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Posted in What kind of underwear should I wear? on 2012-09-23 02:45:09

briefs defintely the way to go--much more comfortable, i cant see how thats up for debate. email me if u want to talk more, ive tried all types jwhittel@aol.com

Posted in under where on 2012-09-23 02:43:27

thanks guys for supporting briefs! i nvr tried panties, im good with men's stuff. robert, sounds like u have fun experiences, once i jerked my friend and he did me back but thats it

Posted in Teenage Boys Underwear on 2012-09-23 02:34:43

right now, nothing, but i love briefs :) dont be afraid to wear them btw, for the guys who still fit into cartoon undies, def wear them, i wish they still fit me.

Posted in Boxers or briefs on 2012-09-21 19:20:52

there's no doubt about it-briefs are the most comfortable and look the best. some ppl are just too self-conscious and have low self esteem. ya, i've been teased, pantsed, and wedgied. I changed to boxers and hated it and now im back to briefs and no one cares any more. wear briefs! quick story: the only time i really was given a wedgie was in the 6th grade: i was still wearing cartoon briefs so some guys came over and removed my clothes and hung me on a stall by my briefs (my toes touched the floor so they didn't rip). i was there for like 5 mins dangling in my cartoon briefs in front of ppl.

this has happened to me a bunch of times. the worst? when i was in middle skool a when i was peeing and someone saw i had tighty whities on so when i was done he picked me up, hung me on the door of a stall by my underwear, pulled down my pants, and put my shirt over my face. i hung ther for a couple minutes (in pain) until he took me down. then to cap it off he removed my underwear and put it on my head (others were helping him by this point). and b/c of all this of course i got a boner. prty embrasing also, another time bunch of guys came to me during p.e. and forcibly removed all my clothes except for my tighty-whities and ran accross the skool with me chasing after them in tight whities for everyone to see. im not the only, this is what happens to guys who wear briefs. idc though, it let up and i like tighty whiteys