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Posted in Masturbation in the Workplace on 2012-10-23 05:39:52

I mainly do it in one classroom where we have individual desks with separate chairs. I sit in the back corner and pull it out the leg of my shorts and go for it with just two fingers and my thumb on my $%!@. The teacher is seldom in the class for the full period and so I do not have anyone looking at me from the front or the back. Some of the other guys might have seen something and made some guesses, but so far no one has actually said anything to me.

Posted in Young Teenage Boys Only on 2012-10-15 15:46:26

If I have to wear underwear then I will wear the baggiest boxers I can get. But i much prefer to go commando and let it all swing freely. Most comfortable and nicest feeling as it brushes against things as you walk and climbing stairs is great.

Posted in Nudism and man's most common question on 2012-10-14 16:19:55

Being a gay teen, I like seeing other guys with erections and am quite happy for others to see me aroused, but I agree that I don't want to see the creeps who are there just to try and get some sort of sexual kick out being erect. I have not been to a nudist camp or beach, but have been naked in mixed groups (usually skinny dipping) many times and I have been both erect and flaccid in front of my friends and others who joined in the skinny dip. I have also seen others erect and flaccid in these situations and even Girls who have been with us have claimed to be aroused and have also said they like seeing the guys get hard.

Posted in Nudist Youth Camps on 2012-10-14 16:05:11

I am not a nudist as such, but have no problem with others seeing me naked. I have just turned 16 and am in a loving relationship and even though we have intimate contact in private, and have had the opportunity to go all the way, we still haven't because we want to keep that for the person we believe will be our life soul mate and do not believe that age 16 we are of an age where we can be sure who we will want to spend the rest of our life with, so while we hope it will be with each other because we love each other and have done so for over two years, we are still willing to wait for a few more years at least before giving up our virginity. This makes me believe that people can control themselves and so nudist youth camps cannot simply be labeled as dens of sexual activity. I go naked in front of my sister and her friends often and they are totally accepting of this and sometimes some of them will be naked in front of me, but I have never touched one of them inappropriatley. I also go naked in front of my boyfriend and my brother every day and while we do get intimate together, we do control how far we go with each other all the time. I also go skinny dipping in mixed groups and we all have a lot of good clean fun. Added to this, I find that most guys at least are reasonably comfortable with the idea of baring all in front of others, even if they might have the risk of becoming aroused.

Posted in Masturbation in the Workplace on 2012-10-09 05:25:49

I,m still at school and do it in the classroom under the desk while the class is going on. I think when I start work I will just continue that trend if the circumstances make it possible.