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Posted in PINK: Great Singer or White Trash? on 2007-06-16 04:59:00

"Christina A. is looking trashy now, and her choice of music right now could be better, she can still outsing almost anyone else. And that definitely includes Pink."

Apples and oranges. They both have totally different styles. Neither one is "better" than the other.

I prefer Pink because her voice is more powerful and direct, but at the same time, I can say that Christina can definitely sing..I just prefer Pink's style

Posted in Is Bush capable of hijacking Democracy? on 2006-01-04 19:05:02

"Har-har." Indeed. However, it would seem that one year into Bush's second term, it is, in fact, many of the people that voted for him the 2nd time around who are the ones "crying in some corner"...as you would put it.

Hey...don't worry, Folks-Who-Voted-For-bush-And-Now-Regret-It...seriously!!

People make mistakes from time to time.

Just ask the President.


Posted in For Those Who Vote Independent... on 2006-01-04 18:23:03

I just realized this..u may have been replying to the other person, not me...in any case, I agree with and would defend their logic too. An Independent voter who broke ranks and voted Democrat in '04 doesn't make them a sellout...it makes them someone who loves their country; someone who had to make a sacrifice (a just & necessary one, in my opinion) to do whatever they could to try & save it from 4 more years of inept, unqualified, dangerous leadership.

Posted in For Those Who Vote Independent... on 2006-01-04 17:52:55

You're quite erroneous in saying I've been "brainwashed", my Independent friend.

Indeed, in 2008, with George W. out of the way (hopefully, anyway...u never know what in tarnation that boy's gonna pull outta his cowboy hat, now do ya?), I will again return to my Independent-voting ways...both because the various candidates from the two fat parties who seem to be offering themselves up for a potential '08 Presidential run are, (as usual) jaw-droppingly uninspiring...and because I, as stated earlier, cannot...or, more precisely, AM NOT ABLE TO...trust the two-party system and it's illusion of "choice". Choice my $%!@.

The only reason I voted for Kerry last time around is because Bush is, was, and always will be a walking disaster...as he continues to so effortlessly prove.

Posted in For Those Who Vote Independent... on 2006-01-04 17:25:45

Your idea is very interesting, exciting, and bold...not to mention logical...and would probably be great for the country...which, given our track record (recently, anyway)...means it probably wouldn't work.

Voters in this country seem to be either "afraid" of straying outside the two-party system, or...even worse and more disturbing...are content with it. As for the parties: both of them (yea, the Dems too) are unfortunately too far gone in terms of being reachable or adaptable to undergo such a bold (and courageous) move such as the one you proposed.

Maybe someday what you're speaking of can in fact be achieved...I can only hope that when & if that day comes, it won't already be too late. (For political overhauls & regeneration, etc.) I'd be lying if I said I, personally, didn't believe it's already too late for those things to happen...I suppose all I can do is hope like hell that I'm wrong.