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Posted in how do girls react to being hit in the groin? on 2014-11-12 21:42:14

I got punishment when i had groing so i allways use tight underwear and wide pants often corduroy. My stepsisters was often teasing me so i get a groin and my stepmother could be angry at me and slap my balls. If i mastrubate i got netless on my $%!@head, ore burned at wintertime. One day my stepsisters took me to the wood there they open my zippper and started to mastrubate me and kik my balls. When i come they make shoure the sperm hit my pants witsh weare made of thick corduroy and it wasent easy to get that off. When i come home they had allready told my stepmom wat i had do and she took me to the bathroom for to wash my genitals clean. She pulled back my foreskin and scrubbed the $%!@head wery hard to it come blood. She called for my stepsisers and they come for to slap my balls they know how to do it so they wasent that hard, but they keep on going for a long time.Remember these was winter time so my stepmother burn me with a cigarette on my $%!@head she slap my balls so my pung get blue after it. I coudent go at the toilet alone they was allways with me.

Posted in My two sons need more discipline on 2014-06-26 13:59:52

I had to wear a red wide wale corduroy overall with red corduroy jacket when i was out, and i had to go naked in front of my stepsisters at home. I got also the wooden spoon if i set me up against my parents.

Posted in Girls seeing boys naked on 2014-06-26 13:28:50

When i was teen i got three stepsisters and the two youngest one has never seen a naked boy before. They learn how to wash me so they got better nued to my body and i had to get use to that.They did all even my genitals it was the most curius thing.

Posted in Testicle Injury on 2014-06-26 12:56:44

I had some thing like that, and the doc at the hospitale give me no pain killer couse when they pull in the pain killer vill hurt more then the test. But i scream when they put that big needle tey use to take the test with, And a nurse was by my side to look at me. My testicle swells up to the sice of a soccer ball. I see a boy how was only 14 year there and it must be horrible for him.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2014-06-26 12:18:24

I had to strip naked in front of my three stepsisters in the bath room. Two of them was older then me and one was a year younger. My stepfather says they could learn how a boy look like, and the two oldest one could wash me if they wanted. They was to hard to me but it dosent sense, one day i got a new red wide wale corduroy pants they dident fit and a belt with a big bucle how looks like a girls beltand i was forced to use them, some days after it my mom had by a nother red wide wale corduroy pant. Couse she wanted i could learn me to use the clotes they give me. The girls was so happy for that.