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Posted in Nudist Youth Camps on 2012-01-05 18:21:29

Your stepson really should have television, radio, computer, phone, books, magazines, games and, most of all, friends his own age. As it is his summers sound more like a prison sentence.

When I was a little younger than he is now books, magazines and games helped me to forget about being nude. Most of all, having nude friends my age made it all seem very natural. Really it doesn't need to be so difficult.

Posted in Canada Vs. America on 2011-12-29 23:26:08

Just ask any French Canadian what they think of Canadians who speak English. They don't even want to belong to the same country.

Nuff said.

It's no as if any Canadian Prime Ministers is going to shape world events. He or she is not a true world leader, he isn't going to do anything really good or really bad so who cares?

Posted in Nudist Youth Camps on 2011-12-19 19:07:29

I come from a family of non nudists. My parents were not prudes or overly religious, but for some reason I developed an almost pathological fear of being seen naked. I don't know where this fear came from, I was quite an attractive child, but I was uncomfortable with my body. Even being taken to see the doctor set my nerves on end and I would sulk and be grumpy on the drive to the clinic as I brooded over the fact that I would soon be ordered to strip and my genitals would be examined. I hated being seen like that. I felt helpless and exposed.

To help me get over my embarrassment my parents sent me to a ten week nudist camp for boys and girls ages 9 to 15. This was the summer I was 12. Talk about a trial by fire! The first few weeks were pretty bad, but I had to get used to it. The campers had no choice, all our clothes had been taken so we were nude 24/7. We were all in the same boat. But after about two weeks I started to get used to being naked and then, wonder of wonders, I started to enjoy the freedom. I didn't really care who saw me.

Sure there were times when the boys and girls checked each other out, but it was done under adult supervision and so was quite safe. There were dances and other social activities for the older campers, but things never went too far. We knew about the changes of puberty as we could see some of our friends getting their first dusting of pubic hair. We knew about erections becoming more frequent, menstruation and wet dreams because we could see it happening to many of us. But it seemed normal and not dirty at all. It was just part of growing up. It was something the smaller campers looked forward to.

Eight weeks into the summer we had family visit day and I know my parents were amazed by my transformation. Although they, and most of the other rents, were clothed I had absolutely no problem being seen nude before them and this was the first time they had seen me nude since I was about 8 years old. At no time did I try to hide my genitals. I hardly even thought about it. It was great, I loved it and so did the other campers. My parents felt that I was a changed boy and I was.

After that summer my embarassment over being nude slowly returned. I am not a nudists today as I know I can never recapture that feeling of pure and simple liberation I had when I was naked 12 year old. But that only makes the memory of my ten weeks as a nudist all the more precious. I have 14 photographs that my parents took of my friends and me the day they visited the camp. I wish I had more. Happy similing naked children at pay and I was one of them. Those pictures to not embarrass me at all. I wouldn't even care if they were posted on the net. I'm happy I was part of it. It was a time of magic and it will never came again.