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Posted in gym class (boys only) on 2014-12-22 09:04:56

Okay. So I can't suck my own $%!@. Very few ppl can. You either have to have a really long $%!@ or be freaky flexible. But if you can sort of do what you described it can get in your mouth. You're also very young so a) your jizz isn't very thick or white yet and once it is it tastes salty and good and b) you'll shoot stronger and farther Umm, rimming feels good, but yeah I'd wash first. If you can get your legs behind your head and the tongue can get into your butt good it's amazing. So try it. Yeah condoms are needed for sex even if you're gay because of stds. But you're still young and they might be too big for you. But they're easy to use.

Posted in gym class (boys only) on 2014-12-22 08:58:57

To answer your question. I would say both ppl have to agree it's a relationship for it to be a relationship. Relationship means asking them other person out and doing things together as friends and it usually lasts a long time. And they're monogamous. Messing around is just making out. It means nothing. Purely sexual. That's what I think. Also I don't care if you like girls and boys. You're probably bisexual.

Posted in gym class (boys only) on 2014-12-20 21:41:59

Yes I go to a Catholic high school, but my name is because my birthday is march 16, one day before st. Patrick's day so there. Mystery solved. I'm glad that your friend got you to sign up. Maybe you could tell me more about yourself.

Posted in gym class (boys only) on 2014-12-20 09:08:54

Yeah I like that sweaty smell too but I don't like it when I stink. I'd be very interested to hear how you saw those ppl naked. I have messed around with some guys but mostly just making out. I've had a few boyfriends but they're not out and I'm not so they are secret and all 3 didn't last very long. Maybe 6 weeks was the longest. I think you'll shoot sperm fine even if you do. If you're 12 you'll probably will in a year or 2. It feels great and so much better than dry ones because I like to shoot $%!@ into my mouth and eat it. If you have any more questions about sex stuff I could tell you a lot. Do you know what a 69 is? Or rimming?

Posted in gym class (boys only) on 2014-12-20 09:02:42

I had wet dreams a lot when I was younger. The first sign of puberty for me was really getting erections all the time. I was very interested in my $%!@. It got bigger and so did my balls. I noticed it felt good to touch it. I don't remember how old I was maybe 12. One night it felt like a really had to pee. It was weird it was like dreaming but I felt it, so I was awake maybe like that half sleep feeling. Anyways I didn't get up and stuff came out. But I woke up and noticed it wasn't pee it was semen. I had those a lot. Not every night but a lot for about a year. I started humping the bed to $%!@. I started jerking off with my hand around 14. Unlike you I didn't jerk off with friends. So that's my experience. the lake house is on a small lake in Wisconsin, but very wooded area so the water isn't too cold. I skinny dip if no girls are around. The summer gets very hot and I love being naked. I do have my license but no car yet I use my dad's if he let's me. I take a bus to school usually. Not a school bus but a city bus. It's not too far. I don't live in the downtown area so I would like a car to get places.