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Posted in Guys who prefer to wear one shoe only on 2015-03-16 15:50:00

I had my shoe stolen by some friends in my clique several time. The moment you feel the shoe comes off and your foot for everybody to see is embaressing ..but in the end I kind of like it, when you don't have a choice but walk without your shoe.

It was always in the evening and some beers they had drunken made it even more dangerous to loose a shoe. Once I had to stay like that for a few hours and walk around, my foot starts hurting... till they trash the shoe in a trash bin and I had the opportunity to get it back..

Posted in shoeplay (boys only) on 2015-02-02 21:06:09

Hi, doesn't the link work? There you can see the robbed shoe ;-) it was a black leather business shoe, oversized..

I really don't know, where the guy lives,we took the shoe from,because here are living a lot of students in town.

So I should wear the shoe myself on a walk? That should be funny to watch ;-) for the people passing me ;-) I think about it ;-)

Good night

Posted in shoeplay (boys only) on 2015-02-02 17:48:23

You were kind of friendly to the student guy. I think, the guy would haved thanked you a lot, that you gave him his shoe back, that he doesn't have to walk in socks anymore :-)

We weren't that gentle and took the shoe with us and I can only imagin him taking the train and go home without the shoe....should have been a good laugh and photoshot for the other people in the train ;-)

The shoe


is now in my garage for some time. What should I do with this shoe now? Ebay? flickr series of the empty stolen shoe? Trash it? Wear it ? Any idea?

Posted in shoeplay (boys only) on 2015-02-01 19:32:03

Hi, are you at flickr? I made some photos now visible for everybody for some days,


Make some comments :-):

Sorry, but I dont want to get in trouble and had to upload only photos without face-shots ...I think we made the shoeplayer suffer, when he had to go home without his shoe :-)

I still have these outworn business shoe. Any idea what to do with it?

Posted in shoeplay (boys only) on 2015-02-01 03:06:30

To be true, we took the shoe with us to the bar, we were going to, leaving him behind without his shoe. I never saw the guy awake..but we filmed the shoe stripping, so we got some Screenshots of that, if you like to see.