punishment.

Posted in tighty whites/ locker room on 2015-08-03 21:51:58

i love hanging out around the house in just briefs. i grew up in the suburbs and thats what we did, just got in the habit.

Posted in Guys Undewear on 2015-07-28 10:53:51

Why boxers? Don't you find them uncomfortable?

Posted in Forced to wear briefs or a type of underwear? on 2014-11-02 21:47:58

ive had similar experiences but with my brothers (no sister). they like to make me parade around in cartoon briefs so their friends can laugh at me. its not mean its actually fun and i enjoy it

Posted in Choose my underwear for a week on 2014-08-31 17:43:10

ya thats gonna suck for you. once i was making fun of my lil bro for wearing cartoon briefs so my parents punished me by confiscated all my undies except for some old boys cartoon briefs and tighty whities which still kinda fit because im small, and made me go to school that week wearing them. the guys at school had a field day making fun of me in my old briefs