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Posted in ways to die on 2017-01-13 15:29:52

Tammy wakes up on her 16th birthday, it will also be the last day of her life. Since she was 12 she has been her father's all around slave. Doing housework, being a hucow and giving him a son and another daughter. Her father has said that she will never be owned by another man. Tammy steps into the shower carefull washing her young body inside with a fresh duche and enema. She washes and conditions her hair She dries herself throughly then heads for the kitchen where her Father/Master/Executioner waits for her. He attaches a leash to her $%!@ ring and leads her to the backyard gallows. Her children are there to watch her hang by her neck until she is dead. Once she is dead her corpse will be stuffed and mounted and placed in her Master's study. It is a lovely morning as she kneel to suck off her Executioner as payment for his service of ending her life. Soon a load of hot seed is her last meal. Standing, she steps up on the stool as the noose is placed around her sweet throat and the slack taken up so she will hang slowly, strangling and air dancing for her Father's pleasure. Finally He stands in front of her, carressing her milky $%!@ and asks her if she is ready. She says that she is and good-bye. The stool is kicked away and she drops slightly and starts to strangle. Milk flows from her unmilked udders as her hips buck and thrust as if she is being $%!@ed hard, her face turns purple, her eyes bulge slightly as life slowly leaves her. After a full 15 minutes she finally stops struggling, $%!@ and $%!@ run do her legs. A pool cue is inserted in her $%!@ and shoved up through her body to make sure that she is dead. She is left dangling in the breeze until the taxidermist comes to get her carcass latter that afternoon.

Posted in Feminize white males on 2016-10-25 19:57:25

Yes, I have been turned out and MUST make at least 1 grand a night or I have to sleep in my outdoor kennel and do my business squatting like the bitch I am.

Do you ever have to relieve yourself outside? Like a dog?

Posted in Girl Meat on 2015-12-28 17:49:59

How I would like to be prepared for the table is to be totally cleaned outside and inside, utilizing a cathiter and enemas. Be soaked up to my neck overnight in a vat of marinade. In the morning, I am taken out of the marinade, dried off and placed on a prep table that has ob/gyn style stir-ups to lock my legs in. A speculum is inserted in my $%!@ and opened to the widest setting. A nice cornbread stuffing is then packed into my womb and $%!@. So much is crammed into me that I look pregnant, when my womb is stuffed full the speclulum is removed and my labia is sewed shut sealling all the stuffing inside me. Next my anus is opened with a speculum and stuffed with a walnut dressing. Once my bowels have been stuffed, my anus is sealed with a large apple. Next I am smeared from head to toe with herbed butter. My legs are crossed at the ankles and tied. My wrists are tied to my neck My hair is tucked up into a ice water wet towel which is there to 1) protect me hair so my head will make a good trophy later and 2) to make me stay alive longer in the oven. Finally a large apple is shoved between my teeth and I am slid into a 200 degree oven. I start roasting at 200 to keep me alive longer and increase my agony, the adrendeline making my meat more tender. Every half hour, I am taken out and basted. A fresh ice water towel in wrapped around my head. Even with the best life prolonging efforts, eventually my spirit passes and I am declared dead. Now the oven is turned up to 350 or 400 degrees to finish roasting, still being basted and with fresh towels to keep my hiar from burning. When a meat thermometer says that my internal temprature is 170, I am done. I am removed from the oven and allowed to rest as the table is set and any side dishes and/or gravy is finished up. Finally I am brought to the table on a large serving platter, a steaming hot, golden brown, freshly roasted $%!@. My head can either be kept on my body, my hair brushed out beautifully or I can be decapitated and my head made into a lovely centerpiece.

Bon Appetit

Posted in Polygamy, would you? on 2015-12-15 17:23:17

My two cousins and I life with my Step-Brother as his wives and slaves. We live on a remote self-sufficent farm. Wind generator for power, well water. no land line phone, no TV. My sister wives and I rotate the chores so no one of us is always doing the wash(which we do by hand), scrubbing floors or pulling the plow like a mule. We have six children between us and two of us are preggo now.

What we have is illegal. But, everyone of us loves it. Husband gets to have anyone of us he likes at anytime and we get to have girl on girl sex whenever we like.

So, I would very much like to see polygamy legalized so my cousins and myself could be legal wives of my Step-Brother

Posted in Decide my son's punishment on 2015-11-29 14:47:22

Make him serve as a feminized maid for all the holidays. not a french maid but not modest either. Tight corset, garter belt, stockings, no panties, chastity device, stilletto heels no less than 4" tall. Forbidden to speak unless spoken too, must obey all commands from anyone present implicedly. Have a femine name assigned to him that he must answer to. His prostate to be milked by either his mother, his sister or his grandmother each day via $%!@ prostate stimulation. Every evening he gets the belt for any misconduct that happened during the day. And he is to sleep in a "Maid's Room".

Depending on how it works out, you might consider making him the family's perminate sissified maid. If this happens maybe your wife and daughter could get strap-ons to really teach him what it means to be a woman.

P.S. Let us know how it goes, please.