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Posted in Naked sports on 2019-09-05 23:09:29

Hi Teresa,

You also have a fun time, and good for you. I agree with atrium that you should have the boys finish in your mouth. it's just cleaner and more fun and sexier. you can probably blow a couple of them and not have to worry about showering off, or making them finish on their own.

Posted in Naked sports on 2019-09-05 23:03:37

Hi CindyCat,

It sounds like you have a fun relationship with your brothers and are at a very open school for your to explore. I commend you for allowing yourself to get peed on. but it's always best to do that in the shower or over the toilet like you're doing, so it doesnt get too messy. have you ever peed in a guy's mouth?

One suggestion i would have is that when you suck the guys, swallow when they $%!@. it makes for easier cleanup when they $%!@ in your mouth instead of on your face or on your body, even if youre in the shower.

Also, you said that your brothers have girlfriends now. that doesnt mean that you cant pleasure them when they are around. a welcome home blow job or letting them feel u up even quickly is a nice way to stay intimate. and sometimes guys just want to smell or taste $%!@, so you can make yourself available for that...

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2019-09-03 18:24:17

No.........MommyEva and all you other sadists on this board....you do not have the right treat your children any way you want. They are not your property and they have individual human rights. They will taken away from you if you are ever caught doing these things to them. It is illegal everywhere. Even doing some things that i received as a child (like being belted severely on my bottom as a teen) are off limits because too many parents abuse this and are sadistic and cruel and scar their children for life, emotionally and physically.

If you have sexual fetish to spank $%!@, find an adult woman to let you do it. There are more of us around than you think - you just have to give us reason to submit to you. $%!@ spanking kids is not about discipline, it is about fantasy. So keep it here if you must, but dont hit children in the crotch for real, or you are a sadistic criminal and will eventually be arrested and locked up - or your kid when she's older will cut off your $%!@ (because i know most of you sadists here are guys).

Posted in Punishment on 2019-02-01 01:02:02

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your response. You're right, my cousin did take advantage and he was wrong. Even though i probably deserved some punishment, he shouldnt have done it that way. I appreciate your thoughts.

Too much embarrassment can be abusive. I think it helps for teen girls like i said, but it has to be fair. But yes most punishment spankings should be between consenting adults. A woman should be free to gift herself like that if she desires.

Posted in Punishment on 2019-01-28 22:39:33

hi bob76,

I dont think i would have enjoyed it. i wasnt sexually attracted to him, so i really didnt want to get naked or be physical with him. I did do something to deserve getting punished, so i couldnt really be angry. He was doing what he thought he should do - but he also totally was taking advantage of the situation to see me naked.

If he did it less hard, yes i wouldnt have hated it as much. But if i deserved to be punished, then i dont believe i should have a say in how hard i get it. It he had been my boyfriend i would have been much more submissive and not complained as much (but i still would have). Today, i wouldnt complain. i give my boyfriend consent to punish me and i love that. I haven't seen my cousin for about 10 years, so it's not an issue.

I've thought about this a lot (my stepdad's punishment and this one). I dont think he generally was abusive. He punished me the way he should i should be punished, and i did things to deserve it. But i know he also punished me sometimes too much, and i think when i became a teen it became an easy way for him to see me naked (but he never touched me or molested me).

I honestly dont have a problem with being spanked naked. I think so long as the person spanking is trustworthy and not abusive, then it should be naked (if its a serious punishment). Being embarrassed is part of the punishment. And there's nothing dirty about your body so you should learn to deal with other people seeing it. If i had a little girl, i would spank her bottom naked. And i would let a father figure in our house spank her naked too if i was also there. When she got older, a teen, then i think she's old enough to be spanked naked without me being there. But she would know what bad touching is and to tell me exactly what happened. I think teen girls should be spanked when they deserve it, naked. The embarrassment actually helps. When you're naked and embarrassed, and told what you did wrong, you know deep inside that you deserve to feel the pain. So it helps you cope with it. And you learn that you can take that pain, and that even really bad pain on your butt goes away, and youre fine after. So if you choose to gift yourself to a lover later, you know you can.