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Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2013-07-01 12:01:17

Well done, but they should have taken your phone and trashed it ... far more efficient.

Posted in FOR GIRLS WHO THINK IT'S SEXY TO BE IN CONTROL on 2013-06-13 15:01:55

Controlling men is fun, sexy and can be pretty useful.

I prefer guys who are much stronger or older than me and make them do for me what I want.

What I despise are "submissive" guys. Actually they are not submissive but they want you to satisfy their desires. They are lazy, they don't like to take their own decisions, they want someone to do things to them in order to get sexually satisfied. That's a complete waste of time. They are only good for money and gifts.

Posted in school showers on 2013-04-29 14:55:24

californian 101

i tihnk schools should have two separate showers one for nudity and one for clothed i perfer clothed it is very uncivilized to be naked in front of eachother and to change they should have something like dressing rooms in stores or sumthing

In addition to your dubious spelling abilities: why would anybody shower dressed???

Posted in Can you prove god exists? on 2013-04-19 12:41:42


It will explain to you that the qur'an is the Words of God Himself and Proving in in a scientific way.

This is soooo funny!

Don't forget that at Mohammed's time Arabs started to conquer the Hellenistic world where even the earth's diameter was known. At this time Arab societies weren't entirely compound of retarded idiots. Mohammed may have been a misogynistic paedophile with bad anger management but he was certainly not stupid. He, as other members of the time's Arab elite took much of the knowledge they found and incorporated it. That's why the Islamic world was scientifically ahead of Christian Europe until the Renaissance.

"God is he who raised up the heavens without any support" is supposed to have eliminated the old Arabs' superstitious beliefs.

Here we have a whole set of superstitious beliefs:

  • In the universe there is an "above" (in order to raise something, you need an above).

  • The heaven is a physical thing you actually can raise.

"He is the originator of the heaven and the earth" is supposed to be a description of the Big Bang. This is intellectual nonsense. It doesn't pose a contradiction but is not a description of anything.

Actually Genesis(1) gives way better metaphors but of course the author screwed it up with the creation of Eve from Adam's rib in Genesis(2) in plain contradiction of what's written a couple of lines above.

Now back to the video: The phrase "and it is we who are steadily expanding it [the heaven]" at a first glance looks like a proper description of the expanding universe.

Besides the fact that the translation and interpretation is very much disputed and we can't really know what Mohammed wanted to say with it, it's just a mix up of Jewish mythology from the bible and Hellenistic philosophy ... as the Qur'an as a whole is a mix of Jewish and Hellenistic texts with the moral of a camel driving desert folk.

No proof of knowledge whatsoever.

I will not watch 2-7 as this video is a plain insult to scientific and intellectual honesty.

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2012-08-10 16:52:27

I would also have cared first for the goat and then for $%!@ ...

Do you have more funny stories like this?

I also read once that several guys tried to get a longer lasting erection by blowing cocaine into their wieners' $%!@-hole.

Well, they got it - for about three days, but it was the last erection of their lives - after three days of hard on it's ruined forever! They actually didn't lose it, but then it was nothing more than a useless piece of soft meat, a constant reminder of their male brainlessness.

And also about a guy who tried to stimulate himself with electricity, but his device didn't work properly and he burned his wiener to ashes ...