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I'm a little, twenty-something guy -- about 5'8 160 lbs. A few years ago, i wrestled a 6'3, 220 lb woman. In addition to being bigger, taller, heavier, and stronger than me (and probably most men), she was also about 15 years older than me.

Over a 2-hr match, she consistently overpowered me and defeated me via submission about 12 times (I won exactly zero). About half of her victories were gained by schoolgirl pins sitting high on my chest with her knees or shins pinioning my arms to the floor. I was absolutely immobilized, and the length of my humiliation essentially depended on how long I could bear her massive weight crushing me. My chest and arms were bruised for about a week after that match.

I'm convinced that a woman who weighs over 200 pounds can handily defeat an average male weighing 30 or more pounds less than her. Although the match will typically be pretty "even" for the first 20 minutes or so, she will eventually wear him down with her weight, draining his energy. Every now and then, when I'm in an elevator, walking down the street, or on the subway, I notice a woman who is taller and heavier than me, and i think, "she could probably overpower me if she set her mind to it."

I've had a few experiences being beaten by females in wrestling. When I was in first grade, a big-boned girl told me she'd "teach me how to fight." I agreed. She began by pushing me, and I flew backward and landed on my back in the grass. The blow stunned me. A millisecond before I was about to sit up, she sat down on my midsection. Before i could do anything, she grabbed my hands easily forced them down in the grass above my head. She said "throw me off." I tried, but honestly, I was pinned solid. I couldn't shake her an inch with all my might. She leaned her head toward me and tried to shake her hair in my face. But she had just gotten a short haircut, so her technique didn't really work.